For a walk, pic­nic or day hike.

Pic­nic set

Why col­lect all the things sep­a­rate­ly when you can take a ready-made pic­nic set. The per­fect back­pack that already has every­thing you need: mugs, cut­ting board, knives, plates, forks and spoons. The isother­mal com­part­ment main­tains a con­stant tem­per­a­ture, which means your food won’t go bad even if you’re going to be out in nature all day.

Pic­nic blan­ket

One of the most nec­es­sary things for a pic­nic is a blan­ket. It is impor­tant that it be roomy, non-stain­ing and durable. We offer you to take a clos­er look at the Kveld fold­able dou­ble-sided blan­ket with a water-repel­lent coat­ing. You can sit on it with­out mess­ing up your clothes, and lay out food and drinks for a large com­pa­ny.

Exter­nal bat­tery

An exter­nal bat­tery is def­i­nite­ly indis­pens­able for a pic­nic. With it, the phone will not be dis­charged, which means that there will be many bright pho­tos. With the Harthill bat­tery, you can charge two devices at once. It is recharged from the built-in solar bat­tery, is not afraid of falls and splash­es of water.

Isother­mal back­pack

Where to store sand­wich­es, fruits and drinks that you are going to take with you? In a roomy and com­pact Liten Fest back­pack. The insu­lat­ed bag keeps the tem­per­a­ture inside for up to 6 hours, so snacks stay fresh. It’s also com­fort­able to car­ry thanks to padded, adjustable shoul­der straps and a car­ry­ing han­dle.

Spray water bot­tle

Stay hydrat­ed! The Vaske Flaske water bot­tle with spray func­tion will help you cool off on a hot day. Put lemon/orange slices in it, add a sprig of mint and enjoy. The lid is her­met­i­cal­ly twist­ed, so noth­ing will spill on the blan­ket or in the bag.