Smart­phones are get­ting lighter every year, and dis­plays are get­ting brighter and rich­er. This is not at all sur­pris­ing, because with the abun­dance of mobile games, the pop­u­lar­iza­tion of movies from a smart­phone, screen res­o­lu­tions are grow­ing. And we, of course, want to see only per­fect qual­i­ty. That is why we have select­ed 10 smart­phones with large dis­plays, which will be con­ve­nient for both work and enter­tain­ment!

  1. iPhone X

Undoubt­ed­ly the most fash­ion­able and most talked about smart­phone of 2018, the iPhone X is equipped with a 5.8‑inch OLED dis­play that occu­pies the entire sur­face of the case, leav­ing only room for a fan­cy cam­era. At the same time, due to the lack of frames, the body itself does not seem huge and, more­over, heavy. Let even long­time fans of Apple smart­phones have to get used to the iPhone X, due to a com­plete­ly new con­trol sys­tem, unlock­ing and the absence of the usu­al Home but­ton. But once you get the hang of it, you can tru­ly appre­ci­ate every­thing about this smart­phone: from the cam­era to the light­weight, nim­ble oper­at­ing sys­tem, and of course, the vibrant Super Reti­na dis­play that makes movies, videos, and games look crisp and impres­sive.

Addi­tion­al fea­tures that Apple has endowed with its flag­ship smart­phone only fuel its already hot inter­est: Face ID, True­Tone, True Depth cam­era and much more. In short, if you choose a smart­phone with a large dis­play, the iPhone X is def­i­nite­ly the best option.

  1. Sam­sung Galaxy Note 8

Although Sam­sung is not the first and not the only com­pa­ny to equip its flag­ship smart­phone with a curved screen, it was the Galaxy series that made this tech­nol­o­gy pop­u­lar. The Galaxy Note 8 is a huge 6.3‑inch Super AMOLED Infin­i­ty dis­play, and it would seem that noth­ing needs to be added to this.

But not only the diag­o­nal itself is impor­tant here, but also how skill­ful­ly the oper­at­ing sys­tem uses this advan­tage. For exam­ple, you can run two apps at the same time on a split screen. That alone is enough to impress the Sam­sung Galaxy Note 8.

In addi­tion, the smart­phone is equipped with a dual cam­era and var­i­ous options for use with the S Pen sty­lus. This smart­phone is def­i­nite­ly great for work. As for the screen itself, you can talk end­less­ly about its char­ac­ter­is­tics: you will get both bright­ness, and sat­u­ra­tion, and accu­rate col­or repro­duc­tion. This will delight pho­tog­ra­phers and film or game enthu­si­asts, as the smart­phone will ensure that you can enjoy high-qual­i­ty images no mat­ter what you are doing.

  1. One­Plus 5T

The One Plus 5T is a unique and impres­sive flag­ship from One­Plus, which has made a name for itself with great bat­tery life and great build qual­i­ty. That is why there is absolute­ly no chance that the 5T can dis­ap­point you. This is the first frame­less smart­phone in the One­Plus line­up, which pays trib­ute to both fash­ion and com­fort, high­light­ing the entire front sur­face of the case under a large and bright dis­play. The 6‑inch AMOLED dis­play allows the smart­phone to get much more visu­al per­for­mance with­out chang­ing the size, and it feels in the hand almost no dif­fer­ent from its pre­de­ces­sor One­Plus 5.

It is worth not­ing the pow­er­ful Snap­drag­on 835 proces­sor, which copes with all the tasks of a mod­ern user with a bang, and 6GB of RAM, which is quite a lot even by today’s stan­dards. With a bright screen, it’s no sur­prise that a large bat­tery capac­i­ty is also required, I must say that One­Plus main­tains a good tra­di­tion, and the bat­tery charges incred­i­bly quick­ly.

  1. iPhone 8 Plus

Anoth­er iPhone left in the shad­ows due to its flag­ship coun­ter­part is Apple’s eighth gen­er­a­tion of smart­phones, the iPhone 8 Plus keeps the body of its pre­de­ces­sors, stuff­ing it with new pow­ers. But the dis­play remains impres­sive­ly large and uses the same tech­nol­o­gy as the iPhone X — Super Reti­na.

If we note that the proces­sor in the smart­phone is the same A11 Bion­ic, and the capa­bil­i­ties are almost the same as those of dozens, plus the pos­si­bil­i­ty of wire­less charg­ing final­ly appears, then the iPhone 8 Plus becomes an excel­lent option at the same price for new prod­ucts from Apple.

So, brand fans who are not yet ready to suc­cumb to fash­ion can always give pref­er­ence to this high-qual­i­ty smart­phone.

iPhone 8 pro­vides long bat­tery life, clas­sic design, high pow­er and of course, is com­pat­i­ble with all heavy games. And watch­ing videos on its large dis­play is a real plea­sure.

  1. Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus

Why did we men­tion both smart­phones at once? It’s very sim­ple, both mod­els from Sam­sung are equipped with a large Infin­i­ty dis­play that stretch­es from edge to edge.

The S8 Plus is the larg­er mod­el with a 6.2‑inch dis­play, while the stan­dard S8 has a 5.8‑inch dis­play. The sec­ond mod­el is more suit­able for those who pre­fer com­pact smart­phones, but believe me, the image qual­i­ty on both mod­els is equal­ly impres­sive.

One of the fea­tures of this dis­play is that it is always on, that is, even when the smart­phone is inac­tive, you will have a clock at hand or what­ev­er you want to set as a screen­saver.

