The health and beau­ty of your hair depends not only on chem­i­cal, but also on mechan­i­cal influ­ences!

Remem­ber how we washed our hair in our child­hood? Foam­ing the whole mop of hair with an accom­plice “quack-quack”? Wet­ted and rubbed spar­ing no effort, like linen on a wash­board?


And now we are try­ing to for­get and not do it again!

Our task is to learn to do the fol­low­ing with love.


Beat the sham­poo in your hands until foam forms. Apply to wet scalp with mas­sage move­ments. Styling, leave-in prod­ucts and oth­er impu­ri­ties will come off the length of the hair along with foam and water. We DO NOT wet the length! Oth­er­wise there will be dry fluffy straw.

The most pop­u­lar LORYS sham­poo with Aloe Vera extract for those who lack vol­ume and have to wash their hair fre­quent­ly. With the help of mild sul­fates, gen­tly cleanse, remove excess fat and make hair crumbly.


A use­ful step in the care reg­i­men. Once a week, we clean the deep­er lay­ers of the skin with it.


Care­ful­ly wring out the hair after wash­ing. Wet with a soft tow­el, and prefer­ably with a T‑shirt (hus­band))). We apply a mask, retreat­ing from the roots. For greater effect, we put on a hat made of poly­eth­yl­ene.

We are wait­ing.

Wash off.

A hair mask with an extract of the Brazil­ian Jab­o­ran­di flower will help mois­tur­ize and restore hair along the entire length. Jab­o­ran­di is a med­i­c­i­nal plant. Jab­o­ran­di pro­motes the regen­er­a­tion of new cells.


Con­di­tion­er was applied after the mask. It clos­es the scales of nour­ished and mois­tur­ized hair. Con­di­tion­er and mask have com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent func­tions and can­not inter­change with­out each oth­er! Rinse out the con­di­tion­er or not depends on the prod­uct. We read the instruc­tions on the labels.

5. Leave-In Serum/Liquid Silk

On damp hair (not wet), apply a leave-in prod­uct. Rub in hands until hot feel­ing and care­ful­ly dis­trib­ute along the length of the hair. We pay more atten­tion to the ends.

Liq­uid silk from LORYS has a unique for­mu­la and was cre­at­ed for hair recon­struc­tion. After it, the hair is smooth and shiny, as after salon care.

The rule “the more the bet­ter” does not work. For the desired effect, dis­trib­ute funds more care­ful­ly and pay atten­tion to each strand.

Sham­poos, con­di­tion­ers and masks are washed off for a long time, plen­ti­ful­ly, not spar­ing water and strength!

Dry­ing your hair nat­u­ral­ly is not the health­i­est way! If you dry your hair at a dis­tance and on medi­um mode, you will keep your hair healthy and beau­ti­ful for many years.