This unusu­al tri­pod sim­ply stands on the table, allow­ing you to mount your cam­era or smart­phone at a height of 10–43 cm, point­ing the lens ver­ti­cal­ly down or at an angle.

I bought it a few years ago, used it sev­er­al times then, and a cou­ple of days ago I remem­bered it, because it was bet­ter than oth­ers for pho­tograph­ing a large num­ber of bat­ter­ies for the project.

The tri­pod weighs 530 grams (stand — 388 grams). He is able to hold a 400-gram cam­era, but not in the most extreme posi­tion.

Tele­scop­ic alu­minum rod, con­sists of two parts.

The cam­era mount is artic­u­lat­ed with a stan­dard 1/4″ screw.

The stand is fixed at the bot­tom with two screws. One allows you to rotate it around its axis (there is a fixed posi­tion in the cen­ter). The sec­ond is to adjust the tilt — there are sev­en lev­els from ver­ti­cal to hor­i­zon­tal.

In six work­ing posi­tions, the height of the hor­i­zon­tal fas­ten­ing screw, depend­ing on the posi­tion of the tele­scop­ic rod, is: 10–13 cm, 15–23 cm, 20–31 cm, 24–37 cm, 26–41 cm, 28–43 cm.

This is what the tri­pod looks like when fold­ed.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, Aliex­press delet­ed all users’ pur­chase his­to­ry for many years, leav­ing only the last year or two, so I can’t see where I bought it. Now I could find it only from two sell­ers on Ali: the first one for 1086 rubles (it’s not even clear from the pic­tures that the bar is tilt­ing), the sec­ond one for 1212 rubles.

Note that I shot on a table with this tri­pod upside down. If you posi­tion it the oth­er way around, chang­ing sub­jects is not so con­ve­nient. In order to make it con­ve­nient and not shoot upside down, you can buy or make your own cage for the cam­era, which allows you to fix it not from below, but from above the body.

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