Do you want your bal­cony to become the sub­ject of delight for all neigh­bors and passers-by? And how nice it is to drink cof­fee in the morn­ing and enjoy the view of fra­grant flow­ers … We have com­piled a list of every­thing you need to dec­o­rate the best “French” bal­cony in your area!

Checklist: What do you need?

To dec­o­rate the bal­cony you need to pur­chase:

  • Annu­al flower seedlings — you can buy them at your local nurs­ery or order them online. Look for the rat­ing of the most pop­u­lar vari­eties in the sec­ond part of the arti­cle.
  • Soil — you can take a spe­cial one for flow­ers, but a uni­ver­sal one is also suit­able.
  • Drainage — exact­ly the same as that tak­en for indoor plants. It can be ordered from WB.
  • Bal­cony box­es — they can be of dif­fer­ent lengths, but it is bet­ter to take a width of 12 cm or more — so your bal­cony flower beds will be more mag­nif­i­cent, and the plants will be more hardy — their roots will have enough room to grow.
  • Hold­ers for bal­cony box­es — here it is impor­tant to choose the right size, and gal­va­nized met­al will be the best mate­r­i­al, which will last for many years.

We rec­om­mend our met­al flower pot brack­ets. We have two types, they will be enough:

  • The hold­er for bal­cony box­es on the rail­ing (https://www.wildberries.ru/catalog/77278902/detail.aspx?targetUrl=GP) is an ide­al solu­tion for open bal­conies, ter­races and log­gias. Handy dimen­sions are ide­al for draw­ers 10–12 cm wide and 12 to 16 cm high. The max­i­mum rail­ing diam­e­ter is 7 cm.
  • Wall-mount­ed hold­er for bal­cony box­es (https://www.wildberries.ru/catalog/79836908/detail.aspx?targetUrl=GP) — an addi­tion­al dec­o­ra­tion for cre­at­ing a flow­er­ing cor­ner with addi­tion­al wall decor. Fas­ten with self-tap­ping screws direct­ly to the wall (not includ­ed). Fits draw­ers 10 to 16 cm wide and 12 to 16 cm high.

A more detailed descrip­tion can be obtained by click­ing on the pho­to below.

Bal­cony draw­er hold­ers are made of durable gal­va­nized steel. Rod diam­e­ter 5 mm. These brack­ets can with­stand a load of up to 20 kg — a set of two pieces is enough to fix a draw­er up to 100 cm long! And if your box­es are longer, you can take two sets — the price does not bite.

Gal­va­niza­tion pro­tects the met­al from the neg­a­tive effects of pre­cip­i­ta­tion and humid­i­ty — the brack­ets will retain a neat appear­ance for many years. The lacon­ic design does not detract from the beau­ty of the pots and flow­ers.

TOP 5 annual flowers for decorating a balcony

Gera­ni­um (or pelargo­ni­um) — blooms con­tin­u­ous­ly through­out the warm sea­son. She needs a lot of light, she tol­er­ates direct rays well and is ide­al for a south bal­cony.

Bal­sam — neat small flow­ers on a fluffy “crown” love the shade, so they will be an excel­lent tool for dec­o­rat­ing the north­ern bal­cony.

Cycla­men is an exquis­ite flower with del­i­cate petals and pat­terned leaves. It does not like direct light, it devel­ops bet­ter in cold regions where the sum­mer tem­per­a­ture does not exceed 20 degrees.

Ver­be­na is an orna­men­tal gar­den plant that blooms from June to Novem­ber. Suit­able for east or west bal­conies where light­ing changes through­out the day.

Bougainvil­lea — wind­ing cas­cades that will add to your bal­cony a resem­blance to a bloom­ing water­fall. Resis­tant to direct light, loves tem­per­a­tures from 23 to 27 degrees.

We rec­om­mend dilut­ing the com­po­si­tion with cal­is­te­gia, clema­tis, morn­ing glo­ry, marigolds or daisies, zin­nia.

Good luck with your cre­ativ­i­ty! We sug­gest not to delay and start shop­ping with the pur­chase of brack­ets in our store.