Sports and casu­al style are com­bined so often that we no longer dis­tin­guish them in every­day life. You can go to work in a sports sweat­shirt, and wear suit trousers with sneak­ers for a walk.

col­lect­ed for you 5 trendy sneak­ersthat can be worn with both sport and casu­al style. Besides the fact that they are all sum­mer trend 2022they are also very com­fort­able due to the cor­rect pads and gen­uine leather.


Blue and pink sneak­ers on a volu­mi­nous sole, they will eas­i­ly cre­ate a “doll” image. Wear them with white jeans and short shorts. In the sum­mer of 2022, sneak­ers will be fash­ion­able to wear with a knit­ted dress and a pleat­ed ten­nis skirt.

Beige the mod­els are more neu­tral, they can be replaced with basic white sneak­ers if you are tired of clean­ing them.

perforated for heat

Fash­ion is fash­ion, but don’t sac­ri­fice your com­fort at +30 degrees. In the heat, choose sneak­ers with through per­fo­ra­tions, that is, holes across the entire sur­face of the skin. Through them shoes will blow out when walk­ing, your feet will breathe and stay dry. Your feet will thank you, we guar­an­tee!


White sneak­ers are like a lit­tle black dress: always in fash­ion and suit­able for every­one. Buy your first base pair or replace an old one that has fall­en into dis­re­pair.

White run­ning shoes Pair with all col­ors and tex­tures, from linen suits and cot­ton shirts to sweat­pants with acid prints.

With transparent sole

A new take on chunky sneak­ers with chunky soles. These are the same large sneak­ers, but because of the trans­par­ent cap­sule sole, they look lighter and more inter­est­ing.

Choose design­er mod­elsin which sev­er­al shades and tex­tures are com­bined. These sneak­ers are best worn with lacon­ic items, such as straight-leg jeans and a sim­ple white t‑shirt. Let the shoes express them­selves!

black and white

The graph­ic mod­el is more prac­ti­cal than white sneak­ers: black leather is easy to care for. The white sole makes the shoes visu­al­ly light, com­plete­ly black sneak­ers do not have this fea­ture.

You can wear black and white sneak­ers with jeans of any shades, they look espe­cial­ly good with black and white den­im.