Top 5 Diesel Generators

Diesel gen­er­a­tors are good for eco­nom­i­cal fuel con­sump­tion, high pow­er and long ser­vice life. A wide selec­tion of such devices allows you to pur­chase the right option for any task — from pro­vid­ing pow­er in a small coun­try house to a back­up source of elec­tric­i­ty on a large con­struc­tion site. Below are rec­om­men­da­tions on how to choose them, and as a con­clu­sion, an overview of the top 5 diesel gen­er­a­tors for 2022 is pre­sent­ed.


  • one How to choose a good diesel gen­er­a­tor
  • 2 Rat­ing of the best diesel gen­er­a­tors
    • 2.1 1. Dae­woo Pow­er Prod­ucts DDAE 10000DSE‑3
    • 2.2 2. Hyundai DHY 6000SE
    • 2.3 3. CHAMPION DG10000E‑3
    • 2.4 4. CHAMPION DG6501ES+ATS
    • 2.5 5. CHAMPION DG6501E

How to choose a good diesel generator

A diesel gen­er­a­tor is not cheap equip­ment, and there­fore it is worth choos­ing it respon­si­bly. To buy a real­ly good option, it is worth eval­u­at­ing the fol­low­ing para­me­ters:

  1. Pow­er. The most impor­tant char­ac­ter­is­tic, which is cal­cu­lat­ed based on what equip­ment is planned to be con­nect­ed to the gen­er­a­tor. To do this, you need to add up the pow­er of all intend­ed con­sumers, add to this a mar­gin of 20–30%, which will show how much pow­er a diesel gen­er­a­tor needs.
  2. Cool­ing. Most often, mod­els with low pow­er are air-cooled and this is quite enough. But if the pow­er is 10 kW or more, then it makes sense to con­sid­er water-cooled devices.
  3. Num­ber of phas­es. All gen­er­a­tors are divid­ed into two types — sin­gle-phase and three-phase. Which one to choose depends on the con­nect­ed devices. As a rule, house­hold appli­ances have one phase, pro­fes­sion­al and con­struc­tion equip­ment with three phas­es.
  4. Launch. The starter of any gen­er­a­tor can be man­u­al or elec­tric. The sec­ond is more con­ve­nient, but since it is more expen­sive, it is found in pre­dom­i­nant­ly pow­er­ful diesel gen­er­a­tors.
  5. Addi­tion­al func­tions. The main task of a gen­er­a­tor is to pro­duce elec­tric­i­ty, but often they have addi­tion­al fea­tures that make their use more con­ve­nient. For exam­ple, many mod­els have a sound-absorb­ing cas­ing, a muf­fler, and may also have a built-in volt­meter, hour meter, which allows you to under­stand when the gen­er­a­tor needs to be ser­viced. In addi­tion, some mod­els are equipped with pro­tec­tion against pow­er surges and short cir­cuits.

Rating of the best diesel generators

The diesel gen­er­a­tor rat­ing will tell you about the top 5 mod­els that make sense to con­sid­er for pur­chase in 2022. They have earned good reviews from users and have proven them­selves pos­i­tive­ly against the back­ground of com­peti­tors.

1. Daewoo Power Products DDAE 10000DSE‑3

This diesel mod­el from the South Kore­an brand has a pow­er of 10 kW and is designed to con­nect pro­fes­sion­al equip­ment with three phas­es. It was equipped with a pow­er­ful engine with 16 hp, whose vol­ume is 498 cubic meters. see Sin­gle valve and four-stroke motor. Cool­ing is stan­dard, car­ried out by means of air. This diesel engine is equipped with a fuel capac­i­ty of 15 liters. It weighs 158 kg and is mount­ed on wheels for easy trans­porta­tion. Despite the high pow­er, the mod­el pleas­es with a rather qui­et oper­a­tion — 66 dB, for con­nect­ing equip­ment it has one sock­et 12, 220 and 380 V.


  • easy to start man­u­al­ly;
  • not very loud;
  • there is a 12/220/380 V switch.


