Each dish­wash­er user may encounter an unpleas­ant sit­u­a­tion when the dish­wash­ing cycle is com­plet­ed and the deter­gent tablet has not dis­solved, par­tial­ly remain­ing in a spe­cial com­part­ment, on the door or at the bot­tom of the PMM.
In the arti­cle we will con­sid­er the main rea­sons that can cause such an unde­sir­able result. Some of them are easy to fix on your own and avoid a sim­i­lar inci­dent in the future.

1. Block­ing the dis­penser com­part­ment with a tablet
After load­ing the dish­wash­er, make sure that the com­part­ment where the tablet is placed is not blocked by large dish­es when clos­ing. Oth­er­wise, a large con­tain­er may pre­vent the com­part­ment from open­ing, pre­vent­ing the tablet from com­plete­ly dis­solv­ing.

2. The tablet stuck to the com­part­ment
If, before plac­ing the tablet in a spe­cial com­part­ment, it was tak­en with wet hands, then it could absorb mois­ture and stick to its walls. You also need to make sure that there is no water in the com­part­ment itself, oth­er­wise a prob­lem may also arise.

3. Dirty water sprin­kler
In the blades of the water sprin­kler, due to which the dish­es are irri­gat­ed with water, there are holes called noz­zles. Dur­ing oper­a­tion, the noz­zles can become clogged with grease and food residues. As a result of clog­ging, the pas­sage of the water flow through them is dif­fi­cult, and this affects the qual­i­ty of irri­ga­tion of the inner sur­face of the PMM. If there is not enough water or it does not get where it should, then the tablet may not dis­solve. A clear sign of this prob­lem is poor-qual­i­ty wash­ing of dish­es.

4. Dif­fi­cul­ty free move­ment of the rock­er arms
If there are too many large-sized dish­es inside the PMM, which are locat­ed in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bmovement of the rock­er arms, then the water from them will be sprayed uneven­ly. Insuf­fi­cient irri­ga­tion of the tablet with water will lead to its incom­plete dis­so­lu­tion.

5. Block­age in the drain fil­ter
Dur­ing the dish­wash­ing cycle, the same vol­ume of water pass­es through the fil­ter sys­tem. Remain­ing food and grease can clog the fil­ter. As a result, the move­ment of water will be hin­dered and the deter­gent tablet will not com­plete­ly dis­solve.

6. Low water tem­per­a­ture
The deter­gent dis­solves bet­ter at tem­per­a­tures above 40 °C. If the tem­per­a­ture mode is select­ed with oth­er indi­ca­tors, the effec­tive­ness of the deter­gent is reduced.

7. Pro­tec­tive shell not removed
Some types of tablets offer a pro­tec­tive film that does not dis­solve in water, you must remove it your­self before use. If you for­get to do this, the tablet will not be able to dis­solve and the dish­es will not be cleaned.

8. Incor­rect dish­wash­ing pro­gram select­ed
If you have cho­sen a half load cycle with a short peri­od of work, then a whole tablet is too much for this pro­gram. For short pro­grams, it is bet­ter to split the tablet in half or put it on the bot­tom of the PMM.

9. Weak water pres­sure
If the pres­sure in the pipes is low, then the sup­ply of water will be weak. This will cause a lack of water for the cor­rect oper­a­tion of the dish­wash­er, which means that the deter­gent may not com­plete­ly dis­solve.

10. Poor qual­i­ty deter­gent
Unfor­tu­nate­ly, not all man­u­fac­tur­ers are con­sci­en­tious about their prod­ucts. In addi­tion, you need to mon­i­tor the expi­ra­tion date of the pur­chased prod­uct. Vio­la­tion of the stor­age con­di­tions and the expi­ra­tion date can lead to a dete­ri­o­ra­tion in the per­for­mance of the deter­gent.

11. Water does not heat up
When you select the desired pro­gram, a cer­tain tem­per­a­ture regime is set in which the dish­es will be washed. Here it is nec­es­sary to under­stand what exact­ly went wrong. Prob­lems may be a break­down of the heat­ing ele­ment or a mal­func­tion of the tem­per­a­ture sen­sor. In both cas­es, the water in the machine does not heat up, and the tablet does not dis­solve. There is only one way out — to diag­nose house­hold appli­ances.

12. Deter­gent draw­er bro­ken
A mal­func­tion of the com­part­ment where the tablet is placed is a com­mon cause of incom­plete dis­so­lu­tion of the deter­gent. The draw­er remains closed while wash­ing dish­es. The prob­lem is solved quite sim­ply by replac­ing the nec­es­sary parts by a repair­man.

In some cas­es, care­ful han­dling of equip­ment can pre­vent the occur­rence of the prob­lem in ques­tion. In addi­tion, it is impor­tant to choose a high-qual­i­ty deter­gent with which wash­ing dish­es in the dish­wash­er will save you a lot of trou­ble and allow you to do oth­er things. We hope that now your PMM will last a long time and will please you with an excel­lent result.