Today we will look at an unusu­al Nano‑X Black Mist light fil­ter from the man­u­fac­tur­er K&F Con­cept.


It’s nice that the man­u­fac­tur­er pays atten­tion to detail and made a fil­ter fix­a­tion sys­tem in the case (so that it does not hang out dur­ing trans­porta­tion).

The frame of the fil­ter is made of alu­minum, its thick­ness is 3.3 mm. The weight of the fil­ter is 14 grams.

The sides of the fil­ter are ribbed, mak­ing it easy to wind on and off the lens.

The lens has a water-repel­lent coat­ing (drops of liq­uid roll off the lens with­out leav­ing marks), it is also scratch resis­tant.

The lens itself looks like it has a lot of dust on it.

Let’s test the fil­ter on a Sig­ma 30 mm 1.4 lens (Sony A6300 cam­era). Here’s what it looks like on cam­era:

This fil­ter is also avail­able for oth­er optics with a dif­fer­ent diam­e­ter.

The fil­ter cre­ates a haze, thanks to which the shad­ows are not so sharp, the light and col­or are much soft­er and less con­trast­ing. A kind of halo appears around the light source, which cre­ates a spe­cial atmos­phere, more “warm”, gen­tle and cozy. Pho­tos with a fil­ter are rem­i­nis­cent of the Orton effect.

The fil­ter shows excel­lent results: there is no drop in sharp­ness com­pared to pho­tos with­out a fil­ter, and there is no vignette either. There is a fil­ter with a light trans­mit­tance of 1/4 (84%) or 1/8 (87%) to choose from, I have a ver­sion with a coef­fi­cient of 1/4. Accord­ing to my obser­va­tions, if the shut­ter pri­or­i­ty mode is enabled on the cam­era, the aper­ture is 2.0 with­out a fil­ter, and with the fil­ter it opens up to 1.7. In aper­ture pri­or­i­ty mode, if the shut­ter speed is 1/10 — with a fil­ter, it becomes 1/8 sec­ond.

And final­ly, I give exam­ples of pho­tos with­out / with a fil­ter:

A few more pho­tos with a fil­ter:


• pre­sentable pack­ag­ing, the pres­ence of a car­ry­ing case and a sys­tem for fix­ing the fil­ter in it;
• high-qual­i­ty assem­bly;
• water-repel­lent, scratch-resis­tant coat­ing;
• no drop in sharp­ness and oth­er arti­facts in the pho­tographs.

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