All the portable acoustics that we have cho­sen can be used out­doors, tak­en to the park or to the sea. Pho­to: techmende.com

A portable speak­er allows you to enjoy music at home, on the road or on vaca­tion, stream­ing tracks from your smart­phone, tablet or lap­top wire­less­ly. There are a wide range of Blue­tooth speak­ers on the mar­ket with good sound, which dif­fer in fea­tures and price.

In today’s arti­cle, we have col­lect­ed 8 of the best portable speak­ers in dif­fer­ent price ranges. Read on to find out which devices made it to our top.

How was it evaluated

When com­pil­ing the rat­ing of portable speak­ers, we con­sid­ered such para­me­ters as pow­er, fre­quen­cy range, Blue­tooth ver­sion, auton­o­my, and mois­ture pro­tec­tion. We eval­u­at­ed each gad­get rel­a­tive to oth­er mod­els from the list for each of these cri­te­ria. The max­i­mum score for each char­ac­ter­is­tic is 5 points. Let’s dwell on these para­me­ters in more detail.


This para­me­ter affects the vol­ume — the high­er it is, the stronger the sound. It is mea­sured in Watts (W). To lis­ten to music in a stan­dard room, a gad­get with a pow­er of up to 10 watts is enough. For out­door use or dur­ing a pic­nic, it is bet­ter to choose devices with a pow­er greater than 20 W, for par­ties — from 50 W.

The high­er the pow­er of the portable speak­er, the high­er the score.

Keep in mind, the more pow­er­ful the portable speak­er, the larg­er its dimen­sions.

frequency range

The human ear per­ceives sounds with a fre­quen­cy of 20–20000 Hz. The wider the fre­quen­cy range of portable acoustics, the fuller its sound.

The high­er the min­i­mum fre­quen­cy, the flat­ter the sound. The low­er the max­i­mum height, the more the acoustics will wheeze and the high fre­quen­cies will sound less leg­i­ble.

The wider the fre­quen­cy range of the Blue­tooth speak­er, the high­er the score.

Bluetooth version

The high­er the Blue­tooth ver­sion (the lat­est is 5.2), the faster the con­nec­tion and the more effi­cient the pow­er con­sump­tion. Please note that the con­nect­ed device must also sup­port this ver­sion of Blue­tooth.

The high­er the Blue­tooth ver­sion, the high­er the score.


Most portable speak­ers are bat­tery pow­ered. The longer the device runs on a sin­gle bat­tery charge, the high­er the score.

Moisture protection

Portable acoustics are often tak­en with them on vaca­tion, to nature. It’s eas­i­er if the device has an offi­cial rat­ing of pro­tec­tion against mois­ture and dust. The high­er it is, the high­er the score.

Rating of the best portable speakers

All prices shown are valid at the time of rank­ing.

JBL Go 3

The JBL Go 3 is a great trav­el speak­er that fits in the palm of your hand. Pho­to: soundguys.com


  • type — mono;
  • bat­tery charg­ing time — 2.5 hours;
  • pro­pri­etary JBL Pro sound, the fre­quen­cy response is flat, the sound qual­i­ty, giv­en the size, is decent;
  • dimen­sions — 75 x 87.5 x 41.3 mm, weight — 210 g.

JBL Go 3 is avail­able in 12 col­ors (includ­ing black, yel­low, green, red, blue, gray), and costs from 3,360 rubles.


  • loud sound with­out wheez­ing;
  • built-in loop (it is con­ve­nient to wear or hang on some­thing) and com­pact dimen­sions;
  • USB‑C port for charg­ing;
  • low price.


  • no micro­phone for receiv­ing calls;
  • aver­age auton­o­my.

Digma S‑37

The Dig­ma S‑37 is a back­lit speak­er suit­able for par­ties. Pho­to: Dig­ma


  • type — stereo 2.1;
  • charg­ing time — 5 hours;
  • wired con­nec­tion sup­port — 3.5 mm (head­phone) and 6.35 mm (micro­phone) jacks;
  • sup­port for microSD mem­o­ry cards up to 64 GB;
  • dimen­sions — 180 x 390 x 210 mm, weight — 2.6 kg.

Dig­ma S‑37 is avail­able in black and costs about 3600 rubles.


  • loud and high-qual­i­ty sound (suit­able for lis­ten­ing to hip-hop, elec­tron­ic dance music and vocals);
  • han­dle for easy trans­porta­tion;
  • built-in light­ing, dis­play, FM radio, karaoke func­tion;
  • wired con­nec­tion sup­port;
  • afford­able price.


  • takes a long time to charge;
  • out­dat­ed microUSB port for charg­ing;
  • mas­sive and heavy.

Xiaomi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Mini

Xiao­mi Out­door Blue­tooth Speak­er Mini is a com­pact speak­er with good sound, easy to trans­port. Pho­to: Xiao­mi


  • type — mono;
  • built-in micro­phone for receiv­ing calls;
  • dimen­sions — 86 x 86 x 45 mm, weight — 185 g.

Xiao­mi Out­door Blue­tooth Speak­er Mini costs less than 2,000 rubles.


  • quite loud, with­out wheez­ing at max­i­mum vol­ume;
  • loop for easy car­ry­ing;
  • USB‑C port for charg­ing;
  • com­pact, light­weight and afford­able.


Con­sid­er­ing the price, there aren’t any.

JBL Charge 5

JBL Charge 5 can charge oth­er devices. Pho­to: soundguys.com


  • type — mono;
  • charg­ing time — 4 hours;
  • sig­na­ture JBL sound;
  • Par­ty­Boost mode for con­nect­ing mul­ti­ple speak­ers;
  • simul­ta­ne­ous pair­ing with two gad­gets;
  • the abil­i­ty to charge oth­er gad­gets, such as a smart­phone;
  • dimen­sions — 223 x 96.5 x 94 mm, weight — 960 g.

