For many of us, cof­fee is a vital ingre­di­ent for every morn­ing. And we don’t always have time to run into our favorite cof­fee shop before work and order a glass of cap­puc­ci­no or lat­te. If you under­stand that you don’t have enough time to stand in lines, then it’s time to buy a home cof­fee machine that can pro­vide you with your favorite drink at any time. And the best part is that you just need to go to the kitchen! We have select­ed for you the best cof­fee machines with var­i­ous pos­si­bil­i­ties!

  1. Delonghi EC 156 cof­fee mak­er

The Delonghi home cof­fee mak­er allows you to brew a strong espres­so with foam every day in a mat­ter of min­utes. To pre­pare cof­fee, you can use both ground cof­fee and tablets. Delonghi EC156 allows you to brew cof­fee for one or two serv­ings.

A sep­a­rate plus for those who do not like strong cof­fee is the abil­i­ty to pre­pare drinks with milk. The Delonghi EC 156 is equipped with a panarel­lo, a milk frother, with which you can quick­ly and eas­i­ly pre­pare a cap­puc­ci­no or lat­te. Just add your favorite top­pings and enjoy.

Delonghi EC 156 is extreme­ly easy to oper­ate. On the front pan­el there is a reg­u­la­tor that is respon­si­ble for the mode. Thanks to the remov­able tray and reser­voir, the cof­fee machine is easy to wash and clean. The pow­er of Delonghi EC 156 is 1100W and the vol­ume of water is 1 liter. A small and cute device will fit in any kitchen and every morn­ing will be able to delight you with con­ve­nience and ease. In its price range, the Delonghi EC 156 is def­i­nite­ly one of the best home cof­fee mak­ers out there.

  1. Cof­fee mak­er Bosch Tas­si­mo TAS4503

Bosch appli­ances are famous for their qual­i­ty and con­ve­nience for a rea­son, and cof­fee machines are no excep­tion. Bosch Tas­si­mo TAS4503 is a com­pact and inex­pen­sive cof­fee machine that allows you to pre­pare deli­cious aro­mat­ic cof­fee with just one but­ton press. Despite its small size, Bosch Tas­si­mo TAS4503 is designed for 1.4 liters of water.

You can eas­i­ly brew cap­sule cof­fee. The cof­fee mak­er is equipped with an auto-off sys­tem and is designed for a pow­er of 1300W.

Thanks to its strik­ing design, the Bosch Tas­si­mo TAS4503 is the per­fect fit for any kitchen design. You can use it with both large mugs and small cof­fee cups. Ease of use and qual­i­ty from Bosch ensure you enjoy fresh cof­fee every day.

  1. Philips HD8649/01 cof­fee machine

Large in appear­ance, this cof­fee machine meets all require­ments and is able to pre­pare both one and two serv­ings of cof­fee at a time. Philips HD8649/01 is dis­tin­guished by the fact that right in the machine there is a built-in cof­fee grinder, which allows you to brew a drink direct­ly from the beans of your choice. Ceram­ic burrs pre­serve the taste of cof­fee and avoid the appear­ance of a metal­lic taste. In addi­tion, it ensures silent oper­a­tion, so you can pre­pare cof­fee with­out fear of wak­ing up oth­ers. Sev­er­al degrees of grind­ing will help you choose the strength of the cof­fee, and the vol­ume and char­ac­ter­is­tics set­tings can be saved.

The Philips HD8649/01 is also equipped with a cap­puc­ci­no mak­er, so cap­puc­ci­no, lat­te and mac­chi­a­to lovers will not be dis­ap­point­ed. You can pre­pare any cof­fee and enjoy it every day.

Philips HD8649/01 pow­er is 1400W and water vol­ume is 1 liter. You can cook for one or 2 cups. With a sim­ple and styl­ish design, the Philips HD8649/01 will look per­fect in any kitchen and enjoy deli­cious and var­ied cof­fee every day.

  1. Krups Dolce Gus­to KP100610 cof­fee machine

For a small kitchen, it is not so easy to choose kitchen appli­ances. That is why there are such devices as the Krups Dolce Gus­to cof­fee machine. Designed specif­i­cal­ly for use with pods and designed for one cup, this cof­fee machine is suit­able for both home and office use. Its capa­bil­i­ties are tru­ly amaz­ing. In total, the machine is able to pre­pare cof­fee in 25 dif­fer­ent ways, so that every­one can get exact­ly the drink that he likes, and you can even adjust the serv­ing size.

Krups Dolce Gus­to has a pres­sure of 15 bar and a pow­er of 1500W. The cof­fee mak­er is designed for 0.6 liters, which is ide­al for a cup of cof­fee. Every­thing works auto­mat­i­cal­ly, and one click is enough to get aro­mat­ic cof­fee and enjoy its taste every day.

  1. Milk Frother Delonghi EMF2

If you already have a cof­fee mak­er, but want to expand its capa­bil­i­ties or sim­ply miss the pleas­ant soft taste of cap­puc­ci­no and lat­te, then Delonghi has invent­ed a device specif­i­cal­ly for your kitchen. The milk frother has a styl­ish glossy body, does not take up much space and per­fect­ly copes with the prepa­ra­tion of thick milk foam for your favorite drinks. You can use both cold and hot milk as the Delonghi EMF2 is equipped with a warmer. Due to the pres­ence of a non-stick coat­ing, the device is easy to clean and there is no burnt milk on the sur­face. You can pre­pare the foam in just min­utes, with­out mak­ing any effort, and as a result you will get the per­fect drink in taste and con­sis­ten­cy. Delonghi EMF2 is per­fect for small kitchens and for those who already have a great espres­so machine.

