That dress! Dress­es are dif­fer­ent, from lux­u­ri­ous evening to quite util­i­tar­i­an office. From sum­mer silk but­ter­flies fly­ing in the wind to warm win­ter ones made of jer­sey. But there are dress­es that stand apart, they are not like any oth­er dress­es, and many girls do not know how to wear them, where to put them on and how to com­ple­ment them. This is an LO dress in the “artist’s girl­friend” style. How is it dif­fer­ent from all oth­ers? First of all, my style. A mix­ture of Male­vich’s strict graph­ics, the good old hip­pie of the six­ties, the light glam­or of the nineties and, of course, unre­strained free­dom of move­ment and no rigid form.

Such a sil­hou­ette can only be giv­en to a dress with a com­plex weave, heavy vis­cose-jacquard heav­i­ly falling on the com­plex details of the dress. The midaxi length allows you to wear this dress lit­er­al­ly both to work and to evening events. But for the evening it would be nice to add bright shoes and a bright hand­bag or a long string of pearls to it. The main thing is not to over­do it with inex­pen­sive acces­sories. Still, the dress is self-suf­fi­cient, com­plex, you should not over­load it with unnec­es­sary addi­tions. This spec­tac­u­lar dress can be eas­i­ly trans­formed from one to anoth­er — there are fly-away details in the side seams that can be tied both in front and on the back. If you tie them on the back — the dress looks roman­tic and ten­der. If you tie them in front — con­ve­nient pock­ets and a fash­ion­able knot appear — the dress becomes more youth­ful, office, more inter­est­ing and com­plex. A small col­lar with slight­ly round­ed cor­ners, nar­row cuffs and a lacon­ic 7/8 sleeve send us back to the era of gym­na­si­um uni­forms of the 19th cen­tu­ry. And fash­ion­able, showy but­tons in the style of 80s cow­boy den­im give the dress a mod­ern, sporty chic look. A small gath­er­ing on the skirt of the dress on the back and on the front, a straight free sil­hou­ette and a sophis­ti­cat­ed, bare­ly notice­able over size turn the dress into a mod­el that fits any fig­ure and any height. On girls short­er than aver­age, the dress turns into a spec­tac­u­lar evening dress.

LO released this dress in dra­mat­ic black and fash­ion­able olive. Such a dress can­not be light col­ors or too com­plex col­ors. It is in itself a work of art, a kind of “Male­vich’s square” in cloth­ing design. Rarely now come across in brands of dress­es of such a com­plex cut, which require a huge con­sump­tion of expen­sive fab­ric. For the image of a cre­ative girl, of course, it is bet­ter to wear a dress with rough mar­tins or grinders in win­ter and autumn. But in sum­mer, the dress looks styl­ish with bright soft moc­casins, mules, loafers or bright sneak­ers. Fash­ion sneak­ers are also not a bad idea. And this dress can also be com­ple­ment­ed with a bright scarf on the head, espe­cial­ly now they are still at the peak of trends. Rolling up the sleeves, unbut­ton­ing the but­tons on the front almost to the waist and com­ple­ment­ing the dress with a sparkling white tank top — an alco­holic along with mar­tins and a huge shop­per bag, this dress can eas­i­ly be turned into an out­fit for a fash­ion pho­tog­ra­ph­er, a the­ater stu­dent, or a styl­ish artist. This curi­ous and orig­i­nal LO dress is undoubt­ed­ly the luck of its design­er and art direc­tor Yana Nedzvet­skaya.

We live in a good time — our moth­ers and grand­moth­ers could not dream of yachts, dis­tant coun­tries and a turquoise wave under the keel. Yacht char­ter has become more than avail­able at any resort in the world. You can take it off with the whole team for just a cou­ple of hours and take a walk in the open sea. What to wear so that the pho­tos on the deck look not only beau­ti­ful, but delight you in win­ter in cold, snowy Rus­sia? So that sit­ting in the coun­try by the fire­place on New Year’s Eve, you would be hap­py to look at these pho­tos with your friends and rel­a­tives. Yachts are expen­sive teak on the deck, which means no heels and san­dals! And of course — no black rub­ber sole, so as not to leave stains on a per­fect­ly beau­ti­ful tree. So — only top­siders or half-sneak­ers and cer­tain­ly on a white sole. What do we choose? These shoes are not suit­able for any cloth­ing.

