“Russian folk riddles in pictures”

Zina Suro­va and her ultra-mod­ern folk rid­dles were short­list­ed for the Best Books of the Year com­pe­ti­tion by the Russ­ian Book Pub­lish­ers Asso­ci­a­tion. The col­lec­tion turned out to be very bright, live­ly and unusu­al. It con­sists of 10 rid­dles col­lect­ed by folk­lorist and ethno­g­ra­ph­er Dmit­ry Sadovnikov. But not every­thing in this lit­tle book is what it seems at first glance. Each page hides an alter­na­tive plot under the flap. Bright illus­tra­tions attract atten­tion, and the rid­dles them­selves train log­ic and cre­ative think­ing.

“Puppy Jozhik in search of a bone”

For illus­tra­tions for this book, the artist Svet­lana Korotko­va this year became the win­ner of the Image of the Book award. This lit­er­ary and sports quest by Zuli Stad­nik will help kids get acquaint­ed with yoga. Indeed, there is some­thing to see here. The book has col­lect­ed sim­ple and under­stand­able texts about a tire­less and inquis­i­tive pup­py with a speak­ing name Jozhik and col­lage illus­tra­tions in the for­mat of instruc­tions. On them, chil­dren of dif­fer­ent sex­es and ages do use­ful exer­cis­es and intro­duce the pup­py, and with it the read­ers, to basic asanas.

“Marfa from Sosnovka”

Gaidarovka’s May inter­ac­tive cat­a­log “100 Best New Books for Chil­dren and Teenagers 2022” also includ­ed our most sum­mer fic­tion book, “Martha from Sos­nov­ka”. Chil­dren’s writer Nina Pavlo­va and artist Andrey Krysov cre­at­ed a whole world woven from the most pleas­ant sum­mer mem­o­ries of child­hood and vaca­tions with my grand­moth­er in the vil­lage. Pig Martha is a sur­pris­ing­ly charm­ing and active char­ac­ter. If you have some­thing in mind, then be sure that you will achieve your goal. Thirst for adven­ture and excess ener­gy do not allow Martha to sit idle for a minute. The pig nev­er hangs a snout and takes on any job with wild enthu­si­asm. Things don’t always go accord­ing to plan for her. How­ev­er, the win­ners are not judged.

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