Hel­lo. Today I want to talk about smart scales from the com­pa­ny Xiao­mi. This is the Smart Scale. I’ve nev­er had this kind of gad­get before. But I already have some thoughts on this device, so let’s start.
Equip­ment. The scales are deliv­ered in a large card­board box, inside it there are the scales them­selves, instruc­tions … And, what I did not expect to see there at all, is the bat­ter­ies.
Design the scales are quite styl­ish. Pure white col­or, the glass on the front pan­el is very, very thick, it seems to me that it is sim­ply unre­al­is­tic to break or crush it. There are rub­ber­ized feet at the back (thanks to them, the scales do not slip) and a bat­tery slot, which, accord­ing to rumors, lasts for a year. The back itself is made of mat­te plas­tic.
When you first turn on the front pan­el, more pre­cise­ly, in its upper part, the inscrip­tion “
It’s nice to have it hid­den some­where. light sen­sor, it adjusts the bright­ness of the white LEDs depend­ing on the bright­ness of the light­ing.
It is very incon­ve­nient that the mea­sure­ments do not take place in kilo­grams famil­iar to us, but in Chi­nese “dings”
That is, the weight that is shown on the dis­play will be almost twice the real one. But it’s good that there is a func­tion to switch either to pounds or to native kilo­grams.
It is very dif­fi­cult for me to say about the accu­ra­cy of the scales. When weigh­ing, such a sto­ry hap­pens that the scales show a whole kilo­gram less than my old ones. I don’t even know who to believe. Of course, the soul is more drawn to
Xiao­mi because “I am a whole kilo­gram thin­ner.”
The max­i­mum weight that can mea­sure
Xiao­mi-150 kilo­gram.
In order for the scales to show accu­rate­ly and with­out errors, you need to put them on a flat sur­face, oth­er­wise they will begin to “cheat”.
Scales can be con­nect­ed to a smart­phone via blue­tooth and con­trol the scales using the appli­ca­tion
mi fit.
All infor­ma­tion, except for weight, for exam­ple, body mass index, can be viewed there. It is con­ve­nient to observe changes, track how train­ing affects weight 🙂
Anoth­er fea­ture was that you can enter the body weight of dif­fer­ent peo­ple into the appli­ca­tion, and not weigh your­self alone. More­over, the scales them­selves will guess what is being weighed now. It is also pos­si­ble to weigh moth­er and child togeth­er, the pro­gram itself will cal­cu­late who weighs how much and the sum.
It’s good that if there is no smart­phone near­by, then smart scales remem­ber the num­bers and load them into the appli­ca­tion at the next syn­chro­niza­tion.
Con­clu­sion. In the end, I want to say that if you are buy­ing a scale for the first time, this is a very good option, there are so many dif­fer­ent func­tions and chips that any user will be sat­is­fied. Well, if you already have scales, then it makes no sense to buy such ones. In fact, the usu­al scales. I believe that small house­hold appli­ances should not have a con­nec­tion with the phone, this is just an enter­tain­ment func­tion for which we over­pay. It is bet­ter to take ordi­nary scales, which are three times cheap­er, but they show the same val­ues. Yes, the scales are beau­ti­ful, reli­able, this is a great gift and a cool solu­tion for those who real­ly need it.