Pow­ered by a pow­er­ful Exynos proces­sor, the Sam­sung Galaxy S8 deliv­ers fast pro­duc­tiv­i­ty, ide­al for gam­ing and watch­ing videos, as well as for work and com­mu­ni­ca­tion. Pho­tog­ra­phers will love the cam­era, and every­one will be pleased with the long bat­tery life and the abil­i­ty to wire­less­ly charge your smart­phone.

Sam­sung’s pre­mi­um design cer­tain­ly adds to the pleas­ant expe­ri­ence of this smart­phone.

  1. Google Pix­el 2XL

Google Pix­el itself is one of the most pop­u­lar smart­phones of our time, and the 2XL mod­el got its name for a rea­son. The dis­play with an aspect ratio of 18:9 and a diag­o­nal of 6 inch­es, accord­ing to fash­ion and com­fort, has no frame. This is its main dif­fer­ence from the Google Pix­el 2. Now the entire sur­face is occu­pied by a bright and rich OLED dis­play.

It’s one of the best and most user-friend­ly Android smart­phones on the mar­ket right now, and Google’s focus is on user expe­ri­ence.

For exam­ple, the 2 XL smart­phone is equipped with Google Lens, an inter­est­ing appli­ca­tion that allows the user to use the cam­era to deter­mine the loca­tion of near­by points of inter­est. Def­i­nite­ly, this fea­ture is pop­u­lar with avid trav­el­ers. And the cam­era itself is not far behind, reg­u­lar­ly adding to the lists of the best cam­eras for mobile pho­tog­ra­phy, despite the fact that it is not a dou­ble.

In short, Google Pix­el 2 XL deserves atten­tion.

  1. Huawei Mate 10 Pro

Huawei has rapid­ly made a name for itself and gained pop­u­lar­i­ty thanks to high-qual­i­ty smart­phones that pos­i­tive­ly dif­fer from com­peti­tors in terms of price and num­ber of fea­tures. There is noth­ing sur­pris­ing in the fact that today the flag­ship mod­els ful­ly meet the require­ments of even the most picky fans of tech­nol­o­gy. Mate 10 Pro is one of the most inter­est­ing Amdroid smart­phones with a large dis­play. The bezels around the edges have become sig­nif­i­cant­ly small­er and now, almost the entire sur­face is giv­en over to a 6‑inch AMOLED dis­play with an aspect ratio of 18:9. But this is not all that this smart­phone can boast of. The main talk­ing point is still the Leica dual cam­era on the back of the case, which impress­es with its qual­i­ty and cus­tomiza­tion options.

All this is pow­ered by a pow­er­ful Kirin 970 proces­sor, and of course, in the end we get a pow­er­ful and pro­duc­tive device with wide capa­bil­i­ties and excel­lent char­ac­ter­is­tics.

  1. LG V30

Anoth­er bezel-less smart­phone that comes with a 6‑inch OLED dis­play. It must be said that the dis­play of LG V30 has a unique col­or repro­duc­tion and sharp image, which will espe­cial­ly sat­is­fy the require­ments of pho­tog­ra­phers, because in addi­tion to the dis­play, V30 boasts a dual cam­era with a wide angle and a tele­pho­to lens.

For gam­ing fans, the LG V30 offers great pow­er with Qual­comm Snap­drag­on 835 proces­sor and top per­for­mance. There is also some­thing for music lovers in the LG V30, name­ly a dig­i­tal-to-ana­log con­vert­er that pro­vides high­er qual­i­ty music play­back.

So, we can say with con­fi­dence that the LG V30 man­u­fac­tur­ers have tak­en care of all the needs of a mod­ern per­son, cre­at­ing a unique mul­ti­func­tion­al smart­phone with a lot of use­ful fea­tures. The main thing, of course, is a large dis­play on which it is con­ve­nient to work.

  1. LG G6

LG G6 first of all changed the aspect ratio of the 5.7‑inch screen to 18:9, since this is the ratio that most movies and TV shows are record­ed in, so watch­ing videos on this smart­phone has become incred­i­bly com­fort­able. The LG G6 itself, thanks to the new dis­play, has become nar­row enough to hold it in one hand. The screen res­o­lu­tion is 2880x1440, so both pho­tos and videos real­ly look impres­sive. The only down­side is the fact that the LG G6 has an LCD dis­play instead of an OLED, but that’s a fact that only those who are fun­da­men­tal­ly inter­est­ed in the image will notice.

In any case, both in terms of its pow­er and capa­bil­i­ties, the smart­phone from LG does not cause any com­plaints, but on the con­trary, it is quite an afford­able flag­ship mod­el from a well-known man­u­fac­tur­er with an excel­lent rep­u­ta­tion. Although it does not have the largest and not the most mod­ern dis­play, it def­i­nite­ly deserves atten­tion.

  1. HTC U11

HTC’s flag­ship smart­phone is dubbed the U11, and it’s quite capa­ble of tak­ing on the tough com­pe­ti­tion from smart­phones like the Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8, so we’re hap­py to include it on this list. First of all, of course, about the screen — the 5.5‑inch QHD dis­play is bright, sat­u­rat­ed and with clear col­ors, despite the fact that, as in the case of the LG G6, the dis­play is LCD and not OLED. Nev­er­the­less, it is col­or repro­duc­tion that is almost the most attrac­tive point that should be paid atten­tion to in this smart­phone.

Of course, oth­er fea­tures do not dis­ap­point: this is a great sound, and a great cam­era, and of course the styl­ish design of the device itself.

Well, with the U11, HTC has def­i­nite­ly man­aged to cre­ate a pleas­ant and mod­ern device with all the nec­es­sary func­tions that will pro­vide its own­er with a lot of plea­sure and will per­fect­ly cope with all the tasks that a mod­ern user puts in front of a smart­phone.


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