Domes­tic brands are in fash­ion this sea­son. After all, who bet­ter than a Russ­ian man­u­fac­tur­er can under­stand what the sub­tle and mys­te­ri­ous soul of a Russ­ian woman wants? We do not stay away from fash­ion trends and today we have pre­pared a selec­tion for you wom­en’s dress­esrel­e­vant this sea­son. All of them are pre­sent­ed in the Truno­va brand cat­a­log. Young Russ­ian design­er Diana Truno­va @dianatrunova offers orig­i­nal styl­ish clothes that allow you to cre­ate mod­ern, vibrant images. Cre­at­ing her own col­lec­tion of clothes, Diana has invest­ed over 10 years of expe­ri­ence in the fash­ion indus­try. This gave an under­stand­ing of trend­ing direc­tions and atten­tion to every detail that will appeal to buy­ers. The empha­sis is on afford­able prices for the pop­u­la­tion, while not skimp­ing on qual­i­ty. Diana’s dream is that the clothes of her brand would please women in all cor­ners of Rus­sia, so she went out with her mod­els to Wild­ber­ries. Among Truno­va dress­es, there is sure to be the very spe­cial one that will suit you!

Dress shirt

Yes, shirt dress­es still do not lose their rel­e­vance. Among the vari­ety of mod­els, you can eas­i­ly choose the option for your fig­ure.: large sizes - for lush forms, mini — for slen­der legs, midi ‒ to go to a restau­rant or to work. It can be office elon­gat­ed shirts for a dark bot­tom (skirt, trousers) or an indi­vid­ual prod­uct that is in har­mo­ny with evening way. A strik­ing exam­ple of this is casu­al shirt dress from Truno­va brand https://www.wildberries.ru/catalog/112140192/detail.aspx?targetUrl=BP . The styl­ish mod­el is pre­sent­ed in sev­er­al col­ors, so you can choose a shade that is in har­mo­ny with your skin tone. The belt includ­ed will help cre­ate a roman­tic look for going out. Loose fit allows the mod­el to be used mater­ni­ty dresssuit­able for every­day wear. The nat­ur­al com­po­si­tion of the fab­ric will delight you very much in the hot heat.

Dress with open neckline and voluminous sleeves

This mod­el is con­stant­ly chang­ing, there­fore it does not lose its rel­e­vance. This sum­mer, a dress in white is espe­cial­ly pop­u­lar with brides and grad­u­ates. For the autumn sea­son, we have pre­pared this mod­el also in black. It can be worn to both school and uni­ver­si­ty. Start­ing from Decem­ber, you can shine in this dress at cor­po­rate par­ties and New Year’s par­ties. We also thought about the ver­sa­til­i­ty of this mod­el: a dress with an open neck­line and volu­mi­nous sleeves is ide­al for future and new moth­ers. Can be worn dur­ing preg­nan­cy and after, while sav­ing on the pur­chase of a new dress. Basic dress every beau­ty who fol­lows trends should have this type. A cock­tail dress can be sup­ple­ment­ed with a youth bag, sneak­ers, san­dals, a hat. Any exper­i­men­ta­tion with­in the rea­son­able and pos­si­ble is allowed. It will make you look light, airy and inno­cent. A sim­ple cut will hide fig­ure flaws, help keep preg­nan­cy secret. If you want to take a sum­mer walk with mem­o­rable pic­tures, for a pho­to shoot Dress­es with volu­mi­nous sleeves are per­fect. Order link:https://www.wildberries.ru/catalog/112487281/detail.aspx?targetUrl=BPhttps://www.wildberries.ru/catalog/89002509/detail.aspx?targetUrl=BPClassic V‑neck dress neck­line with long sleeves. When we talk about clas­sics, we present an unob­tru­sive black dress for every day, which should be in the wardrobe of every girl / woman. The mod­el is per­fect for both young fash­ion­istas to study at school and their moth­ers. A girl, teenag­er, stu­dent or grand­moth­er — a woman at any age will feel con­fi­dent, attrac­tive and mod­ern. V‑shaped neck­line on the chest looks neat and sophis­ti­cat­ed. A medi­um length dress does not look vul­gar and dig­ni­fied. Thanks to the mod­ern cut, it can be worn to the office, school, cor­po­rate or par­tyby com­ple­ment­ing the out­fit with the nec­es­sary acces­sories. A clas­sic dress with a V‑neck with long sleeves pro­vides con­ve­nience and com­fort when worn dur­ing and after preg­nan­cy. You can order this dress at the link: https://www.wildberries.ru/catalog/81733852/detail.aspx?targetUrl= BP

Ribbed mini dress with short sleeves.

Who said that such mod­els look too frank? Just look what vari­a­tions of such dress­es exist: https://www.wildberries.ru/catalog/110353784/detail.aspx?targetUrl=MS. This is a styl­ish solu­tion for girls with a per­fect fig­ure, chis­eled waist. If you have some­thing to show, you do not like bulky styles, an abun­dance of decor and appre­ci­ate min­i­mal­ism, then you need just such a mod­el. It can be worn for a par­ty, birth­day, vaca­tion. A short the dress will become a har­mo­nious basis for cre­at­ing an image for a bach­e­lorette par­ty, a walk, a pho­to shoot or going to a cafe. No straps, fas­ten­ers — a min­i­mum of details for max­i­mum effect.

Long sleeve ribbed mini dress.

Lovers of sexy images will def­i­nite­ly like black, beige, pink or green mini dress with a square neck­line. Despite unob­tru­sive eroti­cism, such mod­els look ele­gant: https://www.wildberries.ru/catalog/110590693/detail.aspx?targetUrl=MS. This dress is in clas­si­cal style can be worn as casu­al or fes­tive, evening. Such mod­els look play­ful, unob­tru­sive and at the same time sexy. As you can see, there are a lot of uni­ver­sal, basic dress­es that should be in the wardrobe of every fash­ion­ista. It is not nec­es­sary to fill your clos­et with unnec­es­sary things. Choose what is right for you from the TRUNOVA brand col­lec­tion. This is a clas­sic style, dilut­ed with bright col­ors. All mod­els are styl­ish, fash­ion­able and ver­sa­tile, suit­able for any age group of women. TRUNOVA BREND was cre­at­ed to pro­vide every girl with rel­e­vant mod­els at afford­able prices. You don’t have to pay tens of thou­sands to look styl­ish, just place an order at TrunovaBrand https://www .wildberries.ru/brands/trunova