Three actu­al fin­ish­ing mate­ri­als for the hall­way Ticiana Deluxe

Every sec­ond arti­cle about hall­ways begins with the words that it is in the hall­way that the first impres­sion of the inte­ri­or is formed. It real­ly is. There­fore, in design projects, the hall­way is not treat­ed as an exclu­sive­ly tech­ni­cal area where a per­son does not linger for a long time, but is con­sid­ered as the source of the inte­ri­or style of the entire project. How to dec­o­rate the hall­way to make it prac­ti­cal, aes­thet­i­cal­ly pleas­ing and durable? We have col­lect­ed the TOP‑3 trendy fin­ish­ing mate­ri­als of the Ticiana Deluxe trade­mark

Grace­ful Aria

In mat­ters of choos­ing Venet­ian plas­ter, the hall­way is the most demand­ing area in the apart­ment. Here, not only tram­ple and get dirty, all the fur­ni­ture and oth­er bulky goods invari­ably “pass” through the hall­way. Aria plas­ter does its job bril­liant­ly! It allows you to get var­i­ous col­or and artis­tic com­po­si­tions, while sav­ing paint con­sump­tion. And the use of Ceroso wax as a top­coat will give gloss and high wear resis­tance.

Loft with Cemen­to

Con­crete imi­ta­tion in hall­ways is a pop­u­lar neo­clas­sic! This tech­nique will always look har­mo­nious in almost any inte­ri­or style (the main thing is to choose the right col­ors for the coat­ing). And Cemen­to plas­ter will serve you well for many years due to its vapor per­me­abil­i­ty, wear resis­tance and high per­for­mance.

Dec­o­ra­tive coat­ing with velor effect Vel­luro

Velor walls fit per­fect­ly into any inte­ri­or and per­fect­ly increase the space. Imi­ta­tion of moth­er-of-pearl fab­ric, espe­cial­ly in inter­est­ing col­or schemes, ele­gant­ly cre­ates an accent wall from the first steps in space.

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