With the begin­ning of spring, we want changes not only for us, but also for our wardrobe, do you agree? Some­thing has already gone out of fash­ion, and some­thing brings despon­den­cy and melan­choly. But do you need to spend a for­tune to update your wardrobe, or can you get by with a few basic things that will make any of your looks spec­tac­u­lar and mem­o­rable? As you may have guessed from the title of the arti­cle, we will tell you about 5 must-have things that every fash­ion­ista needs to have this spring.

1. Coat. It is impor­tant to choose exact­ly the style that suits you accord­ing to the type of fig­ure and height. The coat should be mid-calf length, or midi length, leave short options for those who want to add a cou­ple of extra years to their pass­port age. Over­sized and straight cut are in fash­ion, such coats can be worn but­toned up, but bold women of fash­ion will pre­fer the “open” option in order to high­light the fig­ure with straight lines and visu­al­ly length­en the fig­ure.

2. Basic blue jeans with a straight cut. Such a mod­el looks advan­ta­geous even in large sizes, it can be worn with ankle boots, Cos­sacks and shoes with heels, thus you can give your­self more con­fi­dence, while you will still look ele­gant, and not sporty.

3. White dress shirt. A life­saver for any occa­sion! You can cre­ate dozens of inter­est­ing looks with it: wear it with jeans, with clas­sic trousers, skirts, over a dress, tie it in a knot at the waist to empha­size it favor­ably, leave it wide open to make the look more relaxed, and so on.

4. Clas­sic black dress. To the office, to a busi­ness meet­ing, to a meet­ing with friends, on a date, to the the­ater or to a cor­po­rate par­ty — it is rel­e­vant at any time of the year and at any event! Add ele­gant jew­el­ry dur­ing the day or large mas­sive ones to make a bright accent in the evening.

5. Leather skirt, trousers or dress. A bold step on your way to a wardrobe update, but very trendy. Such prod­ucts will show oth­ers that you know about trends and keep up with the world’s cat­walks!

If you’re ready for a change and want to add a pop of col­or to your wardrobe, we’d love to help you design ele­gant and eye-catch­ing looks for any occa­sion! The size range of the By.Che brand is from 42 to 56 sizes, each girl will be able to choose some­thing for her­self accord­ing to her taste and fig­ure. Be the most beau­ti­ful this spring! https://www.wildberries.ru/brands/byche