When choos­ing what to give to rel­a­tives or friends, many refuse to buy sou­venirs, con­sid­er­ing them a bad pre­sen­ta­tion option. Of course, it’s bet­ter to choose some­thing more worth­while for your birth­day, but you don’t need to for­get about ceram­ic mugs with cool prints and inscrip­tions. What sou­venir to give for grad­u­a­tion, East­er, birth­day, any pro­fes­sion­al hol­i­day or just because you love the recip­i­ent of your sur­prise. We have col­lect­ed sev­er­al options for you — from banal to orig­i­nal.

What souvenirs can be given to children:

The most sin­cere emo­tions from the gift you will receive from chil­dren. You can give your child a fun­ny mug as an addi­tion­al gift for a birth­day or just because. List of sou­venirs that can be giv­en to chil­dren — both boys and girls:

The child and you will be delight­ed with this ceram­ic mug with the mul­ti­pli­ca­tion table. In our store, these mugs are avail­able in dif­fer­ent col­ors: blue, pink, white and green. There­fore, the choice will be very sim­ple.

From the same school series there is a mug with the Eng­lish alpha­bet. Your child will drink tea and mem­o­rize let­ters. This is a won­der­ful gift for chil­dren.

In our store for children there are mugs:

  • With Russ­ian alpha­bet

  • Mugs with Kissy Mis­sy and Hug­gy Wag­gi

  • Mugs with Brawl Stars char­ac­ters

  • Mugs with ani­me char­ac­ters

What souvenir to give a man:

There are many prod­ucts for men — among this vari­ety, you can choose a beau­ti­ful, and in some cas­es, a cool gift mugs with memes and cool inscrip­tions. A list of the best ideas for what sou­venir to give a man or beloved guy:

A dar­ing mug with a fun­ny pat­tern will clear­ly let oth­ers know what you are plan­ning to do today. A mug (cup) with a joke “Plans for the day” will cheer up and unnerve the boss.

In our store for men there are mugs:

  • dad­dy shit

  • the best hus­band in the world

  • chameleon mugs for birth­day

  • mugs with memes ЪУЪ

Ceramic mugs as a gift for a woman:

Choos­ing a gift for a woman is much more dif­fi­cult, espe­cial­ly for the oppo­site sex. How­ev­er, this is pos­si­ble — when con­sid­er­ing what kind of sou­venir you can give a woman as a keep­sake, pay atten­tion to the fol­low­ing ideas:

A mug with an AVOCADO print “YOU are my oth­er half” will cheer you up at home or at work, you can take the mug with you or make a cool gift. The orig­i­nal mug will be a great gift for a woman or girl.
And, if you have a girl­friend, col­league, sis­ter loves gifts with humor, then you can pur­chase such a mug from us:

A clas­sic com­fort­able ceram­ic mug for tea, cof­fee, milk and oth­er drinks will not only be use­ful in the kitchen, but will also become a won­der­ful piece of fur­ni­ture. A cool mug will always be in theme for any hol­i­day.

When choosing which souvenir you can give to a loved one, do not forget about the character and hobbies of this person. Present a surprise with attention and love, even if there is no special reason for giving a small gift, and then you will definitely be reciprocated.