The LO brand this sea­son has released a stun­ning­ly styl­ish and beau­ti­ful cap­sule espe­cial­ly for a roman­tic get­away on yachts and sum­mer veran­das of the Mediter­ranean. And not only. These are striped dress­es, culottes, bermu­das and short dress­es, white T‑shirts and sum­mer hood­ies. The pearl of this cap­sule is a styl­ish light fly­ing two-piece sun­dress with a short sum­mer sweat­shirt. What is so unusu­al about her? All! Start­ing from the fab­ric — pure cot­ton cut­work with the most com­plex whim­si­cal pat­tern, which can­not be found in any oth­er brand in the world — it is made accord­ing to the author’s draw­ing of the design­er. On the bot­tom of the sun­dress there are scal­lops — which indi­cates a high lev­el of pro­duc­tion. At the waist, the sun­dress is fixed with a draw­string on a cord, which of course is very con­ve­nient, you do not need to dis­trib­ute the folds around the waist for a long time. You can sim­ply tight­en the draw­string, and the waist is grace­ful­ly empha­sized. Lost weight on vaca­tion — tight­ened the lace, allowed a lit­tle extra — the lace can be dis­solved. Of course, a sun­dress with com­fort­able deep side pock­ets is an indis­pens­able part of LO clothes — there are pock­ets even in sum­mer T‑shirts — where else can it be. On the wide fash­ion­able straps of the sun­dress there are met­al buck­les, thanks to which it turns from a mod­est office ver­sion with a high neck­line with a slight move­ment of the hands into a sexy ver­sion with a deep neck­line. And of course, as an addi­tion — a stun­ning sum­mer sweat­shirt with a V‑neck — the dec­o­ra­tion of this deuce. The brand offers it in two col­ors — the whole sweat­shirt with nar­row ele­gant stripes and white wide trim, or vice ver­sa — a white sweat­shirt with stripes on the top and bot­tom. I think not one girl will suf­fer for a long time which option to choose, both are incred­i­bly good. Sep­a­rate­ly, this sum­mer sweat­shirt looks styl­ish with a white LO tank top and blue LO trousers to match the stripes. With this sweat­shirt, you can come up with a huge num­ber of beau­ti­ful images. Take it with you on vaca­tion — and you don’t have to wor­ry about a spec­tac­u­lar out­fit — there will be sev­er­al of them. And of course, there is a flesh-col­ored lin­ing on the skirt of the sun­dress so that the sun­dress does not shine through — which means you can wear it to any seri­ous sum­mer event. Which col­ors to choose is a mat­ter of taste.

The LO brand offers this sun­dress in the bright­est and most beau­ti­ful marine options — white, navy blue and juicy red with a scar­let under­tone. Such orig­i­nal and com­plex things are rarely seen in Rus­sia today. Few peo­ple pro­duce high-sta­tus fash­ion­able and spec­tac­u­lar clothes — this requires a full pro­duc­tion cycle and its own pro­duc­tion facil­i­ties, which the LO brand has.

Are there any girls who can’t stand dress­es? Of course have! Now less and less on the streets of our cities there are girls in dress­es. The female half of the world, fol­low­ing the male, dressed in hood­ies, sweat­shirts and bombers. And now it is not so easy to turn the wheel of fash­ion back.

The LO brand was able this sea­son to make a gift even for such sports girls. This won­der­ful, light and grace­ful LO sports dress in sing-qual­i­ty satin stitch can be called both a dress and an elon­gat­ed sum­mer hood­ie. The fab­ric is made of pure cot­ton with the addi­tion of lycra. The hood and sporty sil­hou­ette is more like a hood­ie. And the length and ele­gant belt with a sil­ver buck­le are clos­er to an ele­gant dress. And one more con­ve­nience of such a dress — you can wear it with­out a belt. The bot­tom of the sleeve of this dress is beau­ti­ful­ly made, where the lapel is caught with a con­trast­ing braid, the same as the lace on the hood. The advan­tage of the LO brand is that almost all items have side pock­ets. In our time, this is not an unim­por­tant detail. And of course this dress also has pock­ets. The col­ors of this dress are inter­est­ing — black, dra­mat­ic red and com­plex marsala, which is again at the peak of pop­u­lar­i­ty, beloved by all girls. Now the female part of the cus­tomers of the LO brand is sad — not every woman can afford a dress above the knee. And absolute­ly in vain. These dress­es can be worn as a tunic with tight LO cropped trousers, with capris and bermu­das, with treg­gings and leg­gings. But with culottes, I would not advise doing this — trousers are need­ed nar­rowed down with such sports dress­es. The dress is also good because you can wear it indef­i­nite­ly. LO knitwear nev­er goes out of style and will last for years! And lat­er, if desired, the dress can always be cut off to a reg­u­lar T‑shirt — and here you have a com­plete­ly new thing. And just as beloved!