Brides want to be fash­ion­able, pho­tog­ra­phers want to be in demand. There­fore, it is bet­ter for one and the oth­er to know cur­rent trends. This will help orga­nize a beau­ti­ful and mem­o­rable event. Today we will talk about wed­ding pho­tog­ra­phy trends in 2022 and how to make your cel­e­bra­tion styl­ish.

The era of the avant-garde is leav­ing, and the clas­sics are back in fash­ion. Pho­to: jp.noxinfluencer.com

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Cham­ber wed­dings
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What to do with antitrends

classic event

Some­times the com­bi­na­tion of “clas­sic wed­ding” is per­ceived neg­a­tive­ly. Espe­cial­ly the youth. Every­one has their own “por­trait” of a clas­sic mar­riage, which was formed thanks to the hol­i­days of rel­a­tives and friends. This back­ground can be very sad. And as a result, under the “clas­sic” event, peo­ple rep­re­sent some­thing from the late 90s and ear­ly 00s:

  • too fluffy dress with a lot of tulle;
  • crazy hair­styles;
  • shiny syn­thet­ic gloves;
  • redemp­tion at the entrance and pecu­liar con­tests;
  • pigeons in a rent­ed lim­ou­sine, etc.
On the left is a clas­sic wed­ding. Right — no. Pho­to: almode.ru

But this has noth­ing to do with a mod­ern clas­sic wed­ding. When talk­ing about a tra­di­tion­al event, they mean:

  • strict and con­cise out­fits for the new­ly­weds and guests;
  • a beau­ti­ful place for a pho­to shoot, reg­is­tra­tion, the wed­ding itself;
  • “no” to unusu­al out­fits and out­ra­geous hair­styles, catchy make­up, non-stan­dard venues (for exam­ple, sub­way or bus). “Yes” ele­gance and sophis­ti­ca­tion.

What about clas­sic wed­ding pho­tos? There are 4 main cat­e­gories of shots:

  • new­ly­weds gath­er­ings;
  • paint­ing;
  • walk­ing pho­to ses­sion;
  • ban­quet part.

To accu­rate­ly cap­ture good shots, you can famil­iar­ize your­self with the venue of the event in advance. So you deter­mine what set of equip­ment you need, what light you can take, what angles will be most ben­e­fi­cial.

And unbanal ideas for a wed­ding pho­to shoot can be gleaned from our blog.

A clas­sic styl­ish wed­ding is the trend of 2022. Pho­to: svadbaforyou.ru

Newlyweds in the spotlight

A few years ago, very large, extrav­a­gant wed­dings were in fash­ion. The unusu­al appear­ance of new­ly­weds (for exam­ple, a para­chute jump), a pho­to with col­ored smoke, etc. was pop­u­lar. It was pos­si­ble to quick­ly shoot a large num­ber of guests and an active pro­gram using reportage shoot­ing. The hol­i­day turned out to be very dynam­ic.

In a wed­ding that will take place in 2022, mea­sured­ness and the abil­i­ty to empha­size the beau­ty of what is hap­pen­ing are impor­tant. The empha­sis is not on the guests, but on the main char­ac­ters of the event, their his­to­ry, rela­tion­ships, inter­ac­tion with the clos­est ones.

The trend is to show not just a bright pic­ture, but emo­tions and feel­ings, impor­tant details.

What is need­ed for this? Take more pho­tos:

- new­ly­weds (a beau­ti­ful wed­ding pho­to shoot begins with prepa­ra­tion for the event, prepa­ra­tions, read­ing vows. It is impor­tant to film the first reac­tion to each oth­er, the first kiss, the first dance);

- details that would char­ac­ter­ize the char­ac­ters. If in pre­vi­ous years the basis of the hol­i­day was the wow effect and scale, today the indi­vid­u­al­i­ty of the cou­ple comes to the fore. Unob­tru­sive­ly and styl­ish­ly, you can show hob­bies, favorite things, objects, impor­tant fam­i­ly heir­looms;

It is impor­tant to show not just a face­less groom or a stan­dard bride. Need to add some per­son­al­i­ty. Even remov­ing ordi­nary acces­sories (bou­quet, rings, shoes, cuf­flinks, etc.), you can add 1–2 items that will reveal the hero. For exam­ple, favorite whiskey, great-grand­moth­er’s ring, rare watch­es, favorite per­fume. This will fill the pho­tos with mean­ing and his­to­ry. Illus­tra­tion: YouTube chan­nel John Branch IV Pho­tog­ra­phy

with real­ly impor­tant peo­ple. Today it is no longer fash­ion­able to invite prac­ti­cal­ly unknown rel­a­tives from the oth­er side of the coun­try, whom you meet only at wed­dings and funer­als. This means that only impor­tant and beloved peo­ple will be cap­tured in the pho­tographs from the wed­ding;

- that con­vey the atmos­phere. For exam­ple, you can com­bine shoot­ing from a cam­era and from a drone. With it, you can make, for exam­ple, beau­ti­ful gen­er­al plans that will fit all the guests.

Fash­ion trends 2022 play into the hands of the pho­tog­ra­ph­er. For exam­ple, dress­es made of mika­do, silk charmeuse and crepe are pop­u­lar this year. These are dis­creet fab­rics with­out cheap sheen, pleas­ant to the touch. A pho­to of the bride in such a wed­ding dress will look as con­cise, restrained and styl­ish as pos­si­ble. The dress will not dis­tract atten­tion from the main char­ac­ter. And it is very easy to add an acces­so­ry or decor to such an image that will help reveal her inter­ests, hob­bies, etc.

