It hap­pens that you are look­ing for a suit­able flower pot, but in vain. You meet some­thing bor­ing, with­out zest or scream­ing from the cat­e­go­ry of “expen­sive-rich”.

Our eco-leather planter imme­di­ate­ly catch­es the eye — this is what I have been look­ing for for a long time. It looks styl­ish, from the col­or palette you can choose the right shade.

Flower pots from Rompi­ca­to are prac­ti­cal, it pro­vides auto­mat­ic water­ing.

How is a planter with auto­mat­ic water­ing arranged?

In the set you will receive an out­er planter cov­ered with eco-leather, an inner tech­ni­cal pot and a wick with which the soil in the pot will be kept moist. The water­ing mech­a­nism is sim­ple: you need to get the inner pot, pour the right amount of water and return the plant back. Slow cap­il­lary water­ing main­tains the required lev­el of mois­ture, the earth ball does not dry out and does not become water­logged. You can water the flower in the usu­al way. Even if you work a lot, often go on busi­ness trips or trav­el, the plants are opti­mal­ly moist­ened by cap­il­lary method.

It is easy to care for eco-leather. The sur­face is wiped dur­ing clean­ing in the same way as oth­er pieces of fur­ni­ture or decor.

The pots are made by hand. They are orig­i­nal and ele­gant, they say that com­fort is in the lit­tle things, beau­ty is in the details.

Sur­round your­self with beau­ty. And we are here to help you with that.