Today there are many dif­fer­ent types of key­boards, and each one is suit­able for dif­fer­ent tasks. It is not so easy some­times to fig­ure out which key­board is right for you. You should choose it depend­ing on whether you like to play games, edit pho­tos or write a large num­ber of texts. The key­board should always meet your basic require­ments, being able to han­dle every­thing you need to per­fec­tion. In addi­tion, dif­fer­ent but­tons and style are suit­able for com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent devices. In short, the choice is not at all easy. That is why we have select­ed the best key­boards for var­i­ous pur­pos­es.

For games

A4Tech Bloody B314 is a key­board designed specif­i­cal­ly for gamers. Even from her appear­ance, it is clear what she is. Styl­ish eye-catch­ing design per­vades every­thing from the shape of the key­board with stand to the col­or­ful LED back­light. The main move­ment keys in WASD games are high­light­ed in red, so even with­out look­ing at the key­board, you will always know exact­ly where they are. Opti­cal key switch­es allow you to pro­vide a response speed of 0.2ms. The key­board is pro­tect­ed from acci­den­tal dou­ble-clicks. In addi­tion, the device has pro­tec­tion against mois­ture, since the drainage sys­tem is thought out in the design. Spilled liq­uid will not dam­age the A4Tech Bloody B314. The sil­i­cone key cov­er pre­vents your fin­gers from slip­ping, and the rub­ber feet keep the key­board from slid­ing on the table and pro­vide you with a com­fort­able and easy gam­ing expe­ri­ence. A4Tech Bloody B314 is a wired key­board that can bring a lot of fun and gam­ing suc­cess to its own­er.

For advanced players

Every­one who loves com­put­er games knows how impor­tant the speed of reac­tion and the con­ve­nient loca­tion of the keys. Raz­er has tak­en care of the play­ers by devel­op­ing a spe­cial key­pad Raz­er Orb­weaver Chro­ma. It is a com­fort­able pad with a wrist pad that con­tains all the nec­es­sary keys for in-game actions. 20 mechan­i­cal switch­es are pro­gram­ma­ble based on play­er pref­er­ences and require­ments. Plus, there is a sep­a­rate eight-posi­tion D‑pad for the thumb, adjustable mod­ules for the hand and palm. The mod­el is also equipped with LED light­ing, which will allow it to fit per­fect­ly into any game set-up. The speed of com­mand exe­cu­tion will amaze you, a press­ing force of 50 grams is enough to make the but­ton respond. The Raz­er Orb­weaver Chro­ma will be indis­pens­able in any FPS, RTS or MMO game that requires speed and fast reac­tions.

For texts

For con­ve­nience when typ­ing, you need a com­fort­able and com­pact key­board. This is exact­ly what the Rapoo E9070 is. This key­board is nice and easy to use and deliv­ers a nice tac­tile feel. The con­ve­nient loca­tion of the but­tons and the dis­tance between them allows you to quick­ly type text, and thanks to the spe­cial design, the keys work silent­ly. You can put the Rapoo E9070 in a reg­u­lar lap­top bag, it’s light and almost flat. The key­board is equipped with a met­al base, which allows it to be non-slip and sta­ble with­out increas­ing the weight of the device. The Rapoo E9070 works via a radio sig­nal that does not inter­fere with either the wire­less mouse or the router. The radius of oper­a­tion on a sig­nal is 10 m. The Rapoo E9070 key­board is reli­ably pro­tect­ed from shock, dust and liq­uids. With prop­er care and oper­a­tion, it can serve you for many years and pro­vide com­fort and con­ve­nience in work.

For photo

Any­one who has ever dealt with pho­to edit­ing in Adobe Light­room knows from their own expe­ri­ence how impor­tant it is to be able to do it quick­ly and con­ve­nient­ly. That’s what the Lou­pedeck con­sole is designed for, specif­i­cal­ly for use with Light­room. This con­sole from Finnish devel­op­ers is ergonom­ic and allows you to replace both the mouse and key­board. The con­sole is con­nect­ed via USB, and the but­tons are tied to indi­vid­ual actions in the pro­gram. Some of them you can pro­gram your­self to bring spe­cial effects or pre­sets for pho­tog­ra­phy and always have easy access to them. With detailed instruc­tions, you’ll be up and run­ning with Lou­pedeck in a mat­ter of days, and you’ll soon see how effec­tive­ly this con­sole cuts down on time spent edit­ing pho­tos. Sim­ple in design and use, Lou­pedeck han­dles all require­ments per­fect­ly. The con­sole is com­pat­i­ble with Adobe® Light­room® 6 and lat­er and Adobe Light­room Clas­sic CC.

It runs on Win­dows 7 and lat­er, and Mac OS 10.10 and lat­er.

with touchpad

Log­itech has cre­at­ed a unique and com­fort­able touch key­board for those who are used to using a touch­pad instead of a mouse. Log­itech K400 Plus is a wire­less key­board that can work not only with a com­put­er and lap­top, but also with any devices that sup­port USB, includ­ing Android OS. The key­board is extreme­ly qui­et thanks to the mem­brane design of the keys, press­ing them will not dis­turb oth­ers, and you can work in a pleas­ant envi­ron­ment. In total, Log­itech has 87 main but­tons and 5 addi­tion­al ones. It con­nects via a USB port into which a spe­cial receiv­er is insert­ed, and using the Log­itech K400 Plus key­board is easy and pleas­ant. It is ide­al for those who are used to work­ing with a lap­top and do not want to use a mouse.

For Mac

Every­one who uses Apple com­put­ers will def­i­nite­ly appre­ci­ate the com­pa­ny’s line of acces­sories. Among them is the Apple Mag­ic Key­board with Numer­ic Key­pad. As the name implies, the key­board includes not only the usu­al set of keys, but also an addi­tion­al key­pad. It’s ide­al for both work and play, thanks to its high respon­sive­ness and ergonom­ic design. The design includes keys for quick nav­i­ga­tion and scrolling through doc­u­ments.

The Apple Mag­ic Key­board charges via Light­ning port and con­nects via Blue­tooth, which allows you to use it with lap­tops, desk­tops, tablets and even mobile devices. It’s light­weight and durable, with qui­et oper­a­tion and con­ve­nient­ly spaced keys so you don’t hit adja­cent keys while you’re work­ing. Apple Mag­ic Key­board is a real gift for Apple fans with the clas­sic design and qual­i­ty of Apple devices.

For comfort in everything

Let this key­board be con­sid­ered a gam­ing key­board, its advan­tages can­not be under­es­ti­mat­ed when per­form­ing any tasks. Anoth­er acces­so­ry from Raz­er, this time called Orna­ta, RZ03-02042300-R3R1, is designed specif­i­cal­ly for gamers and fea­tures a com­fort­able wrist pad. Fea­tur­ing Raz­er™ Mecha-Mem­brane switch­es, the key­board oper­ates quick­ly and silent­ly with a soft touch. You can put your hands on the key­board and not be afraid of acci­den­tal press­ing. The Raz­er Orna­ta has LED back­light­ing, includ­ing for the keys them­selves. Thanks to this, you will always see what exact­ly you are press­ing.

Raz­er Orna­ta is suit­able not only for games, but also for work and any tasks. It is com­fort­able and ergonom­ic.


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