This is Ted­dy the mas­ter­mind and chief bowl tester for the Wood4Pet brand.

Our goal is to cre­ate not only a prac­ti­cal and use­ful prod­uct for pets, but also to dec­o­rate the inte­ri­or of the house.

Our range includes two mod­els:

  • stand with bowls of 240 ml (for small breeds of dogs and cats)
  • stand with bowls of 480 ml (for small and medi­um breeds of dogs and large cats)

Mate­r­i­al coast­ers for bowls spe­cial­ly select­ed pine. Each coast­er has its own unique “nature-drawn” design. And when design­ing bowls, we match every detail to the next, so that beau­ti­ful com­bi­na­tions of wood are pleas­ing to your eye.

The stand is coat­ed with a spe­cial wood-pro­tect­ing oil based on nat­ur­al ingre­di­ents, which pro­tects the prod­uct from water and ensures com­fort­able care. It’s okay if your pet spills some water, just wipe the base with a rag or paper tow­el.

Ortho­pe­dic incli­na­tion of 10 degrees con­tributes not only to a deli­cious meal, but also to the most healthy food intake, the ani­mal keeps the cor­rect pos­ture, swal­lows less air with food.

To study more detailed infor­ma­tion and read the reviews of our cus­tomers https://www.wildberries.ru/brands/wood4pet or write wood4pet in the search!

With love to you and your pets!