If you want to start your acquain­tance with Kore­an skin care cos­met­ics, but don’t know where to start, then this review is def­i­nite­ly for you.

Kore­an cos­met­ics are bud­get but very effec­tive. The prod­ucts from our selec­tion will per­fect­ly help to cope with skin prob­lems, change its con­di­tion and appear­ance.


It is wrong to believe that if there is no make­up on the face, then the skin does not need to be cleansed.

In the morn­ing, the skin must be cleansed of skin sebum accu­mu­lat­ed overnight and the rem­nants of care prod­ucts applied in the evening, as they can clog pores and cause black­heads.

For morn­ing cleans­ing, just use the Aloe Pure Cleans­ing Foam from Farm­stay.

Aloe vera extract sat­u­rates cells with mois­ture, soothes, elim­i­nates inflam­ma­tion and irri­ta­tion, has anti-aging, antiox­i­dant and ton­ic effects, acti­vates blood cir­cu­la­tion and meta­bol­ic process­es, accel­er­ates col­la­gen pro­duc­tion and smoothes the skin microre­lief. The ver­sa­til­i­ty of aloe extract helps to quick­ly restore both mature, dry and sen­si­tive skin, as well as prob­lem­at­ic and oily skin.


Be sure to use a ton­er after cleans­ing. It will help com­plete the cleans­ing phase, restore the Ph-bal­ance of the skin after wash­ing with tap water and pre­pare the skin for fur­ther care.

SecretKey’s Hyaluron Aqua Soft Ton­er is your per­fect com­pan­ion.

The tool com­bines the func­tions of ton­er and peel­ing, deeply mois­tur­izes the skin and helps exfo­li­ate dead cells. Hyaluron­ic acid main­tains an opti­mal mois­ture bal­ance in skin cells, main­tains firm­ness and elas­tic­i­ty, acts on the skin at the cel­lu­lar lev­el, reg­u­lates the water-salt bal­ance and stim­u­lates renew­al. AHA- and BHA-acids dis­solve the bonds between dead skin cells and con­tribute to their exfo­li­a­tion from the sur­face, dis­solve impu­ri­ties and seba­ceous plugs in the pores. Also in the com­po­si­tion there are jojo­ba and avo­ca­do oils, extracts of lemon, apple, grapes, aloe vera, chamomile, net­tle, sea buck­thorn. Sim­ply soak a cot­ton pad and wipe your face with ton­er imme­di­ate­ly after cleans­ing.


After the ton­er, be sure to mois­tur­ize the skin. Mois­tur­iz­ing is one of the main steps in basic care. The cream should be cho­sen accord­ing to the type of skin.

Cream-gel with snail secret (80%) Snail Recov­ery Gel Cream from Mizon has a ver­sa­tile effect: mois­tur­izes, strength­ens, restores, bright­ens the skin, restores soft­ness and del­i­cate nat­ur­al col­or to tired, dull skin. Nat­ur­al active ingre­di­ents of the cream accel­er­ate the syn­the­sis of elastin and col­la­gen in the skin, accel­er­at­ing its renew­al and recov­ery. Snail secret smoothes wrin­kles, reduces the vis­i­bil­i­ty of scars and scars, acne and post-acne, bright­ens freck­les and age spots, has an anti-inflam­ma­to­ry and light mat­ting effect, pro­tects the skin from the envi­ron­ment.

Be sure to include these prod­ucts in your dai­ly skin care rou­tine to keep your skin look­ing healthy and glow­ing from with­in!