Today we will look at a back­pack with a com­part­ment for var­i­ous equip­ment from the man­u­fac­tur­er K&F Con­cept.

This brand spe­cial­izes in the pro­duc­tion of var­i­ous pho­to equip­ment and pho­to / video acces­sories, such as tripods, fil­ters, var­i­ous adapters and adapters for lens­es, pho­to back­packs and more.


Comes with a store busi­ness card.

The back­pack is made with high qual­i­ty, the threads do not stick out, every­thing is stitched and sewn even­ly and sound­ly. It has a not pro­nounced cam­ou­flage col­or with a dark green tint.

The back­pack is made of a two-lay­er water-repel­lent mate­r­i­al (inside a sep­a­rate gas­ket), how­ev­er, an addi­tion­al cov­er is includ­ed to pro­tect the back­pack from rain.

The main com­part­ment has a sin­gle zip­per, on the dog there is a loop with a plas­tic insert (plas­tic is pleas­ant to the touch, soft touch).

In addi­tion, the main com­part­ment is addi­tion­al­ly closed with a met­al clasp, which is prac­ti­cal and con­ve­nient (such a clasp is often used in tac­ti­cal belts). There are reflec­tive ele­ments on the strap with a clasp.

Inside the main com­part­ment is a lap­top com­part­ment. The height of the par­ti­tion is 34 cm, the height of the back wall is 42 cm. I wish there were a few inside pock­ets, but unfor­tu­nate­ly there aren’t any.

Below are two zip­pered pock­ets, one of which is RFID-pro­tect­ed. The height of each pock­et is 22 cm, the width is 14.5 cm. In prac­tice, they are mod­er­ate­ly roomy, a large wal­let fits with­out any prob­lems.

The zip­pers are of high qual­i­ty, pro­duced by SBS.

The back of the back­pack has three soft “inserts” for more com­fort­able wear when the back­pack is heav­i­ly loaded.

There is also a cross fab­ric strap to put the back­pack on the han­dle of the suit­case.

The straps are thick and wide enough (7 cm). There is a latch with an elas­tic band to reduce the load on the plas­tic.

The car­ry­ing han­dle is dense and com­fort­able, does not cut your fin­gers even under heavy load.

On one side of the back­pack there is a pock­et with an elas­tic band, which will fit both a tri­pod and a large ther­mos with­out any prob­lems. There is also an adjustable clasp for bet­ter fix­a­tion of long items.

The back­pack can be used as a uni­ver­sal (reg­u­lar) or you can install the “bot­tom” in the main com­part­ment and thus divide it into two parts.

The low­er part can be designed to your lik­ing thanks to the mod­u­lar ele­ments (main struc­ture, two large and two small “walls”).

The height of the main struc­ture is 16.5 cm, the width is 12.5 cm.

The low­er com­part­ment can hold a small cam­era with a medi­um lens and a few oth­er small lens­es. Or a cam­era with a lens, a flash and a small lens with a few acces­sories. Or you can put a drone like Mav­ic 2 Pro with a remote con­trol and a cou­ple of bat­ter­ies.

Thus, this back­pack is suit­able for pho­to-tourists who do not need to have many large lens­es, cam­eras and oth­er acces­sories, but rather one cam­era and sev­er­al small lens­es (or one large one) with small acces­sories.

Access to the low­er part is on the side, on two zip­pers, which are con­nect­ed by one han­dle. The han­dle allows you to quick­ly open the com­part­ment with the cam­era, but clos­ing it with two zip­pers at the same time is not as con­ve­nient as one (espe­cial­ly if the com­part­ment is tight­ly packed and sticks out). In addi­tion, in the closed posi­tion there is a slot through which you can put your hand into the com­part­ment, which increas­es the risk of theft. You can see how it works in prac­tice in the video review, start­ing at 2:17.

On the inner wall of the open­ing part there are three pock­ets with Vel­cro, where small acces­sories can be placed with­out any prob­lems.

As for the spa­cious­ness of the main com­part­ment, I man­aged to put in it:
— 15-inch lap­top (Leno­vo V130);
— jeans;
— shorts;
— jack­et with a hood;
— four T‑shirts;
— sev­en pairs of socks;
— sev­en shorts;
— a large pen­cil case with brush­es, razors and oth­er things;
— self­ie stick

As we can see, the back­pack is per­fect for trav­el / busi­ness trips for 5–7 days.

Here’s what it looks like com­plete­ly filled out:

Video review:


• qual­i­ty tai­lor­ing and good imple­men­ta­tion in gen­er­al;
• big capac­i­ty;
• the pres­ence of mod­u­lar ele­ments, the abil­i­ty to adapt the back­pack to your own needs;

— imprac­ti­cal sys­tem for open­ing the com­part­ment for equip­ment (IMHO);
— No inside pock­ets in the main com­part­ment.

You can buy the backpack here:

• in the offi­cial store on AliEx­press
• on the man­u­fac­tur­er’s web­site (Coupon 10kfru reduces the price by 10%, valid from 2021.5.28 to 2021.12.31)

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