The Cos­mo­lac prod­uct line has a very pleas­ant top­coat with a super vel­vety effect — Top Velor.

This mat­te hand­some man will def­i­nite­ly become your favorite!

Its incred­i­bly soft and pleas­ant to the touch tex­ture will delight you through­out the life cycle of your man­i­cure!

And our unique for­mu­la will allow you not to be afraid to stain your man­i­cure dur­ing every­day wear.

But if cos­met­ics or spices sud­den­ly get on your nails, then wash­ing your hands or a wet wipe will save the sit­u­a­tion by restor­ing your man­i­cure!

The mat­te fin­ish of our Velor Top won’t rub off or turn glossy.

Ver­i­fied by experts!


  • Apply a thin lay­er on the col­ored coat­ing, pre­vi­ous­ly dried in the lamp
  • Dry in Led\UV lamp 60/120 sec


  • Keep out of direct sun­light and do not store at high tem­per­a­tures
  • Top Velor is a dec­o­ra­tive coat­ing, which means that it should be applied on TOP WITH A STICKY lay­er! This is nec­es­sary so that the pig­ment from the col­or coat­ing does not “rise” and does not mix with the mat­te top.