“What meme are you” is a board game for the whole fam­i­ly about the fun­ni­est and most pop­u­lar Inter­net memes for fans of Tik­Tok and oth­er social net­works.

You can now buy the board game “What kind of meme are you” in Russ­ian! We offer you a high-qual­i­ty trans­la­tion into Russ­ian of the world-famous What do you meme, it is also “What kind of meme are you”, it is also “Mem­o­l­o­gy”. Our game is as sim­i­lar as pos­si­ble to the orig­i­nal, and the trans­la­tion of for­eign-lan­guage memes into Russ­ian was done by pro­fes­sion­als, not by a robot, so the text is quite lit­er­ary and very fun­ny.

It is bet­ter to play the card game “What kind of meme are you” with a group of three or more peo­ple. The rules of the game, by default, are as fol­lows: the host shows the play­ers a pic­ture-meme, and the play­ers select the appro­pri­ate text for it. The win­ner is the one whose text, in the opin­ion of the pre­sen­ter, best fits the pic­ture. As long as the game is humor­ous, you can come up with your own rules. For exam­ple, whose text is the fun­ni­est or who guessed the cap­tion for a meme that was cir­cu­lat­ing the Inter­net.

The board game “What meme are you” will appeal to chil­dren, teenagers and adults of all ages. The set of memes in our game includes both mod­ern and beloved by more than one gen­er­a­tion, but invari­ably wide­ly known and fun­ny memes from all over the Inter­net. We’ve updat­ed the set to include the newest and most pop­u­lar memes. In the pic­tures you will rec­og­nize Russ­ian and for­eign celebri­ties, as well as peo­ple and ani­mals from all over the world who have become famous thanks to memes. Cards are not repeat­ed, all com­bi­na­tions are unique! You can play at home, in the coun­try, in a cafe, on the street, and for this you do not need the Inter­net! A real board game, not online, is a live com­mu­ni­ca­tion, joy and laugh­ter. That is why our game will become the high­light of the pro­gram of any par­ty, hol­i­day, birth­day.

Card game “What kind of meme are you” is a great gift idea! The game is pack­aged in a col­or­ful box with a rec­og­niz­able design. Inside the box you will find a set of 140 cards with images of pop­u­lar memes and 150 cards with short texts that could illus­trate memes. Pack­ag­ing and cards are made of high-qual­i­ty wear-resis­tant card­board in a typo­graph­i­cal way. The cards have a clear and bright dou­ble-sided col­or print­ing and lam­i­na­tion, the text is typed in a fair­ly large font that is easy to read. Instead of down­load­ing online on the Inter­net, and then print­ing the game from pdf files your­self or in a pho­to stu­dio, you can order a ready-made cool set, and it remains to be seen what will cost you less.

You can buy the game “What kind of meme are you” with deliv­ery in Rus­sia, with pay­ment online or on deliv­ery.