Cur­rent­ly, more and more peo­ple around the world suf­fer from pain in the neck and shoul­ders. Some researchers believe that the wrong pil­low for sleep­ing is behind this ail­ment. Research sci­en­tists from Japan Kawa­ba­ta and Toku­ra stud­ied the ther­mal char­ac­ter­is­tics of the pil­low, the result showed that the use of a mate­r­i­al that does not heat up from the ambi­ent tem­per­a­ture and the body reduces the tem­per­a­ture of the neck, fore­head and whole body, and also slows down the heart­beat of the sub­jects, which allows them to relax and fall asleep faster. The study allowed the sub­jects to sleep bet­ter, and the results showed that low­er­ing the pil­low tem­per­a­ture could improve sleep qual­i­ty. Sim­i­lar stud­ies have also shown that a cool pil­low can reduce per­spi­ra­tion and body tem­per­a­ture, as well as indi­rect­ly improve sleep qual­i­ty. These data sug­gest that the ther­mal per­for­mance of the pads may be relat­ed to the type of mate­ri­als used.

Research by oth­er sci­en­tists such as Ambro­gio, Pers­son and Moritz, Erfan­ian and Palazzi focused on com­par­ing dif­fer­ent types of pil­low sup­port for the neck dur­ing sleep. These stud­ies show that a mem­o­ry foam pil­low can help relieve neck and shoul­der pain over time.

A study by the already men­tioned sci­en­tist Pers­son showed that 40 out of 52 par­tic­i­pants gave pos­i­tive feed­back after using a spe­cial­ly designed neck sup­port pil­low. In regards to Quinone’s research, he report­ed that most peo­ple are unable to fall asleep due to stiff neck and shoul­der mus­cles that do not relax. He report­ed 14 unique pos­tures that can help relax joints and stiff mus­cles with the right sup­port. An ortho­pe­dic pil­low with “mem­o­ry” can pro­vide sup­port and cor­rect posi­tion, as it fol­lows the lines of the neck and shoul­der, keep­ing the curves of the tho­racic and cer­vi­cal spine in the cor­rect posi­tion, and also allows you to sleep on your back and on your side. Pers­son and Moritz point­ed out that chi­ro­prac­tors or reha­bil­i­ta­tion physi­cians often rec­om­mend that their patients use ortho­pe­dic pil­lows to pro­vide neck sup­port.

In addi­tion, the use of an ortho­pe­dic pil­low designed accord­ing to the anato­my of the patien­t’s head, neck, and shoul­ders can alle­vi­ate the symp­toms of patients dur­ing mild to mod­er­ate sleep dis­tur­bances. In patients with mild sleep dis­tur­bance, an ortho­pe­dic pil­low helps reduce snor­ing and improve sleep qual­i­ty and effi­cien­cy, as well as sub­jec­tive-spe­cif­ic sleep depth. One of the options for such a pil­low is an ortho­pe­dic pil­low for MEN. It is made of vis­co-elas­tic mate­r­i­al with a mem­o­ry effect, pro­vid­ing high com­fort dur­ing sleep and helps to relieve these symp­toms.

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