Why meizu?
Before that, there was Nexus 4. I often reflashed, changed cores, etc. But I noticed that I’ve been sit­ting on one firmware for half a year. Appar­ent­ly it has grown. H4 no longer worked on the lat­est android, did not sup­port all the coolest chips, the matrix peeled off the screen and the head­phone port did not work. All this prompt­ed me to think about a new appa­ra­tus. Of course, I con­sid­ered Nexus 6p, sgs7, mi 5 and 1 + 3. But for some rea­son I hooked it on 6. I don’t know what exact­ly: design, case mate­ri­als, assem­bly, some kind of pre­mi­um. But there is some­thing in it, it’s a fact.
Case: gor­geous, thin, per­fect­ly assem­bled, bet­ter than H4. Noth­ing creaks, does not play, does not stag­ger. The col­or is more dark pur­ple than black. But I even like it. There is a dark bor­der around the but­ton, but in the light it shim­mers and turns gray. For some rea­son, there is an opin­ion that it looks like an iPhone. But, if I did not know these devices and saw them for the first time, I would have thought that this is an Apple — a Chi­nese fake for a meizu. And this is seri­ous now — the design of meizu is supe­ri­or to Apple, and it is sim­i­lar only in gen­er­al ele­ments.
Cam­eras: the front cam­era is mag­i­cal. It’s all. The rear cam­era, if there is light, also shoots super, lev­el c6. But in the dark, things change, nois­es appear. But who takes pic­tures of some­thing impor­tant in the dark?) Yes, the video shakes, but less than on n4, I’m hap­py. Aut­o­fo­cus does­n’t work very well. Accu­rate, but not fast. I write off the soft­ware. The flash is also not bad, the tone changes active­ly dur­ing the pho­to.
Flame: flies. I just didn’t like the fact that half of the RAM is almost always occu­pied, as well as the lack of some sys­tem func­tions from the stock android. And so I always liked the fly. A sort of ios + android.
But­ton: great. Touch — action back, press — action home, hold for a long time — lock, you can set the launch of the cam­era by dou­ble-click­ing. The scan­ner is very fast, with updates it only improves its per­for­mance.
Screen and 3D press: the screen is good, a lit­tle green, but who looks at the screen at 60 degrees of inci­dence? 3d press is a good thing. In the launch­er, in the brows­er, in the gallery. But no devel­op­er sup­port. So not very help­ful. How­ev­er, they could have come up with meizu them­selves: for exam­ple, open­ing a wid­get in a win­dow on the desk­top. But here, I hope, the devel­op­ers of the fly will think more.
Bat­tery: games — melts quick­ly. Every­thing else — 5–6 hours of screen, all day. Vk, brows­ing, telegram, music, music from the speak­er, music on the Inter­net and music on the Inter­net with blue­tooth. Charges in an hour.
Sound: GORGEOUS. I use my phone instead of a speak­er now when I do fit­ness, etc. The sound in my ears is also good, there is a head­set cal­i­bra­tion, after which the sound is loud­er and clear­er. The head­set, by the way, is com­plete (only in mod­els for 64) bet­ter than my senkhs cx175.
Proces­sor: I don’t play heavy games, I didn’t set bench­marks, so I can’t say for sure. But sim­ple lone­ly one, clash of clans, clash roy­al and heart­stone go with a bang.
Out­come: Sat­is­fied. That’s what I need. A thin, heavy piece of met­al, stuffed with the lat­est tech­nol­o­gy. But the lock but­ton (on the right side) is a lit­tle frus­trat­ing, which stopped “click­ing” after a week of use, or maybe just did not imme­di­ate­ly pay atten­tion.