Smart­phone users are often inter­est­ed not only in tech­ni­cal char­ac­ter­is­tics, but also in design. That is why all man­u­fac­tur­ers are try­ing to make their devices as com­pact and sophis­ti­cat­ed as pos­si­ble. We have stud­ied the mar­ket and select­ed some of the most styl­ish and thin smart­phones that have good tech­ni­cal spec­i­fi­ca­tions. Our top includes both the flag­ships of Sam­sung and Apple, as well as state employ­ees from Oppo and Xiao­mi.

Top smart­phone man­u­fac­tur­ers pay a lot of atten­tion to the design of their gad­gets. Source: economictimes.indiatimes.com

Apple iPhone 12

Case thick­ness — 7.4 mm

Let’s start our rat­ing with the style icon — iPhone 12. Even with the release of the 11th gen­er­a­tion, Apple decid­ed to return the design con­cept of the iPhone 4 and 5, name­ly to cre­ate a case with straight edges. This deci­sion turned out to be very orig­i­nal, since none of the oth­er man­u­fac­tur­ers offered any­thing like this at that time.

The design of the iPhone of the last three gen­er­a­tions remains almost unchanged. Source: pocketlint.com

The design of the iPhone 12 remains the same as its pre­de­ces­sor, but the smart­phone has become even thin­ner (from 8.3 mm to 7.4 mm). Some review­ers at the release of the smart­phone com­plained about the sharp edges of the case, but they do not affect the con­ve­nience. The device lies pleas­ant­ly in the hand, with­out caus­ing dis­com­fort. Apple design­ers, by def­i­n­i­tion, could not release an uncom­fort­able smart­phone.

The angu­lar body and cam­era block have made the iPhone the most rec­og­niz­able gad­gets on the mar­ket. Also, the sig­na­ture fea­ture of the iPhone 12 is the so-called “notch” on the front screen. All com­peti­tors have long aban­doned such wide notch­es in favor of small round cutouts, but this iPhone does not become less styl­ish.

Galaxy S22

Case thick­ness — 7.6 mm

With the release of the new gen­er­a­tion of its S‑series flag­ships, Sam­sung design­ers seemed to be inspired by the shapes of the lat­est iPhone mod­els. Galaxy S22 received sim­i­lar round­ed cor­ners, smoother lines and a flat screen. The screen bezels are very thin, the self­ie cam­era is placed in the cen­ter. The dis­play occu­pies 87.4% of the frontal sur­face of the case, and it is pro­tect­ed by Vic­tus + — the lat­est gen­er­a­tion of Goril­la Glass. The back side is pro­tect­ed by the same glass, but in a mat­te fin­ish. With the excep­tion of the cam­era block, the smart­phone is very sim­i­lar to the iPhone.

The Galaxy S22 has a thin body, but the cam­era block pro­trudes a bit. Source: xda-developers.com

The smart­phone is avail­able in 6 col­ors: phan­tom black and white, green, blue, pink + gray, pur­ple and cream. The func­tion but­tons are stan­dard — every­thing is the same as in pre­vi­ous mod­els: vol­ume and pow­er but­tons on the right side, a speak­er, a SIM card slot, micro­phones and a Type‑C con­nec­tor on the bot­tom.

The Galaxy S22 is very rem­i­nis­cent of the iPhone in terms of body shape. Source: notebookcheck.com

The Galaxy S22 can­not be called the thinnest smart­phone with a body thick­ness of 7.6 mm, but it is by far the most ele­gant in the Sam­sung line­up.

Huawei Nova 8

Case thick­ness — 7.6 mm

The thin body is not the main advan­tage of the smart­phone design. If you take Huawei Nova 8 in your hands, then ini­tial­ly the thinnest bezels around the dis­play attract atten­tion. The screen occu­pies 89.3% of the front sur­face — this is an impres­sive fig­ure.

