Hel­lo every­one, today I want to tell you about head­phones from Meizu. Name­ly, about the HD50 mod­el in black. Go!

Design. Out­ward­ly, the “ears” look both catchy and reserved. The bowls are alu­minum and the hinges are made of steel. The head­band is lined with soft and pleas­ant syn­thet­ic leather. The ear pads are also made from it. On the one hand, there are no flashy ele­ments here, such as milling and screws, but thanks to the use of met­al and high qual­i­ty work­man­ship, the head­phones feel like a mil­lion dol­lars in your hands.JIn addi­tion to the black ver­sion, a white ver­sion is also avail­able.

Head­phones can take a more com­pact form, which means they are con­ve­nient to trans­port and car­ry with you. They won’t take up much space.
The clar­i­ty of the mechan­i­cal ele­ments is excel­lent, the hinges go tight and smooth­ly, the back­lash in some places, if there is, is much low­er than that of expen­sive emi­nent head­phones.
Of the impor­tant ele­ments of the con­struc­tive, I would like to note the remov­able cable. There is only one lan­yard with a micro­phone and a remote con­trol, 1.2 meters long. It can be eas­i­ly replaced.

Micro­phone very good in cable. The remote also works well with all smart­phones.
The head­phones do not weigh very much — 220 grams. The weight allows you to enjoy music for sev­er­al hours with­out feel­ing tired of the neck or ears.

Sound.Its qual­i­ty, per­son­al­ly, pleased me. Even with­out equal­iz­er set­tings, the head­phones sound very good, but if you dig into the set­tings, the sound will be just love­ly. The clar­i­ty is very high. There is no blur­ring of details. Sec­ondary instru­ments are heard well, the sound is pleas­ant and soft.
Noise iso­la­tion the ear pads are good enough. If you are rid­ing in trans­port next to talk­ing peo­ple, you can track their speech, per­haps, by the move­ment of their lips. The fill noise is also damped quite well, although not com­plete­ly.
Sound­proof­ing also made me hap­py. If, again, you are trav­el­ing in pub­lic trans­port, then it will be very dif­fi­cult for oth­ers to hear music in head­phones, in any case, until you drop the head­phones around your neck.
Con­clu­sion. Head­phones Meizu The HD50 is one of the best open-back head­phones in its price range. In addi­tion to the sound qual­i­ty, these head­phones are pleased with the qual­i­ty of the case and even the equip­ment. For these head­phones, more famous and expen­sive brands for this mon­ey can­not offer either a sim­i­lar sound, or func­tion­al­i­ty, or ergonom­ics.