Hel­lo every­one, today I want to tell you about an excel­lent Chi­nese smart­phone from the bud­get seg­ment — Xiao­mi red­mi note 3 pro.

Red­mi note 3 pro is the old­er mod­el from the line. His younger broth­er is Xiao­mi red­mi note 3. Is there any dif­fer­ence between them? About every­thing in order.

Appear­ance. The phone is a kind of alu­minum brick. Above is an infrared port for con­trol­ling home appli­ances. It works very fast, but at a dis­tance of no more than five meters. Near­by is a 3.5mm head­phone jack. On the left side there is a slot for micro-sim and sd-cards. You can insert either ONE SIM card and ONE SD card into the slot, or TWO SIM cards. It seemed to me not very con­ve­nient, because in which case you have to make a choice, either buy a smart­phone with more mem­o­ry, or use one SIM card. Below is a USB con­nec­tor for charg­ing your phone or trans­fer­ring files via a com­put­er. By the way, the charg­er plug is Chi­nese, so you have to look for an adapter. On the left is the vol­ume rock­er, and below it is the pow­er but­ton. It’s very nice that it’s not done the oth­er way around, because it’s con­ve­nient to reach the but­ton to unlock the phone, the thumb just hits the but­ton, you don’t need to reach out. On the rear alu­minum back there is an exter­nal speak­er, a 16 MP cam­era and a fin­ger­print scan­ner, as well as a flash. And, final­ly, on the front side, a five-inch screen occu­pies most of it, above it is a con­ver­sa­tion­al speak­er and a 5 MP front cam­era. Above the dis­play are touch con­trol but­tons: menu, appli­ca­tion list and back but­ton. On the back there are plas­tic inserts in the col­or of alu­minum. A huge plus is the nar­row side frames, which makes an already beau­ti­ful phone even more pre­mi­um and mod­ern. The phone looks very styl­ish and busi­ness-like, espe­cial­ly in the gold ver­sion. Pre­mi­um, in a word 🙂

Equip­ment. The phone is in a very lacon­ic, styl­ish white box made of high qual­i­ty card­board. As with all Xiao­mi smart­phones, the brand’s smart­phones are depict­ed on the front of the box. The pack­ag­ing is nor­mal, the box con­tains the phone itself, at the bot­tom there is all the doc­u­men­ta­tion and instruc­tions, there is also a very valu­able clip to open the SIM card tray. Just a charg­er and a USB cable. Noth­ing more.

Screen. He, as I said, five-inch, with an IPS matrix and Full HD res­o­lu­tion. The screen is good, the pix­els are not vis­i­ble, the col­ors are very bright and sat­u­rat­ed. Speak­ing of bright­ness, it is also very good here, the pic­ture on the screen can be dis­tin­guished even on the sun­ni­est day. View­ing angles are excel­lent, when tilt­ed, the pic­ture does not fade, is not dis­tort­ed. Only with a crit­i­cal change in posi­tion does the white col­or turn a lit­tle yel­low. A spe­cial plus is that if the col­ors are not to your lik­ing, you can adjust them in the set­tings.

Per­for­mance. On board the phone is a Snap­drag­on 650 hexa-core proces­sor with a fre­quen­cy of 1.8 Hz. RAM is 2 GB. In my opin­ion, in the ver­sion of 32 or more GB, the RAM is already 3GB. Built-in mem­o­ry here is 16GB, expand­able using an SD card up to 128GB. From myself I want to say that the per­for­mance on a smart­phone is sim­ply excel­lent. What­ev­er game I run, it runs great at max­i­mum or medi­um set­tings. I did not notice any “lags” in the process of using or in games. There are slight slow­downs when start­ing the smart­phone. At max­i­mum loads, the phone heats up notice­ably, but this heat is very pleas­ant, not burn­ing. In win­ter, you can even warm the han­dles 🙂

Bat­tery. That’s what I’m ready to for­give this Chi­nese for every­thing, so it’s for the bat­tery. It is 4000 mAh. I charge my phone every 2 days! This, of course, can not please. For that bud­get employ­ee, it’s great! You can safe­ly take the phone on week­end trips and not think about where the out­let is locat­ed near­by. At max­i­mum loads, the phone will live for at least a day. I usu­al­ly use the phone not to the max­i­mum, I go to social net­works, lis­ten to music, use appli­ca­tions, almost do not play games, and the smart­phone keeps charg­ing for 2 days.

Scan­ner. The phone, as already men­tioned, has a fin­ger­print scan­ner. It works smart­ly, it rec­og­nizes cor­rect­ly, I have not seen any errors in its work. It is extreme­ly con­ve­nient to use it when you take out a smart­phone from your pock­et, but not very con­ve­nient when the device is on the table. Of course, it’s sil­ly to say that the scan­ner is at the flag­ship lev­el, rather, this is anoth­er nice fea­ture in a great smart­phone.

Cam­era. That’s why I could put a big minus on the smart­phone, so it’s for the cam­era. The front cam­era is 16MP here. It takes aver­age qual­i­ty pic­tures in very good light­ing, if you build all the set­tings man­u­al­ly, then you can achieve some­thing more or less good. In gen­er­al, the front cam­era is 3. There is noth­ing to say about night shoot­ing, the pic­tures are very “noisy” and of poor qual­i­ty.

With the front cam­era, things are even worse. It seems that the res­o­lu­tion and aper­ture are good, but the pic­tures are nor­mal only on the street.

Sound.For the sound, the smart­phone can only be knocked down. It’s crisp, loud, and you can hear some bass in head­phones. With good head­phones, the sound qual­i­ty will not dis­ap­point. There is an equal­iz­er for music lovers.

Shell. The lat­est ver­sion of MIUI is installed in the smart­phone, which gets bet­ter with each update. More flex­i­ble, you can cus­tomize every­thing that you don’t like, remake it for your­self. Of the main chips, I can sin­gle out the one-hand­ed con­trol mode, chil­dren’s and sim­pli­fied modes, chang­ing the func­tions of the touch but­tons, as well as a very bright flash­light (good flash).

Con­clu­sion. The Chi­nese want­ed to make a phone with a big bat­tery and great per­for­mance, and yes, they suc­ceed­ed. great val­ue — this option is def­i­nite­ly for you! But if high-qual­i­ty pic­tures and cool self­ies for Insta­gram are very impor­tant to you, then you will have to find some­thing else. I think my review will help you make your choice! Good luck!