We con­tin­ue to be pleased with the grow­ing change of Kom­so­mol from the Land of the Ris­ing Sun with their dili­gence, the qual­i­ty of pro­duc­tion and the har­mo­ny of the ranks, keep­ing pace with the times. Car audio is no excep­tion. The mon­i­tored head unit is a con­fir­ma­tion of this and an exam­ple of the unre­strained, a lit­tle too fast, evo­lu­tion of radio elec­tron­ics. I would not change my obso­lete, but well-func­tion­ing, 150-ku, if it played FLAC. But MP3 ini­tial­ly infu­ri­at­ed me with its infe­ri­or­i­ty, and with each lis­ten­ing some kind of neg­a­tive emo­tion accu­mu­lat­ed inside me. And recent­ly, I felt that all this could spill over and splat­ter the imme­di­ate envi­ron­ment. There was a need to change the “head” to FLAC — repro­ducible (the best option was MVH-X580BT — there is a 24bit / 96kHz DAC, a proces­sor, 3 pairs of ampli­fi­er out­puts, etc., but the price still bites). It seemed that the 180th mod­el came out quite recent­ly and it was decid­ed to take it, but then the 190th appears, and even cheap­er than the 180th with the same func­tion­al­i­ty — the deci­sion was obvi­ous.

I bought this radio tape recorder a cou­ple of months ago, by the way, the price turned out to be quite a nice price on Photosklad.ru.

And so, what awaits you in the box —

Includ­ed with the device with a remov­able pan­el are:

- frame-chas­sis, some kind of fas­ten­ers and two pullers. By the 150th, this all does not fit, and vice ver­sa.

- con­nec­tor with two adapters: for speak­ers and for pow­er.

- on the tra­di­tion­al plas­tic case that pro­tect­ed the remov­able pan­el when car­ry­ing, saved. Now it’s a rag bag with a tie.

Con­trol algo­rithms are intu­itive. Who­ev­er took the Pio­neer for the first time will quick­ly get used to it. Be sure to prac­tice in the park­ing lot until the basics of con­trol fit in your head. In the instruc­tions, it is gen­er­al­ly writ­ten that it is for­bid­den to switch any­thing in motion.

- switch­ing sig­nal sources — with the same SRC but­ton

- appeared at this stage of evo­lu­tion the nec­es­sary but­ton for com­plete and instant mut­ing of the sound MUTE (in the upper left cor­ner). Works on all sig­nal sources.

Turn­ing off the device — hold “SRC” for a few sec­onds or stu­pid­ly remove the con­trol pan­el, though then when the bat­tery is turned off, all set­tings will be reset. For long-term park­ing (for a night or more), take the remov­able pan­el home not only for safe­ty rea­sons, but also because of sud­den changes in tem­per­a­ture and humid­i­ty in the cab­in, espe­cial­ly in win­ter and in wet weath­er.