Every­one has been famil­iar with this ele­ment of the wardrobe since child­hood. Indeed, the T‑shirt was ful­ly used as under­wear, with­out which it was impos­si­ble to imag­ine any image. If a T‑shirt was not worn, it was sim­ply con­sid­ered vul­gar­i­ty and a sign of bad taste.

The shirt under­went sig­nif­i­cant changes in the 1980s. Of course, the first who dared to allow them­selves to use a T‑shirt as an ele­ment of their image are movie stars and artists. The shirt empha­sized sexy forms, as well as the ath­let­ic fig­ures of movie stars. T‑shirts were cho­sen as com­fort­able stage clothes by musi­cians. Look­ing at their idols, numer­ous fans and admir­ers began to wear them as out­er­wear.

And as a result, the T‑shirt from under­wear has become one of the main basic ele­ments of every­day wardrobe and has become a uni­ver­sal basis for cre­at­ing a vari­ety of images.

Mod­ern, func­tion­al T‑shirt pre­sent­ed brand “SL rai­ment» — this is tank top with straps mod­el “Spaghet­ti strapped shirt”. It is she who is the most com­mon and basic mod­el that can be safe­ly used in cre­at­ing an image in style. busi­ness casu­al or smart casu­al. With it, you can eas­i­ly and sim­ply cre­ate many inter­est­ing images.

T‑shirt with straps “SL rai­ment» It can be com­bined with both a clas­sic jack­et and a sports bomber jack­et.

It is nec­es­sary in the sum­mer and indis­pens­able in the win­ter. High-qual­i­ty cot­ton, smooth and durable weav­ing of Penier qual­i­ty thread, per­fect fit is what dis­tin­guish­es brand “SL rai­ment» from the rest.

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We present a col­lec­tion of basic prod­ucts of the SL rai­ment brand: