The time for hol­i­days and trav­el is approach­ing. And this means that fresh impres­sions, new acquain­tances and incred­i­ble adven­tures are ahead. How­ev­er, it is impor­tant to pre­pare in advance for any trip. And this means not just pack­ing a suit­case, but also stock­ing up on all the most nec­es­sary devices that can come in handy and be very use­ful on the road. If you, like us, try to cap­ture any pleas­ant mem­o­ry, pre­fer to stay in touch and nav­i­gate even the most unfa­mil­iar places, then this col­lec­tion of trav­el goods is espe­cial­ly for you! We’ve put togeth­er devices that will do the job per­fect­ly, allow­ing you to focus on your vaca­tion.

  1. Smart­phone One­Plus 5T

When trav­el­ing, you will def­i­nite­ly need a smart­phone, and not just a smart­phone, but a reli­able and high-qual­i­ty one. All these char­ac­ter­is­tics are best matched by the One­Plus 5T. This smart­phone has a mod­ern lacon­ic design: a large 6.01-inch AMOLED dis­play occu­pies the entire front sur­face, leav­ing room only for a 16MP self­ie cam­era. The main dual cam­era is locat­ed on the back and has a res­o­lu­tion of 20MP, espe­cial­ly for you to always take high qual­i­ty pic­tures.

Mean­while, One­Plus 5T is not only gor­geous in appear­ance, but also pro­duc­tive. Inside the smart­phone runs an eight-core Qual­comm Snap­drag­on 835 MSM8998 proces­sor, which pro­vides the device with pow­er and speed. In addi­tion, One­Plus 5T is equipped with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of inter­nal stor­age to store your pho­tos, music and files. The One­Plus 5T weighs just 162g and has a 3300mAh bat­tery.

The One Plus 5T is a state-of-the-art device that fea­tures facial recog­ni­tion, Dirac HD Sound for enhanced audio qual­i­ty, and dual SIM capa­bil­i­ty.

Thanks to its char­ac­ter­is­tics, it will be an ide­al ally on your jour­ney.

  1. Exter­nal bat­tery Mi Pow­er Bank 2 10000 mAh

An exter­nal bat­tery is an inte­gral part of any mod­ern trav­el. As a rule, we car­ry a lot of devices with us and each of them requires addi­tion­al charg­ing. In order to always be able to restore the bat­tery of any device, the Xiao­mi Mi Pow­er Bank 2 bat­tery with a capac­i­ty of 10000 mAh is ide­al. It is not with­out rea­son that we men­tion this device so often in the selec­tions, because the Mi Pow­er Bank real­ly proved to be a high-qual­i­ty acces­so­ry. It is incred­i­bly easy to use, but much thin­ner than the pre­vi­ous ver­sion. The width of the case is 14.1mm, so the Xiao­mi bat­tery fits eas­i­ly into your pock­et or bag. He is not afraid of dam­age either, because Mi Pow­er Bank 2 is made of durable alu­minum alloy, it will not dam­age oth­er objects either, because the design of the device has round­ed edges. Xiao­mi weighs only 228 grams.

Now Mi Pow­er Bank is also capa­ble of sup­port­ing Quick Charge, so your devices will be ready to go even faster. The bat­tery sup­ports USB and Micro USB inputs and is charged using a USB cable.

  1. Action Cam­era Olym­pus TG Track­er

Regard­less of whether you pre­fer extreme trav­el, sedate rest or tourism, you prob­a­bly want to cap­ture all your incred­i­ble adven­tures “on film”. This is exact­ly what the unique Olym­pus TG Track­er action cam­era takes care of. The num­ber of func­tions of this cam­era will sur­prise even an expe­ri­enced trav­el­er.

First­ly, the cam­era shoots in 720p, 1080p and 4K res­o­lu­tions, which already makes it a very inter­est­ing choice for trav­el. But that’s not all, Olym­pus TG Track­er is designed specif­i­cal­ly for sea­soned tourists, so it is water and dust resis­tant and with a spe­cial case allows you to shoot video under­wa­ter. Like any action cam­era, the Olym­pus TG Track­er shoots with a wide-angle lens, and its field of view is 204°. In addi­tion to all this, the cam­era is equipped with 5‑axis sta­bi­liza­tion.

But even on this her skills are not lim­it­ed: Olym­pus TG Track­er sup­ports GPS ^ equipped with a com­pass, accel­er­a­tion sen­sor, barom­e­ter and ther­mome­ter. At the same time, it weighs only 180g and has a durable shock-resis­tant body. With this cam­era, you will def­i­nite­ly not get lost and will be able to shoot great video in any con­di­tions.

