What item should be in a child’s wardrobe? Of course, a turtle­neck. A turtle­neck is a thin fit­ting jumper with a col­lar that cov­ers the throat. Why do car­ing par­ents like to buy this piece of cloth­ing for their daugh­ters and sons?

  • Turtle­neck — a uni­ver­sal thing:
    • great for both boys and girls;
    • goes well with trousers, skirts, jeans and oth­er chil­dren’s cloth­ing;
    • You can wear it to school, kinder­garten, and for walks.
  • A turtle­neck is rel­e­vant at any time of the year — it can be worn on cool sum­mer evenings, and in the cold sea­son, worn under a sweater, with over­alls, under out­er­wear.
  • The turtle­neck jumper is very com­fort­able — it does not hin­der move­ments and it is very com­fort­able for chil­dren to move in it.
  • Turtle­neck col­lar well cov­ers the child’s throat from the cold wind and bad weath­er.

The cat­a­log of TM “Utenok” presents chil­dren’s turtle­necks for chil­dren of preschool and school age for every taste:

  • Warm ther­mal jumper made of cash­mere with fleece (75% cot­ton + 20% pe + 5% lycra). The mod­el is made with a small stand-up col­lar with­out a lapel. The jumper is avail­able in sol­id col­ors to choose from for boys and girls.
  • Knit­ted chil­dren’s turtle­neck in Lycra (95% cot­ton + 5% Lycra) with a two-lay­er col­lar with­out a lapel. The main high­light of the mod­el is a bright mono­chro­mat­ic range and an inter­est­ing print on the front side.
  • Slim sol­id col­or ribbed turtle­neck (95% cot­ton, 5% lycra) with a semi-fit­ted cut. The mod­el has a com­fort­able two-lay­er neck with­out a lapel. The jumper is avail­able in col­ors for both boys and girls, as well as in neu­tral col­ors.

Prac­ti­cal, com­fort­able and high-qual­i­ty turtle­necks of the Russ­ian man­u­fac­tur­er of chil­dren’s cloth­ing “Utenok” will take pride of place on the shelf in your child’s clos­et — be sure to take a look at our cat­a­log.