A monowheel is an elec­tric uni­cy­cle, a small vehi­cle with two ped­als and one wheel. At first glance, it seems that it is very dif­fi­cult to man­age it. But it’s not. In this arti­cle, we talked about the rules for man­ag­ing a uni­cy­cle and col­lect­ed the top of the best uni­cy­cles.

Prices are valid at the time of writ­ing.

A uni­cy­cle is an unusu­al way to get around the city. Pho­to: kstore.ru

How to ride a uni­cy­cle
How to choose a uni­cy­cle
Ninebot by Seg­way One S2
Air­wheel Q5
King­Song 16S SPORTS
Ninebot by Seg­way One Z10
InMo­tion V11

How to ride a unicycle

You can con­trol four move­ments:

  • tilt for­ward — accel­er­a­tion;
  • tilt back — brak­ing (reduc­ing speed);
  • tilt left or right — turn in that direc­tion.

How to start rid­ing a uni­cy­cle?

  • Step one is to put on your gear (hel­met, elbow pads, knee pads).
  • Step two is to find sup­port. The uni­cy­cle must be put on the band­wag­on next to the train­er, wall, fence.
  • Step three is to define your main leg. To do this, you need to stand up straight and begin to lean for­ward. The leg with which you auto­mat­i­cal­ly take the first step is the main one.

Train­ing to work with a uni­cy­cle con­sists of sev­er­al stages:

  • get used to the posi­tion of the legs. One foot must be put on the ped­al, lean the low­er leg against the body of the uni­cy­cle. The oth­er foot is on the ground. A lit­tle “roll” it back and forth with one, the sec­ond leg. The body must get used to this new sen­sa­tion;
  • grasp the sup­port firm­ly. Step on the ped­al with your main foot. And put the sec­ond leg also on the uni­cy­cle. This move­ment must be done care­ful­ly, with­out jerks (oth­er­wise the uni­cy­cle can go). The weight must be kept on the main leg. The pur­pose of this exer­cise is to learn how to stand on the struc­ture and keep bal­ance;
  • start mov­ing. First, it is impor­tant to hold on to a sup­port. To ride, you need to slight­ly tilt the body for­ward. A uni­cy­cle is a very “respon­sive” vehi­cle, it imme­di­ate­ly reacts to the move­ment of the body. How to slow down? Slight­ly tilt the body back. The main thing at this stage is to learn how to dri­ve in a straight line and brake;
  • The last step is to learn how to turn. To do this, just tilt the body a lit­tle. The high­er the speed, the more you need to tilt the body. The slope should be soft, with­out jerks.

Impor­tant: in the CIS, not every­where there are spe­cial paths for bicy­cles, uni­cy­cles and scoot­ers, and the rules for mov­ing on this trans­port are con­stant­ly chang­ing.

At the moment, you can ride uni­cy­cles:

  • in spe­cial­ly des­ig­nat­ed areas (parks with sports paths), on the sides of pedes­tri­an roads;
  • at a speed of no more than 15 km/h in areas with pedes­tri­an traf­fic;
  • in spe­cial equip­ment: hel­met, elbow pads, knee pads;
  • chil­dren under 14 only accom­pa­nied by adults.
While dri­ving, it is impor­tant to fol­low the safe­ty rules: do not dri­ve faster than 15 km/h in a crowd­ed place, wear a hel­met, knee pads. Pho­to: smartworld.it

How to choose a unicycle

one. Wheel diam­e­ter (cm). The small­er the size, the lighter the wheel. Small mod­els are easy to man­age for peo­ple with short stature, chil­dren, teenagers. It is usu­al­ly rec­om­mend­ed to choose as fol­lows: for chil­dren — up to 30 cm; for teenagers (train­ing and rid­ing) and adults (train­ing) — 30–40 cm; for adults (rid­ing) — 35+ cm.

