Today’s review is ded­i­cat­ed to a pow­er­ful opti­cal device, almost a tele­scope from SVBONY. Mod­el SV411 20–60X80 with dual focus­ing sys­tem (20–60x mag­ni­fi­ca­tion, 80mm lens diam­e­ter) can be used for bird watch­ing, for long-range shoot­ing, so as not to run to the tar­get, you can also study the lunar ter­rain.


  • Spec­i­fi­ca­tions
  • Pack­ag­ing and equip­ment
  • Appear­ance
  • In work
  • Con­clu­sion


  • Mod­el: SV411 20–60X80 (F9369B)
  • Mag­ni­fi­ca­tion: 20x-60x
  • Lens Diam­e­ter: 80mm
  • Eye­piece diam­e­ter: 21mm
  • Prism type: Por­ro BK7, 7 lens­es in four groups
  • Prism Coat­ing: MC
  • Nitro­gen fill­ing: yes
  • Focus sys­tem: dou­ble
  • Eye relief: 17–13.5mm
  • Exit pupil diam­e­ter: 4.2–1.35mm
  • Min­i­mum focus­ing dis­tance: 7m
  • Angu­lar field of view: 2.85–1.45⁰
  • Field of view at 1000m: 50–25.3m
  • Water pro­tec­tion: IPX4
  • Hood: yes
  • Tri­pod: yes, 1/4″ thread
  • Dimen­sions: 430x155x100 mm
  • Weight: 1.1 kg.

Packaging and equipment

Couri­er deliv­ery from a ware­house in the Russ­ian Fed­er­a­tion. Trans­port card­board pack­ag­ing with a print of the prod­uct, and inside a bag with a zip­per.

The com­plete bag is made of dense nylon fab­ric, with soft walls and an insert-par­ti­tion to pro­tect the con­tents. In it, the tele­scope is con­ve­nient to car­ry to the place of obser­va­tion, there is an adjustable shoul­der strap.

The pack­age con­tains:

  • Spot­ting scope SV411 20–60X80
  • Fold­ing tri­pod
  • User man­u­al (with­out Russ­ian lan­guage)
  • cloth nap­kin
  • Lens pro­tec­tion
  • Eye­piece pro­tec­tion

It is a pity that there is no hold­er for a smart­phone on the eye­piece. With­out it, tak­ing pic­tures through the eye­piece is tor­ment.

The 24 cm high tri­pod is made of 1 mm pressed steel sheet. It is sta­ble, the weight of the pipe can with­stand. The legs form an equi­lat­er­al tri­an­gle on the table with a side of 30 cm.

Appearance and design features

This mod­el is the old­est in this line, there is also SV411 20–60×70.

As can be seen from the design, the eye­piece axis is at an angle of 45 degrees to the opti­cal axis of the lens, which gives more con­ve­nience when view­ing at any angle.

The body of the pipe is made of soft-touch plas­tic, IPX4 pro­tec­tion against water splash­es is declared — you can observe in the rain.

Weight only SV411 1107, tri­pod 245 g.

Let’s start review­ing the details with the most inter­est­ing — with the focus­ing sys­tem. It is dou­ble, focus adjust­ment with two han­dles. Rough and accu­rate, like set­ting volt­age para­me­ters on reg­u­lat­ed pow­er sup­plies. This turned out to be quite con­ve­nient and allows you to achieve good sharp­ness of image details.

Fas­ten­ing of the body of the tele­scope to the tri­pod is orga­nized through a pow­er­ful met­al ring with angle fix­a­tion:

Let’s move on to the lens. Mul­ti-coat­ed glass lens with a green­ish tint, vis­i­ble diam­e­ter 80 mm.

It fea­tures a 4cm retractable sun hood (97mm out­er diam­e­ter). Lens guards made of plas­tic, spring-loaded, such are used to pro­tect lens­es in SLR cam­eras.

Eye­piece (diam­e­ter 45 mm) with smooth adjust­ment of mag­ni­fi­ca­tion (x20-60) and soft rub­ber eye­cup. It is con­ve­nient that the dimen­sions of the device do not change when adjust­ing the mag­ni­fi­ca­tion. A rub­ber cap is used to pro­tect the eye­piece.

The mag­ni­fi­ca­tion approx­i­mate­ly cor­re­sponds to the declared one: the diam­e­ter of the objec­tive lens is 80 mm, and the diam­e­ter of the exit pupil varies from 1.3 to 4.2 mm.

In work

The mag­ni­fi­ca­tion of this opti­cal device is from 20x, which means that you can­not work with it by hand, the pic­ture runs away — only a tri­pod!

A tri­pod is good for view­ing from a table or oth­er plane, it allows you to smooth­ly aim the monoc­u­lar at the point of obser­va­tion.

But it is very dif­fi­cult to take pic­tures with a smart­phone through the lens of the pipe, the opti­cal axes are instant­ly shift­ed. The pic­ture is vis­i­ble to the eye much bet­ter. My smart­phone mount failed to align the cam­era and eye­piece axes. Yes, and the use of BK7, makes itself felt.

Bet­ter pho­tos came out with SV47 10x42 binoc­u­lars…

Let’s see what hap­pened. To the object of obser­va­tion 350 m (upper left cor­ner, the roof of the build­ing). Over­cast and at night, at min­i­mum and max­i­mum mag­ni­fi­ca­tion.

Let’s com­pli­cate the task. The object of obser­va­tion is now ~4 km. Sun­ny at night, at dif­fer­ent mag­ni­fi­ca­tions.

This opti­cal device is posi­tioned, among oth­er things, for observ­ing wildlife and birds. Let’s look at the rest of the birds.

Moon 20x on a SLR with man­u­al focus:


Svbony SV411 20–60X80 is a pow­er­ful opti­cal device with decent mag­ni­fi­ca­tion. It is not inter­est­ing to look into it from the win­dow, you can see the mag­nets on the refrig­er­a­tor in the kitchen in the next house. There is real­ly a pipe for long-range obser­va­tions for sev­er­al kilo­me­ters. If you want to get high-qual­i­ty pic­tures on your smart­phone, you also need to pur­chase a suit­able hold­er for your smart­phone.

Buy here

Have a coupon U7M7WT8NTN3S for a $10 dis­count. For mod­el 20–60X70, fast couri­er deliv­ery from a ware­house in the Russ­ian Fed­er­a­tion is avail­able.

Thank you for your atten­tion. Enjoy the shop­ping!

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