The cost of JBL Charge 5 is from 12,590 rubles. Avail­able in 10 col­ors (includ­ing pink, teal, cam­ou­flage, grey, blue, green, red, black).


  • the abil­i­ty to con­nect to two devices;
  • holds a charge for a long time;
  • the abil­i­ty to com­bine sev­er­al columns into one sys­tem;
  • the abil­i­ty to charge oth­er devices;
  • USB‑C con­nec­tor for charg­ing.


  • the col­umn can­not turn on the pre­vi­ous song;
  • a lot of bass;
  • high price.

JBL Flip 6

JBL Flip 6 can be com­bined into one sys­tem with oth­er JBL speak­ers. Pho­to: soundguys.com


  • type — mono;
  • charges 2.5 hours;
  • sig­na­ture JBL sound;
  • par­ty­boost mode;
  • dimen­sions — 68 x 178 x 72 mm, weight — 550 g.

The price of JBL Flip 6 starts from 12,210 rubles. Avail­able col­ors are red, grey, blue, black.


  • light and com­pact;
  • loud;
  • charg­ing via USB‑C;
  • the abil­i­ty to com­bine sev­er­al columns into one sys­tem;


Marshall Emberton

Mar­shall Ember­ton has a styl­ish design. Pho­to: soundguys.com


  • type — stereo;
  • pro­pri­etary True Stereo­phon­ic tech­nol­o­gy for a wide sound­stage;
  • the abil­i­ty to simul­ta­ne­ous­ly pair with two devices;
  • charges 3 hours, there is a fast charg­ing func­tion — 20 min­utes of mains pow­er give 5 hours of music play­back;
  • dimen­sions — 68 x 160 x 76 mm, weight — 700 g.

Mar­shall Ember­ton costs from 12,990 rubles and is avail­able in two col­ors.


  • bal­anced sound;
  • holds a charge for a long time, fast charg­ing func­tion;
  • sup­port for con­nec­tion with two sources;
  • USB‑C
  • light.


Marshall Kilburn II

Mar­shall Kil­burn II is the most expen­sive mod­el in our rank­ing. Pho­to: techradar.com


  • type — stereo;
  • you can man­u­al­ly adjust the fre­quen­cy range using the knob on the case;
  • dimen­sions — 243 x 162 x 140 mm, weight — 2.5 kg.

Mar­shall Kil­burn II from 42,980 rubles.


  • pow­er­ful sound;
  • han­dle for trans­porta­tion;
  • the abil­i­ty to adjust the bass and tre­ble;
  • the pos­si­bil­i­ty of wired con­nec­tion (3.5 mm jack);
  • keeps the bat­tery for a long time.


  • mud­dy bass;
  • heavy;
  • expen­sive.

Sony SRS-XB43

The Sony SRS-XB43 has light­ing effects. Pho­to: rtings.com


  • type — stereo;
  • wired (3.5 mm jack) and wire­less con­nec­tion (Blue­tooth, NFC);
  • dimen­sions — 325 x 123 x 117, weight — 2.95 kg

Sony SRS-XB43 costs from 17,990 rubles. Avail­able in blue and black col­ors.


  • there is an NFC mod­ule;
  • sup­ports wired con­nec­tion;
  • USB Type‑C;
  • built-in micro­phone, light­ing effects;
  • you can charge oth­er devices.


  • high price;
  • bulky.


For con­ve­nience, we have com­piled in a table the char­ac­ter­is­tics by which we eval­u­at­ed Blue­tooth speak­ers:

Model/Parameter Pow­er, W Fre­quen­cy range, Hz Blue­tooth ver­sion Auton­o­my, hours Mois­ture pro­tec­tion
JBL Go 3 4.2 110–20000 5.1 5 IP67 (will with­stand immer­sion to a depth of 1 meter for half an hour)
Dig­ma S‑37 thir­ty 100–16000 5.0 12 No
Xiao­mi Out­door Blue­tooth Speak­er Mini 5 85–20000 5.0 eight IP55 (pro­tect­ed against water jets from any direc­tion)
JBL Charge 5 40 65–20000 5.1 twen­ty IP67
JBL Flip 6 thir­ty 63–20000 5.1 12 IP67
Mar­shall Ember­ton twen­ty 60–20000 5.0 twen­ty IPX7 (not afraid of rain)
Mar­shall Kil­burn II 36 52–20000 5.0 twen­ty IPX2 (drip proof)
Sony SRS-XB43 32 20–20000 5.0 24 IP67

Thus, portable speak­ers from our rat­ing received the fol­low­ing rat­ings:

Model/Parameter Pow­er, W Fre­quen­cy range, Hz Blue­tooth ver­sion Auton­o­my, hours Mois­ture pro­tec­tion Aver­age score
JBL Go 3 2 one eight four eight 4.6
Dig­ma S‑37 5 2 7 6 four 4.8
Xiao­mi Out­door Blue­tooth Speak­er Mini 3 3 7 5 6 4.8
JBL Charge 5 eight four eight 7 eight 7
JBL Flip 6 5 5 eight 6 eight 6.4
Mar­shall Ember­ton four 6 7 7 7 6.2
Mar­shall Kil­burn II 7 7 7 7 6 6.8
Sony SRS-XB43 6 eight 7 eight eight 7.8

The Sony SRS-XB43 portable speak­er received the max­i­mum score. It has a wide fre­quen­cy range, excel­lent auton­o­my, and mois­ture pro­tec­tion.

In sec­ond place is JBL Charge 5 with a pow­er bank func­tion.

The top three is closed by the most expen­sive mod­el from our rat­ing Mar­shall Kil­burn II.