Top bra is one of the main trends of the spring-sum­mer 2022 sea­son. Accord­ing to styl­ists, such a top has become a must-have thing, because it com­bines com­fort and aes­thet­ics.

Mod­ern fash­ion is focused on com­fort. There­fore, many girls choose a soft seam­less top instead of under­wired foam bras. At the same time, con­ve­nience and visu­al part are com­bined, which allows you to look amaz­ing and feel con­fi­dent.

Ben­e­fits of a bra top

First­ly, it is the use of mod­ern mate­ri­als in the pro­duc­tion, which com­bine such qual­i­ties as:

  • strength and dura­bil­i­ty — the fab­ric can with­stand many wash­es and does not change its prop­er­ties;
  • elas­tic­i­ty — the mate­r­i­al adheres to the body with­out pres­sure and reli­ably sup­ports the chest;
  • pleas­ant to the touch, soft breath­able fab­ric is suit­able for sen­si­tive skin and will not cause irri­ta­tion;
  • wicks mois­ture away from the body and dries quick­ly;
  • low cost and mar­ket avail­abil­i­ty.

Sec­ond­ly, this a vari­ety of styles — you can eas­i­ly choose the right top for any chest size.

How to choose the right mod­el?

A strap­less bra fits small breasts well. With it, you can cre­ate spec­tac­u­lar styl­ish looks, or wear it under an open dress.

Top with thin straps is suit­able for girls with small breasts.

And on wide ones — it will be con­ve­nient for girls with a large vol­ume. This top secure­ly fix­es the chest, and the straps will not cut into the skin.

How to wear?

  • Like under­wear for every day

Bra tops have a remov­able push-up insert, thanks to which, any thing, even from thin or tight mate­r­i­al, will fit well. Under an open dress or sun­dress, the top will be invis­i­ble, thanks to the deep neck­line.

  • Like a sports top

Dur­ing intense train­ing, the female breasts shift in dif­fer­ent direc­tions. Such vibra­tions stretch the lig­a­ments. This can lead to dis­com­fort and pain. A breast-sup­port­ing top will help reduce the ampli­tude of fluc­tu­a­tions and pre­serve wom­en’s health. Togeth­er with leg­gings, it will make the per­fect pair for intense work­outs or yoga class­es. The top is con­ve­nient to take to the gym, as it does not take up much space in the bag.

  • Like a basic top

This top bra can become an inde­pen­dent part of your wardrobe. This item is suit­able for any style: office, evening, casu­al, for exam­ple, in com­bi­na­tion with a trouser suit, with jeans or a skirt. In cool weath­er, a jack­et, cardi­gan or shirt can be thrown over the top.

  • As home wear

Any girl wants to look spec­tac­u­lar not only in pub­lic, but also at home. It is enough to add com­fort­able trousers or shorts to the bra top — and the image for the house is ready! Soft smooth fab­ric will not bring dis­com­fort dur­ing sleep.

  • Top bra — an indis­pens­able thing on vaca­tion

It does not hin­der move­ment, is not felt dur­ing wear. Mul­ti­func­tion­al­i­ty, com­fort­able fit, breath­able fab­ric — you will not be dis­tract­ed by tri­fles, but enjoy hik­ing in the moun­tains, relax­ing on the beach or walk­ing through the for­est.