It’s easy to take trendy wed­ding pho­tos. The main thing is to reveal the indi­vid­u­al­i­ty, the images of the new­ly­weds, to con­cen­trate on their his­to­ry. Pho­to: pinterest.jp

Chamber weddings

This point fol­lows smooth­ly from the pre­vi­ous one. A 2022 wed­ding pho­to is not a mind­less col­lec­tion of shots of dif­fer­ent peo­ple. Not a report, but a sto­ry. It’s not the num­ber of shots that mat­ters, it’s the qual­i­ty.

What is a cham­ber wed­ding? This is a cozy, small fam­i­ly hol­i­day, which invites up to 20 guests. In this con­cept, young peo­ple do not ful­fill the whims of hun­dreds of unfa­mil­iar (and even well-known) guests. They are the right­ful own­ers of this day. They can relax and spend their hol­i­day com­fort­ably the way they want.

At such an event, it is impor­tant to take beau­ti­ful wed­ding pho­tos that con­vey the atmos­phere. Pho­to: Pablo Laguia, canon.ru

For cham­ber wed­dings, plot is impor­tant. For exam­ple: some event and reac­tion to it. The removal of the cake and the reac­tion of the bride and / or groom, guests, etc. The dif­fi­cul­ty lies in the fact that the plot must be real­is­tic. You can’t tell the guests that they will now take out the cake and you need to react to it.

The pho­tog­ra­ph­er will have to cap­ture emo­tions and reac­tions. To achieve beau­ti­ful and inter­est­ing fash­ion­able wed­ding pho­tos, you need to first talk with the guests. Too clamped it is bet­ter to talk a lit­tle in advance and lib­er­ate.

Before such shoot­ing it is bet­ter:

  • improve the skill of shoot­ing por­traits;
  • inspect the venue to choose con­ve­nient angles;
  • make a list of suc­cess­ful arrange­ments for 2–10 peo­ple;
  • pick the right light.

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natural light

We have already talked about what kind of light is need­ed at a wed­ding. This cheat sheet is still rel­e­vant. But in 2022, wed­ding pho­tos with­out addi­tion­al light­ing are becom­ing more and more pop­u­lar.


  • This way you can take more atmos­pher­ic pic­tures. For exam­ple: at dawn or at sun­set, when the sun is not very intense.
  • Mod­ern pro­fes­sion­al cam­eras can shoot at ISO 6400 with­out noise at dusk. So in this case, the need for addi­tion­al light is elim­i­nat­ed.

But there are cas­es when it is imprac­ti­cal to refuse a flash and / or con­stant light sources. For exam­ple, if:

  • The cam­era does not shoot well in dim light;
  • the room is very dark and requires min­i­mal light­ing;
  • I want to add an accent with light with a col­or fil­ter.

Also, we do not rec­om­mend aban­don­ing reflec­tors alto­geth­er. Bet­ter to have it in your arse­nal. With it, you can scat­ter too bright light, high­light the desired part of the face when shoot­ing out­doors.

Pho­tos of wed­ding hands, bou­quet, jew­el­ry, bride’s prepa­ra­tions will look ten­der and atmos­pher­ic in the morn­ing sun. Pho­to: alimentola.info

live footage

This point is inex­tri­ca­bly linked with the pre­vi­ous ones. Nat­ur­al light at a clas­sic cham­ber wed­ding, where there is no place for stiff­ness, where the hol­i­day is for the new­ly­weds, and not vice ver­sa — all this will help to get real, “live” emo­tions.

Wed­ding pho­to trend 2022 — real feel­ings, not staged. Of course, if peo­ple have nev­er par­tic­i­pat­ed in a pho­to shoot, they need to be prompt­ed. And it is bet­ter for the pho­tog­ra­ph­er to pre­pare in advance the opti­mal set of pos­es that will look good in this loca­tion. But the more real emo­tions, laugh­ter, tears of joy, the more touch­ing the pic­tures will be. And the more delight they will cause lat­er, when review­ing the wed­ding album.

Such pic­tures, full of emo­tions and feel­ings, are much more pleas­ant to review than staged or imper­son­al ones. Pho­to: oneloveweddingexperience.com

Fashion image processing

Now trend­ing:

  • min­i­mal face retouch­ing. Per­fect porce­lain skin is no longer in fash­ion. Wrin­kles, moles, minor flaws add charm;
  • grain. Began to gain pop­u­lar­i­ty in 2021. Pho­tos look more atmos­pher­ic;
  • low col­or sat­u­ra­tion. Not bright, eye-catch­ing accents, but mut­ed, pas­tel col­ors.

What to do with antitrends

Not all wed­dings are fash­ion­able, cham­ber, cozy and thought out from and to togeth­er with the orga­niz­er. Often, young peo­ple become hostages of the opin­ions and influ­ence of rel­a­tives who have their own taste and out­look on things.

What to do if young peo­ple want fash­ion pho­tos from the wed­ding, but the for­mat of the event does not quite match what they want?

  • Assess the extent of the tragedy. View the pro­gram of the event, eval­u­ate the place, image, restau­rant, etc.
  • Col­lect with the new­ly­weds ref­er­ences on the fash­ion trends of the cur­rent year.
  • Deter­mine in which avail­able loca­tions you can take such pic­tures.
  • Make part of the stan­dard frames (to please par­ents and rel­a­tives). And take the max­i­mum pos­si­ble pho­tos of those that young peo­ple want.

If the for­mat of the event does not fit into the mod­ern one at all, you can offer an addi­tion­al pho­to shoot. For exam­ple, the next day and only for the new­ly­weds.

We hope that our tips will help you take beau­ti­ful wed­ding pho­tos of the bride and groom, defeat anti-trends and imple­ment many cool pho­to ideas in 2022.