There are no assem­bly instruc­tions includ­ed. The good thing is that the soft­box is easy to assem­ble.

Fas­ten­ing — only on a rack. It’s a pity, under sim­i­lar soft­ware of the same com­pa­ny they wrote that it is also attached to a tri­pod with­out danc­ing with a tam­bourine.

“The flash mount has a num­ber of adjust­ments, which allows you to fine-tune the hold­er to the dimen­sions of the mod­el being used. The hold­er for the on-cam­era flash is equipped with a reli­able and easy-to-use lock­ing sys­tem” — the descrip­tion is quite accu­rate, but does not quite reflect real­i­ty: a very tight mech­a­nism that is not very and mech­a­nism. In order for it to start mov­ing with a creak, it is nec­es­sary to unscrew the fix­ing screw almost com­plete­ly.