Trendy hats for the autumn-winter 2021–2022 season

Remem­ber how until quite recent­ly our moth­ers, see­ing us off to school, watched to see if we put on a hat. And we, in turn, going around the near­est cor­ner, hid this same hat in a school back­pack. Now times have changed. After all, a hat now is not just pro­tec­tion from frost and wind, it is a fash­ion acces­so­ry, one of the key ele­ments of the wardrobe in the autumn-win­ter peri­od. 2021–2022 offers mod­ern girls a var­ied selec­tion of hats that will not only keep you warm in windy weath­er and severe frost, but also add style and com­ple­ment the cho­sen image. In this arti­cle, we will fig­ure out which hat to choose for the fall-win­ter 2021–2022 sea­son in order to look mod­ern and styl­ish.

Deciding on a color

The mod­ern fash­ion indus­try wel­comes bright and sophis­ti­cat­ed col­ors of a styl­ish and warm acces­so­ry — this is what we lack in the gray autumn-win­ter peri­od. Caps of a juicy shade will become an accent of your image. Among them are shades of lilac and pur­ple, lin­gonber­ry, blue, shades of pink. For the brave — shades of red and ter­ra­cot­ta. Do not for­get about the basic col­ors that do not lose pop­u­lar­i­ty from year to year — black, white, shades of brown, beige, gray, which have already become clas­sic shades of pow­dery col­or. These options are suit­able for any col­or com­bi­na­tions with out­er­wear.

The main trends of the season 2021–2022

In the fash­ion of this sea­son there will be both uni­ver­sal knit­ted hats and styl­ish fur mod­els.

Beret — timeless classic

Among the actu­al hats, beret is gain­ing more and more pop­u­lar­i­ty. Your look with a French-style head­dress will look styl­ish and fresh. The beret goes well with ele­gant out­er­wear, such as a coat, fur coat or sheep­skin coat. The clas­sic fur beret is a great choice for girls and women who pre­fer ele­gant sim­plic­i­ty when choos­ing clothes. A fur beret is a great alter­na­tive to the clas­sic wool beret, this mod­ern trend will delight you for more than one sea­son.

Warm and stylish — fur hat with earflaps

A win­ter favorite that will keep you warm in any bad weath­er — a dar­ing fur hat with earflaps is the per­fect accom­pa­ni­ment to a down jack­et. You look at such a com­bi­na­tion and under­stand that they are sim­ply made for each oth­er. An inter­est­ing and unusu­al com­bi­na­tion can be obtained with a coat or fur coat.

Naughty pom-pom hats

An active fur pom­pom always draws atten­tion to the female image, adds a touch of play­ful­ness and ease to the image. The perky nat­ur­al fur pom-pom makes the look mod­ern and styl­ish, which allows you to express your unique­ness and cre­ate your own unique style. Caps made in clas­sic and neu­tral col­ors are per­fect for leather jack­ets, rain­coats and coats of vary­ing degrees of sever­i­ty. And bean­ies in rich col­ors look great with sports-style jack­ets and over­sized down jack­ets.

Stylish and versatile cap

An alter­na­tive to a hat this sea­son is a kepi — this is an actu­al clas­sic for all time. This head­piece adds a touch of chic to your look. Ide­al for com­bi­na­tions with coats, fur coats and sheep­skin coats. The most trendy mod­el of this sea­son will be a fur cap or cap. Win­ter caps will allow you to cre­ate styl­ish and diverse images.

Fashionable oriental turban

In this fash­ion review, we could not help but men­tion the fem­i­nine and styl­ish, trendy tur­ban hat for the 2021–2022 sea­son. A win­ter fur hat in an ori­en­tal style looks very fem­i­nine, but at the same time restrained, a tur­ban made of nat­ur­al fur in shades of pink, blue, lilac or beige looks tru­ly amaz­ing. Per­fect for casu­al evening out­ings.

Beanie — style and conciseness

Beanie is a uni­ver­sal hat, a hat that has already become a clas­sic, a hat that can be found in every girl’s wardrobe. And the most log­i­cal way to use it is to wear it with a jack­et or down jack­et. Also, a knit­ted hat or a knit­ted mink hat looks great with a coat — not only with its relaxed options, but also in a more strict style. Com­bin­ing a beanie hat with a fur coat or a sheep­skin coat at the exit, we get a styl­ish casu­al look that has not lost its rel­e­vance for many sea­sons in a row.

Where to buy a fashionable hat

Inter­net plat­form is the opti­mal and mod­ern solu­tion today. Sav­ing time and mon­ey, con­ve­nient deliv­ery and a wide range of prod­ucts.

Detailed pho­tos and capa­cious descrip­tions will help you to make a choice and choose the ide­al hat mod­el for your­self. SLAVA FURS hats can be ordered with fit­ting. And, before you buy your favorite mod­el, enjoy the process of fit­ting and self-admi­ra­tion.

What hat do you choose? We look for­ward to your com­ments!