2. Max­i­mum load (kg) - usu­al­ly uni­cy­cles can with­stand up to 120 kg. But there are more heavy-duty mod­els.

3. Max­i­mum speed (km/h) — if you plan to ride only in the city, it makes no sense to buy a mod­el that accel­er­ates to 60 km / h. For the city, monowheels with a speed of up to 20 km / h are enough. And if you plan to dri­ve cross-coun­try and need a uni­cy­cle for coun­try extreme sports, you can choose a more pow­er­ful mod­el.

four. Max­i­mum mileage per charge (km) — it all depends on your desires. If you need a toy for rare rides, you can take a mod­el up to 50 km. If for reg­u­lar and long rides, you should pay atten­tion to options that can trav­el from 75 km on 1 charge.

5. Num­ber of wheels. There are designs with two wheels locat­ed side by side. The dual design is more sta­ble. There­fore, it is rec­om­mend­ed for learn­ing.

6. Addi­tion­al­ly. The pres­ence of mul­ti-col­ored illu­mi­na­tion from all sides, a retractable han­dle, inter­change­able col­ored side pan­els. These are not the most impor­tant, but pleas­ant lit­tle things.

A uni­cy­cle is a con­ve­nient way of trans­porta­tion for teenagers and adults. Pho­to: ebay.com

Top unicycles 2022

And now let’s move on to our top.

Ninebot by Segway One S2

Our top starts with this inex­pen­sive uni­cy­cle. It is suit­able for teenagers and adults, learn­ing:

  • has a small wheel diam­e­ter (36 inch­es);
  • with­stands up to 120 kg of weight;
  • does not devel­op high speed (only up to 24 km / h);
  • On 1 charge you can dri­ve up to 30 km.

You can ride a uni­cy­cle on smooth roads, tiles. It is not rec­om­mend­ed to ride on sand or clay — it will not have enough pow­er to over­come such zones.

The mois­ture pro­tec­tion lev­el of the Ninebot by Seg­way One S2 uni­cy­cle is IP54. This means that you can ride in fog, dur­ing high humid­i­ty. The case is pro­tect­ed from splash­es and dust, you can dri­ve through a shal­low pud­dle. But don’t ride in heavy rain. Water will enter the hous­ing and cause dam­age.

Styl­ish and com­fort­able uni­cy­cle with back­light. Pho­to: life-garage.mozello.lv

Airwheel Q5

This is a spe­cial mod­el of our rat­ing — it has 2 wheels. They make the struc­ture more sta­ble. Because of this, it is eas­i­er to con­trol the uni­cy­cle, and the risk of falling is less. This makes the Air­wheel Q5 the best option for begin­ners. This uni­cy­cle:

  • devel­ops a low max­i­mum speed — up to 18 km / h. There is a speed lim­iter. You can set the max­i­mum — this is espe­cial­ly impor­tant when train­ing, so as not to fall;
  • weighs lit­tle (11.5 kg). There is a han­dle — the uni­cy­cle can be lift­ed like a bag;
  • It has pro­tec­tion against deep dis­charge of the bat­tery. When the bat­tery capac­i­ty drops to 15%, an audi­ble sig­nal sounds and the indi­ca­tor lights up. The Air­wheel Q5 starts to lean for­ward a bit. Because of this, the dri­ver leans back. As a result, the speed decreas­es, and the wheel grad­u­al­ly stops;
  • with­stands up to 120 kg and has a wheel diam­e­ter of 36 cm (as the pre­vi­ous mod­el);
  • on a sin­gle charge can trav­el up to 23 km;
  • can lev­el out. At a devi­a­tion of more than 45 degrees, the rollover pro­tec­tion is acti­vat­ed and the body of the device begins to lev­el;
  • has a spe­cial foot­board. The device can be placed ver­ti­cal­ly. And it’s eas­i­er to get on it because of this.

The mod­el is intend­ed for teenagers and adults. There are bright LEDs on the front and back of the case that light up the road.

