🎡 What is the secret of pop­u­lar­i­ty of Kampfer­’s mod­u­lar ortho­pe­dic mat “Sea Trea­sures”?

Del­i­cate nat­ur­al shades of sea-green and sandy coast help to bal­ance the activ­i­ty of chil­dren and focus on putting togeth­er the puz­zles of the rug.

The con­vex ele­ments of the mod­ules are unique in their inter­est­ing pat­tern and var­i­ous sur­faces, rang­ing from smooth peb­bles to the inhab­i­tants of the deep sea.

An impor­tant pur­pose of an ortho­pe­dic mat is to mas­sage the feet, improve blood cir­cu­la­tion, and form the cor­rect arch of the foot.

✅ In addi­tion, with young chil­dren it will be inter­est­ing to learn the name of the puz­zle ele­ments, and the dif­fer­ence in tac­tile sen­sa­tions will help devel­op the child’s speech and motor skills.