  1. Fit­ness bracelet Huawei Talk­Band Active

Even on vaca­tion, you should not for­get about your own health, espe­cial­ly since not every­one prefers out­door activ­i­ties. And it is always desir­able to move and keep active! That is why the Huawei Talk­Band fit­ness bracelet will help you on your jour­ney.

This bracelet is equipped with a PMOLED dis­play with a res­o­lu­tion of 128x80, where you can see both the time and all oth­er nec­es­sary infor­ma­tion about phys­i­cal activ­i­ty. How­ev­er, this is not the main inter­est­ing prop­er­ty of this bracelet. With Huawei Talk­Band, you can make calls to your favorite con­tacts. The spe­cial func­tion Direct­Call­ing is respon­si­ble for this pos­si­bil­i­ty.

The Huawei Talk­Band Active bracelet is pro­tect­ed accord­ing to the IP57 stan­dard. The case is made of stain­less steel, and its screen is cov­ered with durable Goril­la­Glass with an oleo­pho­bic sur­face. Active is one of three device mod­els. In addi­tion to it, you can pur­chase the Clas­sic ver­sion with a gen­uine leather strap or the Elite mod­el with a met­al bracelet. Active has a sil­i­cone strap.

  1. DJI Osmo Mobile Axi­al Sta­bi­liz­er

If you plan to record all your vaca­tion adven­tures on your smart­phone, then you should def­i­nite­ly do it in style and qual­i­ty. The DJI Osmo Mobile 3‑axis sta­bi­liz­er, designed specif­i­cal­ly for shoot­ing on a smart­phone with a dis­play diag­o­nal of 4 to 5.5 inch­es, will take care of the qual­i­ty of the image and video. Osmo syncs with your smart­phone via Blue­tooth and reacts to your every move or step for a smooth image. That is why it is so pop­u­lar among mod­ern video blog­gers.

Sev­er­al con­trol but­tons on the body of the device allow you to eas­i­ly switch the front and main cam­eras, stop and con­tin­ue shoot­ing. The DJI Osmo is par­tic­u­lar­ly impres­sive with its time­lapse capa­bil­i­ties.

DJI Osmo Mobile works on a sin­gle charge up to 15 hours, weighs very lit­tle and takes up lit­tle space in your bag. You can always and every­where car­ry it with you. The kit includes a spe­cial case for the device, but its capa­bil­i­ties def­i­nite­ly do not require too much intro­duc­tion.

  1. Xiao­mi Sim­ple City City Back­pack

Anoth­er impor­tant issue in trav­el is safe­ty, and if your per­son­al safe­ty is tak­en care of by a tour oper­a­tor or insur­ance, then only you can take care of the safe­ty of your belong­ings. That is why it is best to have a good back­pack for things. Among a con­sid­er­able num­ber of options, we chose Xiao­mi Sim­ple City. This back­pack mod­el looks very styl­ish and neat. The back­pack is made of durable poly­ester, which is pro­tect­ed from scuffs and is able to main­tain a great look and shape for a long time. One strap allows you to adjust the length, and inside you can put all the nec­es­sary things: doc­u­ments, wal­let, keys, smart­phone, portable cam­era, etc. High-qual­i­ty fit­tings reli­ably pro­tect your things from pick­pock­ets, while allow­ing you to get easy access to your things and not wor­ry about break­ages. Xiaomi’s Sim­ple City back­pack is avail­able in black and gray, and its price will please you.

  1. GSM alarm sys­tem with video record­ing Sap­san GSM Pro 4V

While you are relax­ing on a trip, do not for­get about the house. While you are away, it is worth secur­ing your home, and there is no bet­ter way than to install a reli­able alarm sys­tem.

The Sap­san GSM kit is the most eco­nom­i­cal alarm sys­tem with the abil­i­ty to record video using a car recorder. The video recorder of the Video wit­ness 2403 Full HD‘ mod­el is includ­ed in the pack­age in advance.

Using the Sap­san GSM kit, you will not only be able to view the record­ing of what hap­pened dur­ing your absence, but also view and lis­ten to the record­ing in real time. You can con­fig­ure the device so that when an alarm is trig­gered, the recorder will auto­mat­i­cal­ly start record­ing. You can also always find out about what hap­pened via SMS mes­sages, know exact­ly when the pow­er is cut off and even com­mu­ni­cate through the speak­er­phone with trou­ble­mak­ers.

Sap­san GSM Pro is ful­ly Rus­si­fied, and the con­trol pan­el oper­ates at tem­per­a­tures from ‑40 to +50°C. And the small size of the pan­el allows you to hide it from view.


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