  • very heavy.
Diesel generator Daewoo Power Products DDAE 10000DSE-3, (8000 W) - maximum power: 8000 W
Diesel generator Daewoo Power Products DDAE 10000DSE-3, (8000 W) - number of phases: 3
Diesel generator Daewoo Power Products DDAE 10000DSE-3, (8000 W) - start: electric
Diesel generator Daewoo Power Products DDAE 10000DSE-3, (8000 W) - cooling type: air
Diesel generator Daewoo Power Products DDAE 10000DSE-3, (8000 W) - number of sockets 12 V: 1
Diesel generator Daewoo Power Products DDAE 10000DSE-3, (8000 W) - number of sockets 220 V: 1
Diesel generator Daewoo Power Products DDAE 10000DSE-3, (8000 W) - number of sockets 380 V: 1
Diesel generator Daewoo Power Products DDAE 10000DSE-3, (8000 W) - noise level: 66 dB
Diesel generator Daewoo Power Products DDAE 10000DSE-3, (8000 W) - weight: 158.6 kg
Diesel generator Daewoo Power Products DDAE 10000DSE-3, (8000 W)

Cus­tomer Reviews

michael p. The kit includes a very high-qual­i­ty exten­sion cord for 4 sock­ets 220x16a.
Works qui­et­ly. Always starts on the first try.

Olek­san­dr T. In my opin­ion, the most suc­cess­ful exe­cu­tion of a diesel gen­er­a­tor. The tank is enough for half a day of work with­out refu­el­ing. There is prac­ti­cal­ly no noise from it. Heavy, of course, but for such pow­er — nor­mal. Starts eas­i­ly, even in win­ter. Works sta­bly with­out inter­rup­tions. Looks very pow­er­ful.

2. Hyundai DHY 6000SE

This com­pact gen­er­a­tor offers good per­for­mance in a mod­est size. Its pow­er is 5.5 kW, which pro­vides the brand-name motor used in it with a vol­ume of 418 cc. see Its per­for­mance is 10 hp, it is cooled nat­u­ral­ly, that is, through air. Up to 15 liters of fuel can be poured into it for one cycle. Despite the noise-pro­tect­ed hous­ing, the vol­ume dur­ing oper­a­tion is impres­sive — 72 dB. The device weighs 152 kg, and there­fore it has wheels for trans­porta­tion. Among the use­ful options, it has the pos­si­bil­i­ty of man­u­al and elec­tric start, the mod­el is pro­tect­ed from over­loads, and it also tracks engine hours, which allows you to under­stand when ser­vice is need­ed. Infor­ma­tion about the work is dis­played on the dis­play, which will also show the lev­el of fuel and oil.


  • works in hard frost;
  • man­u­al and elec­tric start;
  • high ser­vice life;
  • over­load pro­tec­tion.


  • very heavy;
  • loud.
Diesel generator Hyundai DHY 6000SE, (5500 W) - maximum power: 5500 W
Diesel generator Hyundai DHY 6000SE, (5500 W) - number of phases: 1
Diesel generator Hyundai DHY 6000SE, (5500 W) - start: manual, electric
Diesel generator Hyundai DHY 6000SE, (5500 W) - cooling type: air
Diesel generator Hyundai DHY 6000SE, (5500 W) - number of sockets 12 V: 1
Diesel generator Hyundai DHY 6000SE, (5500 W) - number of sockets 220 V: 2
Diesel generator Hyundai DHY 6000SE, (5500 W) - noise level: 72 dB
Diesel generator Hyundai DHY 6000SE, (5500 W) - features: wheels

Cus­tomer Reviews

Ilya P. There are no com­ments either. Not so long ago, we ordered a Hyundai DHY-6000 SE diesel pow­er plant, it has shown itself to be excel­lent in oper­a­tion, it works sta­bly and pro­duces elec­tric­i­ty, I hope there will be no fur­ther prob­lems in oper­a­tion. So far I’m giv­ing it a 5 star rat­ing.

xenOnn Has been work­ing for 9 years. Recent­ly the sole­noid valve failed. Replace­ment and again in bat­tle.
For some rea­son, in the pho­to it is white, although I have a black mod­el.