Air­wheel Q5 is a unique mod­el of our top with two wheels. Pho­to: www.ar.pinterest.com

KingSong 16S SPORTS

The King­song uni­cy­cle is a larg­er mod­el of our top (40.6 cm in diam­e­ter). It is intend­ed for those who already know how to ride. Because this uni­cy­cle speeds up to 35 km / h, it has a lot of pow­er (1200 W ver­sus 500 and 450 for pre­vi­ous mod­els).

Advan­tages of King­Song 16S SPORTS:

  • there is an LED head­light with a light sen­sor — it auto­mat­i­cal­ly turns on when it gets dark out­side. The back­light can be con­trolled via an app on a smart­phone;
  • the ped­als are made of alu­mini­um. They are thin, durable, have a spe­cial rough coat­ing. This increas­es the grip between the ped­al and the shoe;
  • there is a retractable alu­minum han­dle — the uni­cy­cle can be rolled like a suit­case;
  • speak­ers are built into this elec­tric uni­cy­cle. You can use your smart­phone (Blue­tooth) to turn on the music on the uni­cy­cle.
Con­ve­nient mod­el for teenagers and adults. Pho­to: ewheels.com

Ninebot by Segway One Z10

Styl­ish, large mod­el (45.7 cm in diam­e­ter) for pro­fes­sion­als. Devel­ops high speed (up to 45 km / h), pow­er­ful (1800 W) — for a begin­ner and train­ing, it is bet­ter to choose an eas­i­er option.

The Ninebot by Seg­way One Z10 uni­cy­cle is focused on dri­ving both in the city and off-road. An impor­tant plus is the width of the wheel. For this mod­el, it is as much as 10 cm. The wider the wheel, the:

  • more sta­ble uni­cy­cle;
  • eas­i­er to learn how to ride it;
  • more sur­faces to dri­ve on (not only asphalt, but also earth, tiles, grass).

Advan­tages of the mod­el:

  • Ribbed rub­ber ped­als for good grip
  • lots of back­light­ing: LEDs in the front to illu­mi­nate the road and a brake light in the rear;
  • There is a mount for an action cam­era.
Styl­ish and pow­er­ful uni­cy­cle Ninebot by Seg­way One Z10. Pho­to: allegro.pl

InMotion V11

Styl­ish mod­el made of met­al and black plas­tic. It has a large wheel diam­e­ter (45.7 cm), a fold­ing han­dle for easy trans­porta­tion. The InMo­tion V11 uni­cy­cle is the most pow­er­ful (2200 W) and fastest of our top. It devel­oped a speed of up to 55 km / h. And on one bat­tery charge, the uni­cy­cle can trav­el up to 120 km.

The main fea­ture of this mod­el — the pres­ence of sus­pen­sion and built-in shock absorbers. This makes the move smooth. The move­ment will be com­fort­able not only on a flat road, but also on bumpy ter­rain. The front pan­el has a large head­light for bet­ter illu­mi­na­tion of the road.

InMo­tion V11 is the most pow­er­ful wheel in our rank­ing. Pho­to: scooterzmalaysia.com

We col­lect­ed the char­ac­ter­is­tics of all monowheels from the top in one table.

Feature/Model Ninebot by Seg­way One S2 Air­wheel Q5 King­Song 16S SPORTS Ninebot by Seg­way One Z10 InMo­tion V11
Wheel diam­e­ter (cm) 36 36 40.6 45.7 45.7
Max­i­mum load (kg) 120 120 150 150 120
Pow­er, W) 500 450 1200 1800 2200
Max­i­mum mileage per charge (km) thir­ty 23 75 90 120
Max­i­mum speed (km/h) 24 eigh­teen 35 45 55
Num­ber of wheels one 2 one one one
A pen No Not Yes Not Yes
Fold­ing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Back­light Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Weight, kg) eleven 11.5 17.6 24 28
Price (rubles) from 44 000 from 50 000 from 80 000 from 137 000 from 150 000

We hope that our tips will help you learn how to ride a uni­cy­cle and choose the right mod­el for rid­ing.