Today I want to tell you about high-qual­i­ty bud­get head­phones from the com­pa­ny Xiao­mi — Xiao­mi Mi Head­phones.
I want to say right away that they are one of the best head­phones that I came across that I used.
Appear­ance. Exter­nal­ly, the head­phones look very cool. On the head­phones there are met­al inserts “under gold”. Head­phones look very rich, but not mod­ern. Rather, it is the “old school” style, but this style in head­phones is so much in the sub­ject that it auto­mat­i­cal­ly catch­es the eye. The cups them­selves are made of alu­minum, and the most remark­able thing is that they have a lot of grooves, which results in a shim­mer­ing and shin­ing effect.
In the mid­dle of the bowl there is a woven con­vex mesh. The head­board and cups fas­ten­ing links are con­nect­ed with yel­low screws, which looks just as lux­u­ri­ous. In gen­er­al, the head­phones them­selves are from the “expen­sive-rich” series, but the price has noth­ing to do with it. The edges of the head­board are clad in “gold­en” tips, on which it is writ­ten where the right ear­piece is, and where the left one is. More let­ters “
L” and “R” can be found on the back of the ear pads. The head­band is made of syn­thet­ic leather, which also gives a cer­tain lux­u­ry. The head­band is quite soft, but it press­es a lit­tle on the head. Head­phones are assem­bled per­fect­ly, no back­lash and creak­ing.
A huge plus that cable can be detached. Clos­er to the mid­dle, the cable has split­ters that are con­nect­ed to each “ear” sep­a­rate­ly. The cable itself is very well made. It seems to be fab­ric, has a fab­ric braid, which means that the cable becomes more reli­able and durable.
Remote con­troller. He is here. Also gold­en. It has one but­ton with which you can pause the track, answer the call, and switch the melodies “back” and “for­ward”.
A huge minus for me was that there are no vol­ume con­trol but­tons. It seems to me that the remote con­trol is a lit­tle out of the gen­er­al design of the head­phones, it does not real­ly fit into the over­all pic­ture.
Equip­ment. Sep­a­rate­ly, I want to say about the con­fig­u­ra­tion. She is one of the best here. First­ly, there is a hard case in the pack­age, in which you can store the head­phones, there is also a soft case, but which will not pro­tect the head­phones. In addi­tion, there are 2 adapters, which are very rare now in the head­phone pack­age. And what was com­plete­ly news to me is that there are three pairs of inter­change­able ear pads in the kit. The first are stan­dard, made of syn­thet­ic leather, the sec­ond are the same, only made of foam rub­ber, and the third pair are the largest. The sound of the first and third is no dif­fer­ent, the lat­ter can be used for long lis­ten­ing to music.
Sound. The sound in leather ear cush­ions is quite juicy. It is very cool that the head­phones have pro­nounced bass. The noise iso­la­tion in the head­phones is aver­age. Even, for exam­ple, in trans­port, it is not very con­ve­nient to use them — exter­nal noise inter­feres.
But in foam rub­ber ear pads, the sound is dif­fer­ent, dri­er and flat­ter. They can be used if the sound is very over­sat­u­rat­ed, and with big bass (if, of course, this hap­pens
The head­phones them­selves open type. Anoth­er huge dis­ad­van­tage is that the head­phones have very poor sound iso­la­tion, which means that if you lis­ten to music, the peo­ple around you will hear it per­fect­ly.
The head­phones are dis­tin­guished by the fact that there is a draw­ing of the sound stage, and this means that the sound becomes, as it were, mul­ti-lay­ered and eas­i­ly sep­a­ra­ble. Each sound plan is quite clear (keys, drums).
When lis­ten­ing to music with vocal load, crys­tal clear sound is heard.
All gen­res of music sound in head­phones very good.
Con­clu­sion. I would like to start sum­ming up the short­com­ings. These include a low-func­tion­al remote con­trol, poor sound insu­la­tion and noise iso­la­tion. Of the advan­tages, I could sin­gle out very beau­ti­ful, styl­ish head­phones in the “old” style. For the price, these are very cool head­phones for home or stu­dio use. You should also not lis­ten to music in pub­lic trans­port, per­haps only clas­si­cal