Hairdry­er allows you to sig­nif­i­cant­ly speed up the process of dry­ing hair, because it is con­ve­nient both at home and on trips. When choos­ing the right hair dry­er, it is worth invest­ing in the right and high-qual­i­ty mod­el. The hair dry­er must be suit­able for your hair type, oth­er­wise the hair is at risk of los­ing shine and smooth­ness.

When pur­chas­ing a hair dry­er, there are a few key points to focus on: the pow­er of the device, its weight, and addi­tion­al fea­tures that can make it eas­i­er for you to dry your hair.

Hair dryer type

Sur­pris­ing­ly, both the body mate­r­i­al and the design fea­tures of the hair dry­er play a big role, since each type of hair dry­er is designed for a dif­fer­ent type of hair.

An ion­ic or tour­ma­line hair dry­er is best for coarse, curly hair. Since these dry­ers are specif­i­cal­ly designed to help the neg­a­tive­ly charged ions break down water droplets in the hair, the hair remains frizzy after dry­ing. This is not suit­able for straight hair, but it is high­ly rec­om­mend­ed for hair that is nat­u­ral­ly curly.

Tour­ma­line coat­ing is made of semi-pre­cious met­al, which pro­vides the most effec­tive ion­iza­tion.

These hair dry­ers are gen­er­al­ly suit­able for hair types that are dif­fi­cult to dry. But for straight medi­um and thin hair, such hair dry­ers are inef­fec­tive, because they do not pro­vide vol­ume.

Ceram­ic and porce­lain are the choic­es for fine to medi­um-thick, dry hair. The pecu­liar­i­ty of such hair dry­ers is that they pro­vide a less abrupt, but more uni­form flow of warm air. They are suit­able for hair that dries quick­ly, they will also cope with oth­er types of hair, but will be less effec­tive. Ceram­ic and porce­lain coat­ed hair dry­ers also use ions, but some of them include spe­cial infrared tech­nol­o­gy: they use longer ener­gy waves to dry the hair, which allows you to dry your hair com­plete­ly. Such hair dry­ers are uni­ver­sal.

Tita­ni­um hair dry­er pro­vides uni­form air flow with uni­form tem­per­a­ture. The tem­per­a­ture, at the same time, can become very high, so such hair dry­ers are con­traindi­cat­ed for dam­aged hair. They are suit­able for thick and very thick hair, as they cope with the task effi­cient­ly and save time. Tita­ni­um hair dry­ers weigh less than oth­ers, which is very con­ve­nient for trav­el and dai­ly use.

Hair dryer power

The pow­er of the device depends on how effi­cient­ly and quick­ly its motor works. The high­er the pow­er, the faster you can dry your hair. Pow­er affects the price, and hair dry­ers with less pow­er are cheap­er, how­ev­er, they are not as durable and need to be replaced more often. For domes­tic use, hair dry­ers with a min­i­mum pow­er of 1500W are suit­able. How­ev­er, if your hair is thick or coarse, a high­er wattage of 1800 to 2000W may be con­sid­ered. Such hair dry­ers are used in beau­ty salons, so you can achieve sim­i­lar results with­out leav­ing your home. In addi­tion, you will get faster dry­ing effi­cien­cy and speed, which is espe­cial­ly impor­tant for thick, coarse and curly hair types.

Device weight

The hair dry­er should not be heavy, because when work­ing with it, you hold it in your hands, you need to make sure that your hands do not get tired. There­fore, you should choose either a light mod­el, or one that suits your weight. This may not seem like such a fun­da­men­tal detail, but in fact, imag­ine at least 10 min­utes of con­tin­u­ous dry­ing. Dur­ing this time, the hand can get quite tired. There­fore, it is nec­es­sary to pay spe­cial atten­tion to bal­anc­ing the weight of the hair dry­er and the con­ve­nience of its han­dle. This will make the dry­ing process eas­i­er. The most com­fort­able for fre­quent use is a hair dry­er, which weighs about 450g. We have already not­ed that tita­ni­um hair dry­ers are the light­est, while ceram­ic or tour­ma­line coat­ed hair dry­ers tend to weigh more. Take this into account when choos­ing the opti­mal weight of the hair dry­er.

Heating settings

Most hair dry­ers have sev­er­al modes, includ­ing var­i­ous types of heat­ing. In the most com­mon cas­es, hair dry­ers will allow you to select a low, medi­um or high heat set­ting, which in turn will allow you to get the desired set­ting.

For thin, medi­um or dry hair, low heat is the best set­ting.

Medi­um tem­per­a­ture set­tings are suit­able for nor­mal hair.

For the rest, thick and thick hair, you can use high tem­per­a­ture.

