The bath­room is a small space where morn­ing and evening dai­ly rit­u­als are held.

Some­times bath­room acces­sories are in a chaot­ic order, which makes the bath­room less pleas­ant.

Have you ever won­dered why you need a bath­room?

For you, is it a place for car­ry­ing out only hygien­ic and san­i­tary pro­ce­dures, or is it still a place of rest where you can relax, find a new wave of pos­i­tive, plunge into com­plete relax­ation? Let’s fig­ure out what acces­sories should be “at hand”?

Soaps, sham­poos, tooth­brush­es and pastes, creams, scrubs and more are vital for many of us. The only prob­lem is that there is nowhere to put them, and if there are a lot of them, they fall, get lost or break. Pleas­ant lit­tle…

Let’s try to orga­nize a set of acces­sories in styl­ish home acces­sories.

6 tooth­brush­es can be hung in the home hygiene cen­ter for 2 glass­es and 3 glass­es of ECOCO. There is an addi­tion­al shelf for cot­ton buds, soaps, creams and more. Sham­poos, balms and show­er gels can be placed on the wide top sur­face. Scis­sors, combs and razors are placed in a sep­a­rate slot. The tasti­est thing in this orga­niz­er — the pas­ta dis­penser — saves pas­ta, squeezes it out in equal parts, there­by sav­ing your time and your bud­get. The choice of buy­ers stops on this acces­so­ry, due to func­tion­al­i­ty.

Accord­ing to the reviews of our cus­tomers, cor­ner shelves look very nice, which can be placed sev­er­al in a row and there­by save space. They are not afraid of water and rooms with high humid­i­ty; spe­cial holes are made inside the shelves for drain­ing water. The cor­ner shelf in the bath­room can be hung on a spe­cial sil­i­cone-based adhe­sive mount, with­out drilling and dam­ag­ing the walls.

The bath tow­el shelf also does not take up much space, in which all jars, bot­tles for dai­ly per­son­al care will fit on the upper and low­er sur­faces, and a spe­cial tow­el hold­er is fit­ted below, on which you can hang a tow­el or hooks for dif­fer­ent pur­pos­es (bath caps, wash­cloths, body brush­es, make­up ban­dages, etc.). The white wall shelf will har­mo­nious­ly look in any cor­ner of the bath­room and cre­ate an atmos­phere of cozi­ness and com­fort.

Feed­back from own­ers about the prod­ucts of our brands speaks of the qual­i­ty of the goods, the ease of fas­ten­ing and the dura­bil­i­ty of their ser­vice.

Let’s save space togeth­er!

Sin­cere­ly, ECOCO brand.