  1. Drip cof­fee mak­er Tefal CM361E38

The clas­sic cof­fee mak­er is a must have in any kitchen. That is why we present you Tefal CM361E38. The device from Tefal has a styl­ish, neat body and is able to brew a drink from ground cof­fee. Thanks to the pow­er of 1000W, you only need min­utes to get your favorite drink. The tank has a vol­ume of 1.25 liters, so cof­fee is enough for the whole fam­i­ly, because at a time you can cook not one, not two, but fif­teen serv­ings. You can adjust both the vol­ume and the strength of the drink, since the cof­fee flask has a vol­ume of 1.5 liters. Tefal CM361E38 is equipped with a spe­cial pow­er indi­ca­tor that will not let you for­get whether the device is work­ing or not, because it is absolute­ly safe. It is extreme­ly easy to con­trol the cof­fee mak­er, just one but­ton is enough to start or turn it off. The body of Tefal CM361E38 is made of durable plas­tic, and the cof­fee mak­er itself has a per­ma­nent fil­ter, so you don’t have to think about replac­ing it. Long ser­vice life and qual­i­ty are the hall­marks of Tefal CM361E38.

  1. Sae­co Liri­ka One Touch Cap­pu­ci­no cof­fee machine

The Sae­co Liri­ka cof­fee machine is suit­able for home use, as well as for offices, and even for cafes. This device is designed to pre­pare any cof­fee of your choice, as it has many use­ful and con­ve­nient fea­tures. First of all, with the Sae­co Liri­ka you can eas­i­ly pre­pare a deli­cious cap­puc­ci­no. The pack­age includes a spe­cial noz­zle for foam­ing milk. You can cook with both grain and ground cof­fee. The Sae­co Liri­ka has a built-in spe­cial cof­fee grinder. There­fore, every­one will be able to choose any vari­ety and grind­ing of cof­fee.

Sae­co Liri­ka allows you to adjust both the strength and tem­per­a­ture of the drink. Strong espres­so lovers will espe­cial­ly appre­ci­ate the auto­mat­ic brew­ing mode. The pump has a pres­sure of 15 bar and the pow­er of the cof­fee machine is 1850W.

With the Sae­co Liri­ka One Touch Cap­pu­ci­no cof­fee machine, one touch is enough to ensure a good morn­ing with a cup of fine cof­fee accord­ing to your favorite recipe.

  1. Philips Sae­co HD 8763/09 cof­fee machine

Anoth­er com­pact device for a small kitchen where good cof­fee is appre­ci­at­ed. Philips Sae­co HD 8763/09 is a styl­ish cof­fee machine that can make cof­fee from whole beans. Philips Sae­co HD fea­tures a ceram­ic burr grinder that grinds cof­fee per­fect­ly while pre­serv­ing its nat­ur­al aro­ma. The grind­ing mode can also be select­ed from five options. Thus, the strength of the drink will depend only on your pref­er­ences. Thanks to the mem­o­ry func­tion, you can fix your per­fect recipe and repeat it at any time.

Pre­pare espres­so, cap­puc­ci­no or lat­te: Philips Sae­co HD is equipped with a panarel­lo for milk froth­ing and a spe­cial con­tain­er, the spe­cial shape of which pre­vents splash­ing.

Man­age­ment is con­trolled through an intu­itive pan­el, and all set­tings are dis­played on a bright dis­play, so any­one can eas­i­ly use the cof­fee machine.

The Philips Sae­co HD has a pow­er of 1850W, a pump pres­sure of 15bar and a vol­ume of 1.8 liters. In addi­tion, you can pre­pare one or two cups of cof­fee at a time.

Philips Sae­co HD 8763/09 is one of the most com­pact and styl­ish cof­fee machines avail­able today.

  1. Melit­ta Caf­feo Solo E 950–101 cof­fee machine

Min­i­mal­is­tic design and small size with wide func­tion­al­i­ty is the per­fect descrip­tion for Melit­ta Caf­feo Solo. The cof­fee machine is suit­able for both home and office, and the drink pre­pared in it has a rich taste.

The built-in cof­fee grinder will allow you to brew cof­fee from beans or already ground cof­fee. As in any pre­mi­um cof­fee machine, in Melit­ta Caf­feo Solo you can choose the specifics of grind­ing, the strength of the drink and even your pre­ferred tem­per­a­ture. With the help of a spe­cial switch, you get the abil­i­ty to con­trol the amount of water. The pow­er of the Melit­ta Caf­feo Solo is 1400W, the pump pres­sure is 15 bar, and the vol­ume is 1.2 liters. That is why you can pre­pare one or two cups of cof­fee at a time. Auto-warm is anoth­er handy fea­ture, as you nev­er have to drink cold cof­fee again. The ide­al device for the morn­ing of the week is the Melit­ta Caf­feo Solo.

  1. Delonghi EC 680R cof­fee machine

For lovers of styl­ish retro devices, there is noth­ing more pleas­ant than get­ting a mod­ern device in a spec­tac­u­lar styl­ized case. There­fore, many choose Delonghi EC 680R. This is a com­pact cof­fee mak­er with the abil­i­ty to make cap­puc­ci­no and lat­te. Drip brew­ing allows you to pre­serve the aro­ma of the beans and get the per­fect drink. Delonghi EC 680R allows you to adjust the water hard­ness and auto­mat­i­cal­ly turns off for safe­ty. The cof­fee mak­er is semi-auto­mat­ic, so there is no timer on it, but you get incom­pa­ra­ble plea­sure from the process of mak­ing cof­fee. You can use both ground cof­fee and cap­sules with it. The pow­er of the Delonghi EC 680R is 1450 W, the vol­ume is 0.8 liters, and the pump pres­sure is 15 bar.

The met­al hous­ing ensures the reli­a­bil­i­ty of the device, and you — the con­fi­dence that every morn­ing you will be able to pre­pare the per­fect cof­fee.


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