Ortho­pe­dic insoles

The upper part of the insoles is made of gen­uine leather, while the low­er part is made of latex foam.

The insoles are per­fo­rat­ed, they remove heat well, and the acti­vat­ed car­bon in the com­po­si­tion of the latex foam per­fect­ly neu­tral­izes unpleas­ant odors.

Frame ortho­pe­dic insoles are designed for the pre­ven­tion and treat­ment of lon­gi­tu­di­nal and trans­verse flat feet.

Due to the unique design, the insoles sup­port the foot in an anatom­i­cal­ly cor­rect posi­tion.

In the back of the insoles, there is a durable plas­tic frame that sup­ports the lon­gi­tu­di­nal and trans­verse arch of the foot. And also, the heel shock absorber, which reduces the shock load when run­ning and walk­ing.

Indi­ca­tions for use:

pro­longed stand­ing:

lon­gi­tu­di­nal, trans­verse and com­bined flat feet;

pain in the feet and joints;

over­weight and preg­nan­cy;

dis­eases of the spine and joints of the low­er extrem­i­ties;

vari­cose veins, ede­ma.

Size range:

Insoles from 35 to 46 sizes.

Two size insoles, one size fits two sizes.

When order­ing, be guid­ed by the length of the insole in cen­time­ters.

Before order­ing, mea­sure the length of your foot and past insoles.

If the size does not match, if the insole is a lit­tle large, it can be eas­i­ly cut with scis­sors to the desired size.