Base and primer — what is it?

If we are talk­ing about make­up, then here the primer does not dif­fer from the base. But in man­i­cure art — these are com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent coat­ings. Of course, novice mas­ters often iden­ti­fy con­cepts and they are for­giv­en. Often, the primer is used by nail art mas­ters in salon con­di­tions, while only the base is enough for an ama­teur man­i­cure.

- the base (for exam­ple, the base for gel pol­ish) looks like a typ­i­cal nail pol­ish with a trans­par­ent struc­ture. How­ev­er, its main pur­pose is to pre­pare the nail plate for fur­ther appli­ca­tion of the col­ored lay­er. The base lev­els the sur­faces, fill­ing cracks and pro­vid­ing excel­lent grip with the next ball;

- primer — a liq­uid with a sharp alco­hol odor. Depend­ing on the intend­ed pur­pose, there are:

1. degreased: mate­ri­als from alco­hol and alde­hy­des, which com­plete­ly rid the sur­face of the lipid lay­er;

2. “primer” — a coat­ing with the func­tion of a primer, resem­bling glue. Needs dry­ing with a lamp and increas­es the qual­i­ty of adhe­sion, pro­tects the nail from neg­a­tive exter­nal influ­ences. “Primer” is used both for shel­lac and for exten­sions.

What was the top for?

The top requires poly­mer­iza­tion in a UV or LED lamp, after which the sticky lay­er must be removed from the coat­ing.