Spring is com­ing and you still don’t know which sneak­ers to choose? Then we will help you! Since the win­ter was quite warm (approx­i­mate­ly spring is usu­al­ly like this in our coun­try), many peo­ple bought appro­pri­ate shoes. So you can’t go wrong if you get your sneak­ers now and wear them all spring. We decid­ed to make our TOP 5 most pop­u­lar sneak­ers that Wild­ber­ries users bought this Jan­u­ary. As the say­ing goes, get your sled ready in the sum­mer and your sneak­ers in the win­ter!

*at Wild­ber­ries in Jan­u­ary 2020.

5th place.

Bought: 1201 times

These wom­en’s shoes are inspired by the icon­ic 1990s run­ning shoe. All details in the Nike MD Run­ner 2 are pre­served. How­ev­er, the mid­sole has been redesigned to replace EVA foam with inject­ed phy­lon for light­weight cush­ion­ing. Light­weight mate­r­i­al pro­vides breatha­bil­i­ty and com­fort, while suede over­lays pro­vide dura­bil­i­ty and sup­port. Waf­fle rub­ber out­sole pro­vides great trac­tion while you run.

4th place.

Bought: 1335 times

Light-col­ored sneak­ers have become one of the best-sell­ing mod­els this win­ter. And no won­der, because there was almost no dirt on the street. So you could safe­ly walk around in a light bow. On the plus side, these shoes have a soft foam mid­sole that can absorb impact and cush­ion while walk­ing. If you like to get to work on a run (and usu­al­ly late :)), then this mod­el is right for you.

3rd place.

Bought: 1,495 times

If any­one began to pre­pare for spring in advance, it is the buy­ers of this mod­el. White sneak­ers with a smooth leather upper and a suede heel insert will go well with both a knit­ted warm suit and a dress. Of course, if you are not a fan of wip­ing the white sole from dust and dirty drops, then we strong­ly advise you to bypass this mod­el. Oth­er­wise, wear­ing these sneak­ers is a real aes­thet­ic plea­sure!

2nd place.

Bought: 1,889 times

Per­haps for buy­ers of REEBOK LITE SLIP ON GRAY sneak­ers, spring began in win­ter. Because in mod­els with a tex­tile top it is not par­tic­u­lar­ly warm, but it is beau­ti­ful and com­fort­able. The mid­sole is made from light­weight foam for extra cush­ion­ing when walk­ing or run­ning. You can wear such shoes at least every day, the main thing is that there is no rain.

1 place.

Bought: 2,384 times

And here he is — a favorite! Most often bought this par­tic­u­lar mod­el. There was almost no white snow this win­ter, but 2834 peo­ple had white sneak­ers. The Roy­al Charm is the new incar­na­tion of Princess, the Reebok fit­ness leg­end of the 80s. The mod­el fits per­fect­ly into a styl­ish casu­al look with ele­ments of retro style. And per­fect for wear­ing every day. If you walk a lot, then you can not wor­ry — the sole is resis­tant to abra­sion. The insole of this mod­el is soft, with a mem­o­ry effect — for max­i­mum com­fort.

Next time, we will talk about which sneak­er mod­els were most often bought by men in Jan­u­ary. Stay tuned!