Until recent­ly, a vehi­cle dri­ven not by the mus­cu­lar strength of a per­son, but with the help of any motors, was expen­sive to buy and main­tain, and also took up a lot of space. Every­thing changed with the advent of com­pact elec­tric motors and bat­ter­ies.

One of these small and inex­pen­sive means of trans­porta­tion is a gyro scoot­er, the two wheels of which are locat­ed on the sides of the plat­form where the user stands with their feet.

The gyro scoot­er device includes gyro sen­sors, that is, turn detec­tion sen­sors, thanks to which, when turned on, it is able to keep the foot pad in a hor­i­zon­tal posi­tion. When a per­son gets on the hov­er­board, the hov­er­board does not allow him to fall. A char­ac­ter­is­tic fea­ture of the hov­er­board, which dis­tin­guish­es it from all sim­i­lar devices, is that the con­trol here is car­ried out by the legs, name­ly by tilt­ing them for­ward or back­ward. At the same time, the body of the hov­er­board tilts and it trav­els in the appro­pri­ate direc­tion. With a dif­fer­ent incli­na­tion of the left and right parts of the hov­er­board, a turn occurs.

When choos­ing a gyro scoot­er, you may encounter a wide vari­ety of mod­els and their prices, and it is not always clear how they dif­fer. So how do you choose them?

We high­light the main char­ac­ter­is­tics of this type of device:

Wheel diameter

The diam­e­ter of the wheels affects the cross-coun­try abil­i­ty of the hov­er­board and the smooth­ness of its move­ment: the larg­er it is, the bet­ter these char­ac­ter­is­tics. There are three main wheel sizes:

  1. 6.5 inch­es. This is the “junior” for­mat of this vehi­cle, or light class. First­ly, such hov­er­boards are best used on even sur­faces, they have almost zero per­me­abil­i­ty and shock absorp­tion. These mod­els can be suit­able for chil­dren, trite because of the small weight and size.
  2. 8 inch­es. The mid­dle class of hov­er­boards, which is also designed for smooth sur­faces, since here, like on 6.5‑inch, inflat­able tires are not used. At the same time, the hov­er­board turns out to be quite high, heavy, in a word, it is already intend­ed for teenagers and adults.
  3. 10 inch­es. Such hov­er­boards can also be called “off-road”: tires filled with air can be used here, thanks to which this vehi­cle can move sand, grav­el, soil, uneven asphalt, and so on.

Com­par­i­son of hov­er­boards of dif­fer­ent sizes


To date, the main prob­lem of all elec­tric vehi­cles pow­ered by bat­ter­ies is the oper­at­ing time. Elec­tric motors that can move a per­son, even a child, have a lot of pow­er and quick­ly drain the bat­tery of the device. On aver­age, hov­er­boards trav­el 20 kilo­me­ters on a sin­gle charge.

Max speed

Gyroscoot­ers, as you can under­stand, do not have a gear­box, instead they use a gear­box with a sin­gle gear, which con­verts the high speed of the elec­tric motor into a small­er one — the wheels. There­fore, the hov­er­board can­not be accel­er­at­ed to high speeds, and this is not nec­es­sary, since it is unsafe. In fact, the max­i­mum speed of hov­er­boards is in the range of 15 — 20 km/h.

Engine power

This char­ac­ter­is­tic affects its throt­tle response, which deter­mines the respon­sive­ness of the hov­er­board when pick­ing up speed and its accel­er­a­tion as a whole. More­over, the brak­ing of the hov­er­board is also car­ried out with the help of the engine, so its pow­er will nev­er be super­flu­ous.

Control type

The “clas­sic” hov­er­board, so to speak, is con­trolled by press­ing the feet on the plat­form on which they stand. How­ev­er, before mod­ern gyroscoot­ers, the so-called seg­ways appeared, con­trolled by a col­umn with a steer­ing wheel like­ness.


At the moment, there is a hybrid that is pro­duced by Xiao­mi and Ninebot. His “steer­ing” col­umn is clamped between the knees, and serves to con­trol the turn: it leans with its feet in the appro­pri­ate direc­tion.

Xiao­mi Ninebot Mini Pro

Build quality and manufacturer

Here, in prin­ci­ple, every­thing is clear: when choos­ing a hov­er­board, you need to pay atten­tion to where and by whom it was pro­duced. The fact is that there are a large num­ber of lit­tle-known brands on the mar­ket that pro­duce them.


Elec­tric vehi­cles have many advan­tages: ease of use, design, lack of noise and the abil­i­ty to use indoors. Gyroscoot­ers are the most afford­able of these modes of trans­port. It is worth not­ing one more advan­tage of them — they take up lit­tle space dur­ing stor­age.

Nat­u­ral­ly, the pur­chase of hov­er­boards is rel­e­vant in the sum­mer sea­son, and while it is in full swing, we advise you to pur­chase it for your­self.