In prepa­ra­tion for the sum­mer sea­son, in order to look slim and fit, we are in a hur­ry, try­ing to get in shape in ways that are not always effec­tive. Teas for weight loss are cer­tain­ly good, but we lack one thing, some­times sim­ple con­stan­cy and reg­u­lar action!

How many times have you start­ed train­ing on “Mon­day” and end­ed it on Tues­day, or not start­ed at all and post­poned for a week ahead? With the “Paints” and “Flow­ers” glid­ers of the Play­Plan­ner brand, name­ly the habit track­er, you will be able to achieve the desired results with reg­u­lar actions!

The habit track­er is a tool by which we keep track of reg­u­lar actions that are ben­e­fi­cial for the body. The track­er is includ­ed in the con­tent of the glid­er and is locat­ed in the turn for each week. It helps to estab­lish new habits or get rid of old ones!

How to use the habit tracker?

Step 1: Open Play­Plan­ner Week­ly Spread

Step 2. In the lines on the right, write down the 5 habits you want to instill. Do not write too much so as not to over­load your­self

Step 3. Do habits dai­ly, and in the box with squares on the left, tick, fill in, cross out the days when you pulled your­self togeth­er and stuck to habits

Impor­tant: a habit is formed in 21 days! When the week­ly peri­od for which the table was designed has passed, you can eval­u­ate the results and be proud of your­self if you last­ed the entire peri­od and reward your­self for the work done. And the next week, start again with the obser­vance of habits. If a habit has tak­en root from a glid­er and turned into a reg­u­lar activ­i­ty that we do effort­less­ly, such as “brush­ing our teeth in the morn­ing,” then instead of this habit we write down a new one. Thanks to the track­er, it is not only con­ve­nient to fol­low the train­ing reg­i­men, but the skills of man­ag­ing your time and plan­ning your actions are excel­lent­ly devel­oped.

Top 5 habits, the observance of which will help to put the figure in order and lose weight:

1. Com­pli­ance with water bal­ance

2. Dai­ly work­outs from 10–15 min­utes

3. Don’t eat 3 hours before bed

4. Take vit­a­mins, such as B12, D, etc.

5. Apply dry mas­sage, scrap­ing.

Play­Plan­ner prod­ucts have a suf­fi­cient num­ber of plans in bright and del­i­cate cov­ers with a habit track­er, so you can eas­i­ly find a con­ve­nient and visu­al­ly pleas­ing one for your­self. Every day mark the per­for­mance of a cer­tain action, and you will def­i­nite­ly bring it to automa­tism and achieve the nec­es­sary results. And Remem­ber, “We are what we do all the time” — Aris­to­tle.