Girls love to take care of them­selves. It improves mood and qual­i­ty of life. Uni­ver­sal prod­ucts have been cre­at­ed that can solve many skin and hair prob­lems.

Uni­ver­sal appa­ra­tus for beau­ty and health — Dar­son­val Pre­les­ta. Facial attach­ments will give you the effect of tight­en­ing and reju­ve­nat­ing the skin. It helps fight acne and stretch marks. Dar­son­val brings health ben­e­fits: reduces joint pain, removes swelling and strength­ens blood ves­sels. The comb attach­ment will help get rid of dan­druff and strength­en hair.

Mul­ti-styler Pre­les­ta 5in1 solves the instal­la­tion issue. It can be quite dif­fi­cult to make a beau­ti­ful hair­style, but mod­ern gad­gets will help you. 5 tour­ma­line-coat­ed noz­zles make the styling process harm­less to hair. Includes: cylin­dri­cal curl­ing attach­ments, dry­ing attach­ment, straight­en­ing comb and nat­ur­al curl­ing brush.

Depila­tion and epi­la­tion is an urgent prob­lem for women. Some meth­ods are painful, and some cause inflam­ma­tion. Pho­toepi­la­tor Pre­les­ta will help resolve this issue. A course of pho­toepi­la­tion right at your home will give you per­fect­ly smooth skin!

Irri­ga­tor suit­able for those who care about their health. It will help to avoid dis­eases of the oral cav­i­ty and is nec­es­sary for those who are engaged in the aes­thet­ics of their teeth.

All these prod­ucts will change your atti­tude to home care and make it much eas­i­er. Many prob­lems can be solved with­out beau­ty salons and cos­me­tol­o­gists. Try beau­ty treat­ments right at your home.