Additional features of hair dryers

In addi­tion to the above, some mod­els of hair dry­ers have addi­tion­al fea­tures and acces­sories designed for var­i­ous tasks.

So, for exam­ple, in order to pre­vent hair from curl­ing, there is a spe­cial cool­ing mode. This mode allows you to start a cold air flow before the end of dry­ing in order to ensure smooth­ness and shine to the hair. You can switch from hot to cold when your hair is about 80% dry.

For curly and curly hair, it is rec­om­mend­ed to pur­chase hair dry­ers with a dif­fuser. A dif­fuser is a spe­cial attach­ment that allows you to cap­ture hair and sep­a­rate it so that hot air can more eas­i­ly pen­e­trate and dry your hair. Why it’s good for curly or curly hair is because the tex­ture stays the same and the vol­ume is added right in the dry­ing process. The dif­fuser is put on the hair dry­er and can be eas­i­ly removed, so you can use it only when nec­es­sary.

To straight­en hair, on the con­trary, you need a noz­zle that allows you to direct nar­row streams of air. Such a noz­zle is also put on the nose of the hair dry­er, but is designed to con­cen­trate air. It helps straight­en hair while dry­ing. When using this attach­ment, point it down­wards, avoid­ing direct con­tact with the hair. The most effec­tive way is to comb a sec­tion of hair and fol­low it with a hair dry­er.

In addi­tion to these attach­ments, you can also find comb attach­ments and comb attach­ments. These attach­ments are designed to make dry­ing eas­i­er. Like a dif­fuser, they are worn on a hair dry­er. A num­ber of hair dry­ers have spe­cial noz­zles for cre­at­ing curls and oth­er fash­ion­able hair­styles, in each case you should pay spe­cial atten­tion to such details. In gen­er­al, now you know enough about hair dry­ers not to make a mis­take in choos­ing.

Hair dryer models

The Valera Swiss Nano 9200Y RC pro­fes­sion­al hair dry­er is a light­weight and com­pact device that does an excel­lent job of dry­ing hair. The hair dry­er uses an AC motor to oper­ate, which pro­vides a high speed of heat­ing and dry­ing. With six tem­per­a­ture and air speed com­bi­na­tions, you can choose the best dry­er for your hair. Tour­ma­line gen­er­a­tor is respon­si­ble for ion­ized dry­ing, after which the hair retains its nat­ur­al mois­ture and healthy shine. The pow­er of the hair dry­er is 2000W, and the weight is 540g, which allows your hands not to get tired. Anoth­er handy fea­ture is the swiv­el cord attach­ment, which allows you to move the hair dry­er freely with­out fear of dam­ag­ing the cord. The kit includes con­cen­trat­ing noz­zles — thin and ultra-thin, both made of non-heat­ing, pleas­ant to the touch mate­ri­als. The Valera Swiss Nano hair dry­er is ide­al for col­ored, fine and nor­mal hair. It is con­ve­nient to use at home and while trav­el­ing.

Xiao­mi Smate Hair is a hair dry­er that takes care of your hair while dry­ing by using neg­a­tive ions and pro­tect­ing your hair from over­heat­ing. This hair dry­er has the abil­i­ty to select the tem­per­a­ture, speed and amount of air­flow dur­ing dry­ing, which will allow you to find the ide­al mode for your­self. After dry­ing with this hair dry­er, the hair becomes smooth and man­age­able. The hair dry­er is equipped with a spe­cial over­heat­ing pro­tec­tion tech­nol­o­gy that ensures sta­ble air­flow. In addi­tion, the hair dry­er has the abil­i­ty to blow cold air, which helps to fix the styling. The pow­er of this hair dry­er is 1600W, and the design pro­vides for a fold­able han­dle, which allows you to achieve com­pact­ness. Thus, the Xiao­mi hair dry­er is con­ve­nient for trav­el­ing and easy to store.

The Dyson Super­son­ic is a unique device with a com­pact dig­i­tal motor that allows the hair dry­er to be half the size of the oth­ers. This hair dry­er pro­vides a uni­form sup­ply of air at a cer­tain tem­per­a­ture — up to 150 ° C, which pre­vents break­age and melt­ing of the hair. The 20° air­flow angle allows hair to be dried and styled with­out the use of a comb. The dry­er is equipped with a con­cen­tra­tor and a dif­fuser, it pro­vides ion­iza­tion and has 4 modes, includ­ing the sup­ply of cold air. Small in size and unique in its tech­nol­o­gy, this hair dry­er is able to pro­vide qual­i­ty and con­sis­tent dry­ing for any type of hair. The hair dry­er is suit­able for both home use and pro­fes­sion­al estab­lish­ments. Its pow­er is 1600W.


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