3. CHAMPION DG10000E‑3

This diesel gen­er­a­tor is equipped with a 17 hp engine with a vol­ume of 954 cubic meters. see. It pro­duces elec­tric­i­ty with a pow­er of 13700 W, which allows you to pow­er an entire coun­try house from it. Mod­el with three phas­es, muf­fler, start both man­u­al­ly and by means of an elec­tric starter. It has a tank of 25 liters, and it needs 4.2 liters of fuel per hour. Despite the muf­fler, the diesel turned out to be very loud — 82 dB, and also heavy — 170 kg, so it is dif­fi­cult to move it.


  • easy to start;
  • high pow­er;
  • works with­out fail­ures;
  • on one gas sta­tion works 8 hours.


  • very heavy;
  • very noisy.

Diesel generator CHAMPION DG10000E-3, (13750 W) - maximum power: 13750 W

Cus­tomer Reviews

Ger­man Spassky The great thing is that you do not need spe­cial knowl­edge and skills to use this gen­er­a­tor. every­thing is extreme­ly sim­ple. Fuel con­sump­tion accord­ing to spec­i­fi­ca­tions. A full tank is enough for 8 hours of con­tin­u­ous oper­a­tion. Does­n’t turn off and works well. I’ve had it for half a year already, I use it often, with­out ques­tions (yet).

Renat A good pur­chase for per­ma­nent work. The gen­er­a­tor can work con­tin­u­ous­ly for about 9 hours. Pow­er pro­duces about 13 kW, which is enough for the eyes to main­tain a large house. There are no prob­lems with the con­trol, the start is easy, the fuel con­sump­tion is accept­able.


This diesel engine is equipped with a 474 cc engine. cm, whose pow­er is 8.9 hp. It makes 3000 rpm, which allows it to pro­duce an elec­tric cur­rent with a pow­er of 5.5 kW. It can be start­ed man­u­al­ly, which is impor­tant at low tem­per­a­tures, as well as an elec­tric starter. 16 liters of fuel are poured into it per cycle, it has a silencer, but even with it it pro­duces 67 dB of noise. The device weighs 160 kg, but it has wheels, which allows it to be rolled. Air cool­ing.


  • easy start;
  • sta­ble in work;
  • easy main­te­nance.


  • loud;
  • vibrates strong­ly.
Diesel generator CHAMPION DG6501ES+ATS, (5500 W) - maximum power: 5500 W
Diesel generator CHAMPION DG6501ES+ATS, (5500 W) - number of phases: 1
Diesel generator CHAMPION DG6501ES+ATS, (5500 W) - start: automatic, electric

Cus­tomer Reviews

Sergey M. In gen­er­al, this is a domes­tic office, if any­one did not know. And I have a big ques­tion regard­ing ser­vice and war­ran­ty ser­vice, if I wait 3 months for sim­ple pens.

Boris Makeev Price / qual­i­ty, seri­ous pow­er, works accord­ing to the pass­port.


A good diesel engine is capa­ble of gen­er­at­ing 5.5 kW of elec­tric­i­ty. It is designed for house­hold equip­ment with one phase of con­nec­tion, it has a man­u­al and elec­tric start. The mod­el is equipped with an 8.9 hp engine, and its vol­ume is 474 cubic meters. cm. It is cooled by air, it needs 1.7 liters of fuel per hour, which is quite eco­nom­i­cal. For stor­age, a capac­i­ty of 12.5 liters is pro­vid­ed. The gen­er­a­tor weighs 99 kg and pro­duces 82 dB of noise dur­ing oper­a­tion.


  • eco­nom­i­cal in fuel con­sump­tion;
  • easy to move on large wheels;
  • two ways to start.


  • very loud;
  • does not work well at low tem­per­a­tures.

Diesel generator CHAMPION DG6501E, (5500 W) - maximum power: 5500 W

Cus­tomer Reviews

Kir­ill P. There are no spe­cial ones. Well, only the sell­ers of this “mir­a­cle” are mis­lead­ing peo­ple with­out indi­cat­ing the tem­per­a­ture at which it works in the tech­ni­cal spec­i­fi­ca­tions.

Niko­lai Vol­chok There is noth­ing to com­plain about, in fact, every­thing is at a high lev­el, and the price tag is not high. We often cut off the light in the coun­try, the gen­er­a­tor is con­nect­ed and it works qui­et­ly for itself. Diesel con­sump­tion with­in rea­son. Super buy!