The back side of the smart­phone case is glass. It is note­wor­thy that the phone is avail­able in a sin­gle col­or — pow­dery pink. The man­u­fac­tur­er sin­gled out this mod­el with an unusu­al cam­era mod­ule. At one of the pre­sen­ta­tions, it was report­ed that the design­ers were inspired by the rings of Sat­urn.

On the back of the smart­phone is a block with cam­eras of the orig­i­nal form. Source: unbox.ph

The side faces of the case are round­ed both in front and behind. Typ­i­cal­ly, this solu­tion is found in the most expen­sive flag­ships, and Huawei Nova 8 is a mid-range mod­el, cost­ing about 30,000 rubles. Thanks to the round­ed edges, the smart­phone case visu­al­ly and to the touch seems even thin­ner than it actu­al­ly is (7.6 mm).

Huawei Nova 8 has a thin body and nar­row bezels around the screen. Source: mobile-review.com

It is note­wor­thy that the next mod­el of the Nova 9 series received a thick­er case — 7.77 mm. In gen­er­al, the design con­cept has been pre­served. Only the tech­ni­cal equip­ment has been improved — a more pow­er­ful proces­sor, a high-qual­i­ty dis­play and an increased bat­tery capac­i­ty.

Honor 30i

Case thick­ness — 7.7 mm

Hon­or 30i was released at the end of 2020, but it still remains pop­u­lar in the Russ­ian mar­ket. The gad­get has a thin glass body, which is attrac­tive in appear­ance and pleas­ant to the touch.

Design­ers did not try to impress any­one, but sim­ply fol­lowed the usu­al trends. The smart­phone has sym­met­ri­cal frames, a neat teardrop-shaped cutout for a self­ie cam­era and a con­cise rear cam­era mod­ule. Fans of the brand imme­di­ate­ly pay atten­tion to the cor­po­rate col­or­ing of the case with an iri­des­cent gra­di­ent.

Hon­or 30i is a styl­ish bud­get smart­phone. Source: tekdeeps.com

Body col­ors are a sep­a­rate fea­ture of the mod­el. For lovers of the clas­sics, there is a strict black ver­sion, and for those who seek self-expres­sion, they cre­at­ed turquoise and pink-blue smart­phones. The Hon­or 30i is a styl­ish, light­weight, thin and sleek gad­get that looks more expen­sive than it actu­al­ly costs.

Oppo Reno 5

Case thick­ness — 7.7 mm

Oppo Reno 5 is a styl­ish smart­phone that can be con­fused with many oth­er mod­els. From a dis­tance, it looks like Red­mi 9T, Meizu 18 or One­Plus 9. It’s get­ting hard­er for design­ers to come up with some­thing new, so some­times they use proven tricks, and it works.

Oppo Reno 5 looks light and ele­gant. The smart­phone is avail­able in two col­ors — black and sil­ver. The cam­era block looks neat. It is made in the form of a sep­a­rate island with three lens­es of the same size. Next to them are a mono­chrome sen­sor for b/w shots and a flash. The lens­es and the block frame itself do not pro­trude much, and the cov­er com­plete­ly hides this height dif­fer­ence.

Oppo Reno 5 is a styl­ish and pow­er­ful enough smart­phone for 23,000 rubles. Source: tekdeeps.com

From the back side on the sides, the smart­phone has slight round­ing, the front part is flat. The phone fits com­fort­ably in the hand due to the small width of the body — only 73 mm. The only draw­back is the plas­tic case, but do not for­get that the cost of the gad­get is less than 25,000 rubles.


We reviewed five mod­els of the thinnest and most styl­ish smart­phones from dif­fer­ent price cat­e­gories. There are also oth­er inter­est­ing and thin devices on the mar­ket, such as HUAWEI P30 lite, Xiao­mi 11 Lite, Sam­sung Galaxy M52, iPhone SE and 12 mini, Vivo V21 and many oth­ers. The rat­ing was formed based on the pop­u­lar­i­ty of mobile devices in the mar­ket.